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  1. Wrestling Stats comparison by weight with their predictions. I think their system gets it significantly wrong at 184, 197, and 285, not so much with the outcome, but more so with the scores not being close. Although I posted my "wishful" prediction earlier in this thread, I also think this is perhaps more of an uphill battle for Penn State than the uphill battle they faced against tOSU in Rec Hall two years ago. 125 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/56935/meredith-brandon/49146/lee-spencer Spencer Lee over Brandon Meredith 17 - 1 TF 133 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/49665/bravo-young-roman/49117/desanto-austin Austin DeSanto over Roman Bravo-Young 7 - 6 141 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/49276/lee-nick/49148/murin-max Nick Lee over Max Murin 8 - 6 149 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/49156/verkleeren-jarod/39919/lugo-patricio Patricio Lugo over Jarod Verkleeren 8 - 4 157 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/49277/berge-brady/44572/young-kaleb Kaleb Young over Brady Berge 8 - 3 165 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/39542/joseph-vincenzo/44574/marinelli-alex Vincenzo Joseph over Alex Marinelli 7 - 4 174 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/44839/hall-mark/39526/kemerer-michael Mark Hall over Michael Kemerer 7 - 3 184 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/54280/brooks-aaron/56936/assad-abe Abe Assad over Aaron Brooks 10 - 3 197 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/20305/rasheed-shakur/49151/warner-jacob Shakur Rasheed over Jacob Warner 12 - 3 MD 285 https://www.wrestlestat.com/compare/wrestler/50625/nevills-seth/50650/cassioppi-anthony Anthony Cassioppi over Seth Nevills 17 - 3 MD
  2. 125 Lee pin 133 Toss-up 141 Lee 149 Toss-up 157 Toss-up (if Berge goes, it goes to PSU) 165 Joseph 174 Hall 184 Brooks 197 Rasheed 285 Seth Nevills Penn State wins this thing in CHA. Hail to Cael for getting his guys ready
  3. Yeah, this hurt. Kobe was a beautiful man.
  4. Spencer Lee has medical forfeited. Don't read into that at all. My guess it was for him to get a few matches and then rest. He's only a week removed from the U.S. Nationals in Fort Worth.
  5. Yeah, maybe I should have used "some" instead of "many". They were the rivals at 125 in the EIWA for many of years, and yes, Nickerson's shoulder injuries prevented more wars, but hey, you got me. I was going off of memory, and didn't look at the stats.
  6. Rollie Peterkin was one of the best who somehow fell short of his goals. He did have a nice win over Zack Sanders, and had many great wars that I've seen personally with Troy Nickerson. He also dominated Anthony Robles in the finals of the Keystone Classic a while back.
  7. You left out my comment re: an alternative to Shakur at 184. But that's typical of ... fill in the blank.
  8. I'm getting sick and tired of Shakur Rasheed. PSU has no 184? Conel has been way over sold.
  9. I agree that Kyle Conel didn't look great against a tall and what we will likely see a very strong Jacob Koser. But if Jacob Koser proves to be as good as he looked, I guess we'll all agree Conel did ok.
  10. After reading this entire thread I conclude that Penn State will likely beat Ohio State in the forthcoming dual meet. I will still watch the event.
  11. The new look is awful, dreadful. They had a good presence until now. It looks like an amateur designer was incorporated to redo the design and a bunch of amateurs are calling the shots.
  12. Jude Skove won a NC, but you're right, we were not particularly great in those years.
  13. I support that Jordan didn't know. That was my point. To MDogg's point, again, I've always said, a doc acting inappropriately with a D1 B10 wrestler is asking for trouble. I've always made the joke that I don't know of a wrestler who wouldn't have strung him up on a coat rack with a jock strap if he fondled me and asked me to cough twice. Yeah, it's happened, but hey, D1 B10 wrestlers can handle themselves. The weird thing from my time there though is that I was from a small hick farm town in the Ohio Valley where I grew up milking cows, bailing hay and wrestling. In that locker room, I saw guys giving weird looks (they were from the outside, not even college students), and they looked like central casting from the Village people. It was my first exposure to anything like it, and I suspected something weird was going on but went about my business of showering and heading back to the freshmen dorms (towers).
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