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  1. skikayaker

    Video review is the real villain

    The challenge has been abused by coaches. I agree that it has not delivered as advertised. I think video review should be considered by the two officials on a call, in an important match, where the officials themselves are questioning their own call, or what they may have seen. It should be an exception, not a rule, and used sparingly. Again, if allowed to continue, then the opponent should get a point for every lost challenge.
  2. skikayaker

    New Rules

    I'm willing to add a time limit for referees. However, I'm certain that coaches have used the challenge to give a discombobulation lung timeout.
  3. skikayaker

    New Rules

    Inspired by the Suriano Fix match two new rules cannot come soon enough. 1. Like International Freestyle a point should be awarded to your opponent if you lose your challenge. 2. Hands to the face should result in a caution system like false starts. Caution 1, 2, then a point. Question: Trying to remember, but did anyone in that long boring match take an offensive shot on their opponent?
  4. skikayaker

    Ryan Deakin

    TBar is right, Deakin was not wrestling to win, he was wrestling to go the distance and not get TF'd or pinned. Locked hands, hanging on to a leg is not becoming of a #3 ranked wrestler. If Deakin wrestling with a little offense Nolf would have likely escaped, and won the match by TF. Nolf made the TDs look like childs play. Fleming, you're right about Chuckushumer/Pelosi, they are funny clowns.
  5. skikayaker

    Stoll #1?

    TMI, just the weight please.
  6. skikayaker

    Royce Alger

    Yes, the head coach of the Women's wrestling team. He was having a working breakfast as the freestyle events were coming to a close. I'm not sure if he was working with the GR squad.
  7. skikayaker

    Royce Alger

    True he was in Budapest working with Steiner, and he's not fat!
  8. skikayaker

    Stoll #1?

    Since we're talking about HWY, I think it should be customary to announce the athlete's weight for the match. All other weights you know what the athlete's weight is, but not with 285. I think it's good information to know if there is significant weight disparity. While I'm creating a wish list I think televised scoring needs to always display riding time. This too is hit or miss with each broadcast. I like something I've seen recently, I think it was with Midlands where they show a scroll across the bottom in green and red the sequence of scoring the TD, Esc, Rev, NF, etc.
  9. skikayaker

    Stoll #1?

  10. skikayaker

    Royce Alger

    I spoke with him in Budapest and he appeared to be working with the Women's wrestling team head coach Troy Steiner.
  11. skikayaker

    Stoll #1?

    I can't see Stoll holding his number one ranking so perhaps the point is mute. My prediction is that he will duck and dodge Stevenson, and lose his #1 rank which will go to Stevenson, thus guaranteeing that he face Cassar in the semis of B10. If he slips to #2 rank he will make a last ditch effort to beat White in Iowa's last dual of the year hoping that he regains the number one seed in B10s only to come up short against White and possibly lose his 2nd seed to Cassar. No change, they'll still face each other in the Semis, and Sam can go home with a 3rd place finish at B10s, and a secure a four seed at NCAAs. The battle for a #1 seed at NCAAs is between Stevenson, White, and Cassar. If Cassar beats Stevenson in the B10 finals, #1 can go to White, otherwise Stevenson owns #1, White #2, and Cassar #3.
  12. skikayaker

    Stoll #1?

    From Penn State's perspective I think I'd rather see Cassar in the same bracket with Stoll than Stevenson @ B10s. If Stoll dodges Stevenson, and Cassar is not on his schedule, he get's an easier bracket the way things sit now. The fans also should see the best matchup in the finals, and I don't think that should include Stoll who could get there with an easier bracket.
  13. skikayaker

    Stoll #1?

    With all things being even, they certainly account for score separation in College Football rankings.
  14. skikayaker

    Stoll #1?

    How is Sam Stoll ranked #1 by Intermat when he beat ISU's Gremmel 5-1 and PSU's Cassar beat Gremmel 16-5? MFF out of Midlands before a test and even then he squeaked out a 3-1 decision in an early qualifying round. He will likely forfeit against Gable in his home state of Minnesota this coming Sunday. The true talent in the B10 at 285 are Gable and Cassar and that should be your #1 & #2 seed respectfully. Stoll has not come close to earning a #1 seed, unless he shows up, competes, and wins this Sunday against Gable in Minnesota. I doubt that will happen.
  15. skikayaker

    FLO Pro seems like a bargain to me!

    Responding to 3XLoser's "cheap wrestling fans" post I want to remind that I said that it's a great value for "wrestling fans". The problem is that the annual subscription of $150 prevents marginal and/or occasional fans from pulling the trigger on purchasing access to great online wrestling events like the Southern Scuffle. The broader problem is that if this is true it will impede wrestling's best events from reaching a broader market by blocking marginal fans out with a big beautiful wall. In this case I say, open the borders, but only in this case :)