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  1. Simply not true. Phoenix is the 5th or 6th largest city in the nation and a large part of revenue is generated from tourism. There are plenty of hotels and motels to accommodate everyone. The city has hosted many events much larger than the NCAA Wrestling Championships and done just fine.
  2. I thought they usually announced the future site around the first day of the tourney. Does anyone have any info on after Cleveland?
  3. Oops, should have read the post completely! Another match of note is the 1975 150 lb title match between Chuck Yagla (4-4, 1-1 SRD) vs. Lee Kemp of Wisconsin. Had the referees not awarded Yagla the match on a referee's decision, Lee Kemp would have very, very likely have been our first four time NCAA champ.
  4. 88 degrees and sunny in Phoenix today.
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