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    I assume everyone knows I'm an Iowa guy. So naturally I don't think Metcalf needs to hang it up. Metcalf has a better chance of making a world/olympic team/excelling at the senior level than a TON of guys idolized on this forum. My question to you all is this:pissing on a USA wrestler, let me rephrase, Metcalf has dedicated his life to representing OUR country and he is consistently pissed on. We wouldn't stand for this about any other American wrestler. Hell, I think Teyon Ware sucks on the international level, but when he was our guy I got behind him. I've said it before and I'll say it again, when they graduate to the US team they deserve our support. Metcalf does not wrestle for Iowa, he wrestles for the United States of America. He wrestles for YOUR team PSU fans. He wrestles for YOUR team OSU fans. He wrestles for YOUR team Minnesota fans. I'm sure not one word I've said will matter but for what it's worth I think it's time Metcalf gets all your support. No one pisses on the Paulson twins. No one pisses on Keith Gavin. No one pisses on Les Sigman. I think it's time the guy is given his due for giving his life up to this point to representing us all and our country.
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