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  1. A very tough off season to say the least. Elbow surgery, two very tragic deaths to deal with and his coach getting fired. If you know him you know that he is a very kind hear-ted young man who needs time to heal emotionally, and in this case physically as well. He is tough, very tough but he's human as well. Give him time and he will be just fine.
  2. Perry seems to be a good young assistant coach and that's it at this point. Heffernan runs the show, and does so very well. Illinois staff is a very good one. Their program is solid and that is credit to Heffernan. VT and Missouri are model programs with great head coaches.
  3. I agree that stalling should called more aggressively in some situations. However I am not in favor of any amounts of time factoring in to the decision. An official who does the BIG10 tournament should be savy, experienced, what ever you want to call it to recognize stalling and have the balls to do so. Take the match between Tsirtsis and Sorenson for example, boring match to some, not much offense. At least Tsirtsis attempted to score, boots scoots, shots (a few) head snaps. Sorenson didn't attempt anything. The ref should have dinged him early in the match. Truthfully though no ones wants the Iowa staff breathing all over their knuckles so nothing gets called. Shameful!
  4. I like Reviver's style but doubt seriously if womens wrestling will help add programs at the D1 level. Also please elaborate on how Washington D.C. is keeping wrestling out of the South.
  5. Is there a limit to the number of wrestlers who can weigh in and dress for a college dual? Why not weigh in and dress the entire team? Everyone warms up, everyone sits on the bench and gets ready to wrestle as if they were going on the mat. Surely NW could of put a wrestler on the mat at 157 if the whole team was dressed. I know that some are red-shirting so maybe they cant weigh in. Its absurd to come from Eastern PA and wrestle 8 matches against a nationally ranked team. Put someone on the mat even of they are undersized put them on the mat. I don't know the inside scoop on NW's guys but I dont think there is any reason to forfeit a match at the D1 level. Can you imagine if the baseball team at NW decided to play only 8 guys in the field? The basketball teams dresses all their eligible guys and some time they play out of position, wrestling should do the same. Shame on you Pariano, hopefuly you can coach and run a program as well as you recruit.
  6. He will be just fine, wait and see.
  7. Pretty sure that I know how writes as Kentucky Mudflap, but I am sworn to secrecy. Beside that would be a little like finding out that there is no Santa Claus. Better left unknown. Little hint however... according to my very reliable sources it is a former Hawkeye assistant still close to the program but coaching else where on the collegiate level. Bam... figure it out!
  8. Yes sir that is quite an accomplishment on his part. Sometimes we forget that there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye. All the Indiana locals who have called Cashe a failure and blamed Purdue wrestling and the staff for his lack of progress need to back up and redefine success.
  9. The guy must really dislike college coaching if he would consider being the national Greco coach. I personally would rather have a good high school job than the Greco job!
  10. Needles


    Howe got ridden for an entire period in the Big 12 finals and then again in the national finals. Shame on Howe and shame on OU's coaches. Howe did not do one thing to counter Perry's leg ride. He should have worked every day between the two meets to counter that ride. Howe looked like a high school kid with a bad coach at time trying to get away from Perry. Spending the last couple of years at OU did not improve Howe's technical abilities at all.
  11. I had an opportunity to sit by the future Mrs. Maple at a tourney a couple of years ago. I also got to see how she responded when a group of fans also sitting close cheered against Maple. A very classy young lady and at the risk of sounding like Brent Musberger she is extremely good looking. Congratulations Kendrick Maple on a great career.
  12. I had an opportunity to sit by the future Mrs. Maple at a tourney a couple of years ago. I also got to see how she responded when a group of fans also sitting close cheered against Maple. A very classy young lady and at the risk of sounding like Brent Musberger she is extremely good looking. Congratulations Kendrick Maple on a great career.
  13. What a fantastic event! The crowd (10,000 +), The venue, the presentation, the city, and of course the wrestling! It was a great weekend of wrestling, as good as some national tournaments. Watching Tom Brands coach his guys is worth the price of admission!
  14. Nice analysis Pinnum. Some very valid points and reasons that the Scuffle may be more attractive to a college team.
  15. I'm worried that the Midlands is soon going to be just another holiday tournament, no longer the premier mid season tournament. What does Cysewski (tourney director) have to do to keep it strong? Is there anything they can do to stem the shift to the Southern Scuffle. Why is the scuffle more attractive to teams? Does any one remember the Wilkes tournament being the big holiday tournament? How can they keep the Midlands on top or get back on top? Thoughts anyone?
  16. McMullan has had concussion issues this season, Munster has a case of vaginitis possibly.
  17. Is this problem at MSU specific to wrestling or are other sports as bad as the wrestling program? Other than football and basketball are the other programs expected to excell?
  18. Posting or backing over ankles as we call is an extremely effective counter to an ankle ride. Bottom wrestling is becoming a lost art no doubt. So much time is spent in the neutral position wrestlers are not as good on the mat as they once were.
  19. Mr Big Apple, what makes you think that Iowa did not pursue Jason Tsirtsis? What makes you think that Northwestern was not more appealing to him?
  20. My perspective on that is any loss of programs is not acceptable regardless of how many programs have been added. One of the things that I have noticed with these lower level programs is the lack of a qualified coach who has the right perspective on developing a program. The AD's these schools need to make good hires when filling these spots. Hire a coach who will develop a solid foundation so that the program will continue to thrive many years from now.
  21. Schontube wrestled Sanderson in the early rounds of the Midlands and took him down with a single leg. I was at the tournament watching the match and don't recall Schontube scoring back points. I could be wrong on that, but it is correct that it soon turned ugly for Schontube.
  22. Not sure about the EIWA and all of that... but I am tired of the politically correct crap as well.
  23. No never. The number of programs and the amount of scholarships they had back in the 70's was truely wrestlings hey day.
  24. Not sure why anyone thinks that adding womens wrestling will keep mens wrestling from being dropped at that institution. Track and field, gymnastics, swimming, tennis are all gender symetric sports and have all suffered cuts. Also please don't buy into the football bashing. Only about 20% of the NCAA institutions have football programs that offer 85 scholarships. It is my opinion that the femi nazis want you to believe that. It is a classic divide and conquer strategy? I'm betting that the D1 schools withe most successful womens athletic programs also have very successful football programs. Its a gender quota problem folks, plain and simple. It will not be rectified until public opinion on title IX is changed.
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