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  1. I've banned myself from these forums but I thought some of the CU fans might enjoy these pictures. It might shed some light as to whether Dake is stalling or not with the half ride. It looks to me like he is throwing Taylor to his neck/back each time. At any, I apologize for my rude entry and now humbly exit. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 988&type=1
  2. I formally resign from this forum never to be heard from again. Take care. I am sorry if any of my "snarky" posts unsettled the water for you. God Bless!
  3. Agreed. I have no issue with PSU - they are number one and in terms of the national tourney, most teams are going to fall behind. Hard to argue with their success or any of their wrestlers. I do have issues with Lehigh as I find their style brutal to watch. In addition, I continually hear how the program is turning the corner. Of course it has turned the corner. However, they continue to stumble pretty hard from time to time and take steps back too. I am guessing many of my comments about LU are negative. So what.
  4. Well I guess losing to Harvard should be taken as a grain of salt except LU is losing Welsh and Hamlin and after that who knows what happens. If the goal is to manage a top 20 program than Santoro has succeeded. He has also put out one of the most boring product on the mat possible. Before anyone fires back on their incoming class, I would simply say being a good recruit on paper does not = top 10 program.
  5. Now getting taking out by other Ivies. It's great time to be Lehigh fan!
  6. Beckman lost period. Adjusting your headgear or fixing your contact it all counts. We'll see next year who is better but keep in mind Beckman has been wrestling D1 for a couple of years. Grey should be making progress and this result supports that conclusion. Since "you were there" I imagine you'd agree that getting caught fixing your headgear or whatever all counts.
  7. Anyone have any brackets or info on results?
  8. Anyone have any footage/interviews of Taylor's comments following his 3 losses to Dake?
  9. ok then you replied in the wrong thread. This is for Iowa fans.
  10. agreed. Hofstra looked very good. CU was ripe for the beating. Not sure what happened at heavy or why Villalonga makes weight for the second match but not Hofstra. Good to see Hofstra getting back on its feet again. They have a good recruiting base on the island if they can tap it.
  11. Taylor needed a pin as did Ruth. Both did not deliver.
  12. 2 years from now Ruth is gone and so is Taylor is too. They fall back to earth hard.
  13. OK I guess that is fair but if you watched the match, Dake fought like heck to pin his kid and it was pretty obvious Koll and Dake were none to happy about the TF based on their post match reaction.
  14. got it. forgot about this issue. Iowa is no longer "the top program" so I am not sure who cares as much now. If wrestling is to be successful, it will need to find it's way into mainstream markets outsude of dustbowls and into additional DMAs.
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