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  1. Probably because wrestling taught me discipline, responsibility, respect, fitness, camaraderie etc etc etc. I did not need to join the military to gain those qualities. I also learned to respect other's decisions to choose to or not to serve in the military. You getting paid to do a job in the military does not make you a better person. Those that signed up and fought for a worthy cause during WW2 were heroes and were definitely better than you. Not that you will hear any of those vets admit it, as they learned about humility in the service.
  2. For the record, just because you can post anything you want doesn't mean you should. Also for the record you are a douche.
  3. Let me get this straight you douche. You say you are sad to see a tournament sink in quality. Yet you rag on having a top team being at said tourney. There better be the exact same post last year about whoever won midlands as iowa was absent. But we all know the real reason why you created the post. You hate iowa. Your time is wasted on teams you dislike. There is a reason why you will never know the success that top level wrestlers attain- because you dwell on the negative. You lead a sad and pathetic life just like the rest of these "fans" who's time is spent solely on posting garbage about other people's teams. /end rant
  4. he's just a bitter old fart who is clueless about how the law works. unless of course gable physically assaulted his family members or cooked meth in their home... all are possibilities according to this clown. the more important question is why has there not been a hollywood movie made about gable yet?
  5. You people are unbelievable. Why do you insist on calling McDonough a liar? That is totally disrespectful. Maybe you think you are somehow complimenting McDonough by forcing an explanation on him that he has rejected, but in reality you are questioning his honesty. Worse, since it is well documented that McDonough's faith it central to him, in doubting his candor you implicitly saying he is not a good Christian. There are countless reasons that McDonough could have suffered his losses this past season. Who made you so omnicient that you can publicly reject McDonough's explanation and impose your own excuse? Plus, McDonough did attribute his issues with mental clarity at NCAAs to health concerns, at least in part. Why isn't that enough for you? I realize that some of you are absolutely hell-bent on recasting McDonough's legacy in terms that reflect more favorably on the Iowa program and its coaches, and apparently you're willing to publicly trash McDonough in pursuit of that goal. But just stop. If you truly have a basis to call McDonough a liar, say it publicly, because otherwise you are defaming him. I'm no Hawkeye fan but I like McDonough and he doesn't deserve that crap. what a sad life you lead
  6. Hmm... Just because McDonough didn't want his injuries to be the reason he lost, doesn't mean they weren't. Kind of like how just because you can post whatever you want on wrestling forums... doesn't mean you should
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