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  1. skikayaker

    Wrestlers in business

    Wrestlers oppose gauging performance based on stereotypes like skin color, gender, and body type, which is why wrestlers promote their businesses to all populations, and why we are more successful than those in our markets that discriminate, stereotype, and lose.
  2. skikayaker

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    My apologies to Campbell. I got it wrong. It is Appalachian State that only has 5 scholarships. You can hear the coach talk about scholarships at the 14:30 mark of this video:
  3. skikayaker

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    I think Kolat mentioned that he is working on Campbell getting 9.9 schollies, and that they were not quite there yet with funding.
  4. skikayaker


    With Askren's wrestling IQ I was surprised that he didn't pick up Masvidal's charge, and either pivot to a throw by, or throw a lateral drop, but instead lowered and advance face forward into a leg attack that quickly became a flying knee. Head against knee, the knee wins every time. I would have like to have seen how that fight would have played out. As much as I hated the outcome, I have to give Masvidal credit for coming prepared with a strategy that worked. In the wake of two back to back embarrassing defeats, first losing in silly fashion to JB at BTS, and then against Masvidal in the quickest knockout defeat in UFC history, it's time for Ben to dedicate 100% to his Askren Wrestling Club (AWC) before he tarnishes that brand further than he already has.
  5. skikayaker

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    This is a ridiculous & moronic interpretation of TripNSweep's quote.
  6. skikayaker

    Women's College Wrestling

    Funny, but I was going to start a new thread today about NCAA Women Wrestling and advocate for it, happy for it, and also feel it can help with the Title IX issue. But my main point was to suggest that I think NCAA Women Wrestling should be completely FREESTYLE, and not go with folkstyle. They are starting out of the gate, and they should start with the international style, and this is coming from a person who likes folkstyle over freestyle. I'm a bigger college wrestling fan than international, and love folkstyle, but for women, out of this gate, at this time, they should bring freestyle to the college experience. I think this would actually enhance the endorsement of freestyle in the folkstyle community of college wrestling all around including men's wrestling. I'm liking more and more, particularly with the new rules, freestyle, but folkstyle is still totally awesome.
  7. skikayaker

    Final X Rutgers TICKETS for sale

    No 79kg nor 86kg. Without Kyle Dake vs Deiringer, and without Taylor vs Downing, the ticket value drops to $12.
  8. skikayaker

    The Mekhi Lewis Juggernaut

    Lewis is perhaps the only person who beats Lewis. He's the new target, and no longer is flying under the radar. He must deal with the psychology of expectations, the challenges of everyone bringing their A-Game to him every time he steps on the mat, and he will be analyzed on tape more than ever before to find exploits to beat him. He'll need to add tools to his arsenal, and deal with the added pressure. He was totally impressive at NCAAs and I'm looking forward to what he will bring to the challenges ahead of him.
  9. skikayaker

    The fall of Penn State

    "After Fall, Winter"
  10. skikayaker

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    I definitely think he has the potential, to be one of the greatest. He's amazing.
  11. All due respect to Stieber and Burroughs they are approaching the final stage of their careers at the highest levels, and to Yianni's point, we are starting to see younger top athletes win with new amazing techniques. I'm guessing that FLO and Youtube have played a major part with technique and increased awareness of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels. You can also attribute FLO Youtube to the success in the pipeline of camps, to HS, to college, and the competitions that cross state lines, and the recruitment benefits. Wrestling was always a great sport. I think fringe sports like ours and the other sports that FLO promotes benefit the most (track, swimming, gymnastics, etc) from today's internet advancements.
  12. USA Wrestling has come a long way over the past 10 years, and their performance in Budapest which I was able to attend was stellar despite taking a very close second place to a really good Russia team. The added weights help. But the addition of Yianni at 65kg and Daton Fix at 57kg can make all the difference. These guys have consistently found ways to win, scrambles, shot clocks, etc. Like Metcalf before them we've seen some of USA's greatest fall short at the highest levels, and Stieber and Gilman are examples of super strong wrestlers not getting it done on the world stage. Maybe Yianni and Fix will help Team USA close the narrow gap with Russia. Of course, Bo Nickal is a great addition at 92kg, but who can complain about Cox. Same is true at 61kg with Colon.
  13. The qualifying process explained. I thought this article was helpful. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/April/08/World-Team-Trials-qualifiers-April-2019
  14. If Green beats Deakin, would Nolf have the opportunity to wrestle Deakin for "true second"? From what I understand both 1st & 2nd at 70kg will compete at FinalX.
  15. skikayaker

    Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Braking Stories

    I think we need a Special Counsel to look into the Jason Bryant interview with the alleged Mudflap and unpack every aspect of the interview, and the legitimacy of the guest that was either mudflap, or an a stand in. Kinda reminds me of Good Will Hunting when Will had Affleck's character show up for a job interview. Also, I think Desanto could represent 141 quite well with a good off season strength training program.