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  1. I think Penn St. wins as well. Remember a couple years ago I picked Penn St. as well and Iowa won and some dude was all over me about not being a "real" Iowa fan. I just call them how I see them regardless of school. I think PSU wins this dual even if Telford goes and even if Ramos gets a fall.
  2. I'm fine with Clark or Gilman. My guess is it will be Clark in the end but if it's Gilman I could care less. Either way I'll live the starters results. We get to see both at Midlands so that should be a good barometer of where they both are at.
  3. I don't care who wins between Clark and Gilman. I have faith in both. I absolutely HATE having both at the same weight. I don't think this is a good problem to have at all! The thought of one of them having to sit a year makes me sick. I don't care if it's Metcalf, Andrew Long, Ruth, or Clark/Gilman, as a fan I want to see the best guys compete against the best guys, regardless of school. I feel the same way about Sueflohn, McCauley, and James Green. At least Nebraska has redshirts they can play with. So yes, a thread about them wrestling each other I would certainly respond to, but I don't have a preference as to which one wins the spot. If I had to guess I'd guess it will be Cory Clark.
  4. I think we'll have a better understanding of where Tomasello is at relative to the other studs after this years Midlands. I think the guy is a monster but we'll see how he stacks up to some other monsters after Midlands.
  5. Kevin Innis (hwt) against Jimmy lawson should be a good match. Innis is very active. Nestor Taffur (157) should be tough against the bigger Alton. Who is wrestling for Ruth? I think that Boston starts Alex Najjar at 184, a very strong local guy. At least it should be more competitive than the Hawkeye duals (snore), and more important to saving our sport, too. Never fear, Gonzo. I expect a decent turnout Friday night, and BU fans can be much noisier than Harvard fans. I also expect some local high school teams to show up en mass to see the #1 team in action. Sanderson and Penn State are to be thanked for putting us in their schedule. It was very, very nice of them to come to town. Maybe some other top-five teams should make similar gestures. Of course it won't be Hawkeye-Carver, but neither would Bryce Jordan be against Pitt, except I heard they're selling cheap tickets ($4? in quantity). When the last time someone paid $4 to see the Hawks? Before you were born? I thought I paid more than that in 1978 at the old Field House, but my memory is really foggy. The BU tickets will be $5, and in Boston, that's as cheap as sports can get. A family of four can drop $1,000 for a Red Sox game with snacks, parking, programs, tolls, and beverages. Yow! I don't follow what relevance Iowa has to a Penn St./Boston dual. Beyond that I'm not saying it's not a good thing what Penn St. is doing for Boston. Truth be told I don't know if it is or isn't. I'm just saying I hope it doesn't make Boston look bad. I'm not at all interested in seeing another program get dropped. I hope this puts them over the hump to saving the program. I just hope Penn St. doesn't shut them out. Don't help them by humiliating them. Hopefully at least Nestor wins. I just want the Boston program saved. If this helps save the program then I'm all for it!
  6. Vak-Have you ever argued with a drunk person? Do yourself a favor and listen to me man!! Just stop, you'll thank me in the long run!! Just stop now!!
  7. Tigs-You're approach is to bring up Iowa? This is shocking!! I can't believe that is how you would respond!! This is so unlike you!! Avoid the topic and bring up Iowa. Not like you at all.
  8. Pot-Thank you. The thing here is I'm going to be right. Gulibon is going to be the guy. If I'm wrong in the end then they could attack but I'll be right, I guarantee you. There is no grassy knoll Klim Klim conspiracy to bring down Cael. It's just an observation, a guess. There is nothing Conaway can do to earn the spot over Gulibon, barring injury. If I'm wrong then bring it.
  9. I just hope this helps save Boston's program and doesn't show how far from relevance they are. Maybe don't wrestle Retherford? Heck, maybe don't wrestle the varsity at all? Pray at least Nestor wins? Just don't embarrass them with a shutout please.
  10. I'll tell you one thing, you're going to get all the usual suspects saying Cael did the right thing. (TBar beat me to it!!!) What Bubba should not have done is stay there and take it in the.....backside. You're going to get the PSU fans saying Cael was in the right and plenty of non-PSU fans saying he screwed Bubba over. Never going to change anyone's mind on either side. Bubba got his title and torched Taylor in the process. I'd say it worked out great for both sides. That's not to say it was handled correctly.
  11. Won't be a factor in 14/15 but I really like the Jack Bass signing. He could be a sleeper down the road and I guy I look to greatly improve once he gets in the Minne room. If you Minne guys aren't familiar with him yet then remember the name. I think you'll be big fans a little further on up the road.
  12. Does anyone know if Downey is ever going to take the mat? I'd really like to see him at this level, especially against the top guys. Who's got the inside info?
  13. A very nice win for UNI! I won't be picking Colon to beat Ramos but I certainly understand backing your guy. I don't think the bad days of the faithful 100 will be returning any time soon as long as UNI doesn't ever let Schwab walk.
  14. I'm Gonzo on everything I'm on. I've been Gonzo since I was 18 years old. Gonzo on twitter (I need all the followers I can get!!!), Gonzo in football, Gonzo in baseball, Gonzo in wrestling, etc. I'm not a member of the PSU board, I'm an Iowa fan, though I do read it from time to time. I don't know about "FAIR" or not but I agree with Klim Klim that Gulibon and Alton and Alton will be your starters. I see no way Conaway, Vollrath, and English are the representatives come Big 10's. I hope I'm wrong!!! Call it what you want. Fair, unfair, PSU guy vs PSU guy, whatever. I think Gulibon, Alton, and Alton will be the starters no matter what Conaway, English, and Vollrath do and that will be my OPINION until I see otherwise. End of story, it's an opinion. It's not a conspiracy and I'm certainly not running around under Klim Klim to get my point across. I am and always will be Gonzo!!!
  15. Tigs-I can always count on you buddy!!! You will always defend Penn St. by bringing up an irrelevant Iowa situation. That's why I like going back and forth with you. You're as predictable as it gets. I think it's funny you don't understand why people engage me and I don't understand why people engage you. You are the very definition of the classic pot and kettle. I assume you think the same about me? Like I said you are 50% of the reason I even get on this message board. Without you I'd enjoy this so much less. Also, I'd like to point out that I, at least, know how to spell your coaches first name. And you're wrong, I don't have any interest in painting CAEL in a bad light. I like Cael as a competitor and coach. I like what he's done at PSU and I think PSU being good is good for wrestling. If I have any motive it's to paint YOU in a bad light. I like CAEL!
  16. Moral high ground? You lost me on that one. And you're wrong I don't dislike PSU at all. I love Ed Ruth and I think Retherford is a stud. But I don't have to explain myself to you or anyone else. You're right I did LOVE the fact Conaway beat Gulibon. I think that's hilarious. As far as angle, to tell you the truth, yes, I was trying to get someone to respond exactly as you did (you made my morning!!) but I didn't say anything I didn't mean 100%. I do think Gulibon is the starter no matter what Conaway does. I do think what Brands said applies to this situation. And I do think there is a case to made that Conaway has done everything in his power to "earn" the spot. So it was a two birds with one stone post. I was stating my honest opinion while still trying to get a rise out of someone for my own amusement. But it wasn't because I dislike PSU, I don't, I'm a big fan of a lot of their wrestlers and how they wrestle. I'm not a big fan of the PSU fans. I've tried to always be transparent, their is no hidden motives. Believe whatever you like buddy!
  17. This reminds me of something Brands said one time. He said something like "you only get what you earn" or "you only deserve what you earn" or something like that. But what if you earn it and STILL don't get it? Sucks to be you I guess. I don't think even PSU fans will feel bad for Conaway, let alone fans of other schools.
  18. Guys this entire thread is a waste of your time. Gulibon has already won the spot. Now it's just a matter of understanding why. In most instances I would feel bad for Conaway, in this instance I don't.
  19. BigApple-You're the only poster on this board who is old enough to remember the classic Bedlam duals of the 1850's when I assume President Lincoln was in attendance. You and a few Lehigh fans. Good stuff!
  20. SHP-You just have to find the right girl man!! There are plenty of women out there who love wrestling. My wife (girlfriend at the time) came to every college match I wrestled! Huge support to lean on through the difficulties of a wrestling season. My freshman year was running at 6:30, class, weight lifting at 11:00, class, practice at 3 until 5, and then mandatory study hall at 7. It was a lifestyle and didn't leave time for much else including a girlfriend but she was there for me through it all. Now she handles our kids by herself so I can travel to all these matches. She also drafts a fantasy team, keeps up with it all year, and takes it VERY seriously!! I fill her out a little cheat sheet to draft and she does all the rest herself, it's HER team!! Who can beat that!!?? She's out there SHP!! Don't settle for anything less than the best!! When you find the girl who will travel to Vegas to watch the tourney with you or watch all your kids so you can go, then you know you have found the one!
  21. Just because Houdashelt schooled Kindig doesn't mean he hasn't turned the corner. Houdashelt is very good. And guys, Cox is not only going to AA, he's going to challenge for a title as a true freshman in a wide open weight class. If you don't believe me just watch as the season unfolds. You're going to find the good Dr. knows a little bit about this sport.
  22. Some decent match-ups. I'll take Gilman, Morrison, Houdashelt, Dieringer, Caldwell, Perry, i think it would be cool if Boyd wins again, and J'Den Cox. If you aren't familiar with Cox then it's time to do your homework. The sky is the limit for this true freshman!!!
  23. Jammen-Look at you hatin' bro! Never mind everything you said was a cold, hard fact. You are obviously very jealous that PSU is on top right now. Generally this is where someone uses the "troll" word right?
  24. It's kind of hard to be an insider when you don't coach there anymore. I really miss Mudflap. I thought he was hilarious regardless of who his target was. Zalesky, Iowa St., whatever, very funny.
  25. Dude. Did you just sign me up for the special Olympics??? Scribe, I did and I'm sorry. But I gave you DAKE!!! Against Taylor and Mopar chances are very low you'd even have to take the mat. I rarely have Dake losing fantasy match-ups. Remember when Tigs was prepared to eat all that crow and I kept telling him Taylor wasn't beating Dake?? Those were good times. Again, Scribe, I'm sorry. I figured giving you Dake would even out putting you in with the "special" one.
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