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  1. I agree that Kyle Conel didn't look great against a tall and what we will likely see a very strong Jacob Koser. But if Jacob Koser proves to be as good as he looked, I guess we'll all agree Conel did ok.
  2. After reading this entire thread I conclude that Penn State will likely beat Ohio State in the forthcoming dual meet. I will still watch the event.
  3. The new look is awful, dreadful. They had a good presence until now. It looks like an amateur designer was incorporated to redo the design and a bunch of amateurs are calling the shots.
  4. Jude Skove won a NC, but you're right, we were not particularly great in those years.
  5. I support that Jordan didn't know. That was my point. To MDogg's point, again, I've always said, a doc acting inappropriately with a D1 B10 wrestler is asking for trouble. I've always made the joke that I don't know of a wrestler who wouldn't have strung him up on a coat rack with a jock strap if he fondled me and asked me to cough twice. Yeah, it's happened, but hey, D1 B10 wrestlers can handle themselves. The weird thing from my time there though is that I was from a small hick farm town in the Ohio Valley where I grew up milking cows, bailing hay and wrestling. In that locker room, I saw guys giving weird looks (they were from the outside, not even college students), and they looked like central casting from the Village people. It was my first exposure to anything like it, and I suspected something weird was going on but went about my business of showering and heading back to the freshmen dorms (towers).
  6. I was not suggesting Eli's death was a hit job. I was suggesting that at the time that Jordan was being politically attacked with Mike DiSabato allegations perpetrated by a political hit job law firm Perkins Coie he lost his nephew in the same week. Pretty cruel stuff. This came at the exact time that Jordan was attacking the narrative perpetrated by Perkins Coie, and was under consideration for a Speakership vote in the House.
  7. I'm claiming that I was in the training clinic getting my ankle taped every day before practice and was friendly with many student athletes from Swim/Dive and volleyball teams, to fencing, and was friendly with my wrestling team mates. Whatever was going on was not a part of any conversations I had, which compliments Jordan's testimony that he was unaware of the allegations at the time they were to have been taking place. My experience is a first hand account that supports Jordan's recollection. It may have been going on, but it was nothing I had ever heard about or witnessed and the doctor apparently was working their from the 70s to the 90s according to reports. Additionally, Mike DiSabato has a history with the Cage Fighter apparel brand of soliciting student athletes for endorsements that were never adequately compensated. The DC law firm behind the attacks against Jordan is Perkins Coie and I suggest people do their own research on this. I work in political media in DC and have investigated this matter. It's history now, pretty much a dead story, except more information about Perkins Coie, and Perkins Coie sub-contractors Crowdstrike (IT security), and FusionGPS (oppo-research firm) will be revealed.
  8. I was there the winter of 83/84 with an ankle injury wrestling in the room at Larkins Hall with Andy DiSabato & Jude Skove among others. Never did I hear or encounter the so called doctor. This was during the time Chris Ford was coach, just before Helickson, and Jordan. There were definitely homosexuals from the outside trolling our locker room, but I've always said, I've never heard of a Big Ten wrestler being handled inappropriately by anyone without the consequence of hanging the good doctor on a coat rack with your jock strap with a sock stuffed in his mouth. This story was run by Perkins Coie, the same law firm that hired Crowdstrike to violate the chain of custody with the DNC server, and who also hired Fusion GPS to create the fake Dossier. All paid for by the DNC who covered up the death of Seth Rich. They went after Congressman Jordan for the same reasons, and next thing you know Jordan's nephew Eli Strickly died in a car crash the same week of the allegations last Summer.
  9. Actually, to this point, Yianni's coaches had the best angle and didn't throw the brick in the Sept 2 match. It was exciting from start to finish. Zain had many leg attacks that he would have finished on just about anyone in the world, except Yianni. I think we may have the best 65kg chance to medal in a long time. Some of our best wrestlers ever, Metcalf, Stieber, JO, and so many more have fallen short of achieving their goals at this weight. I actually think Yianni has the best future at this weight, but also believe Zain can get it done in Kaz.
  10. I have the same question as the open post here. In the exchange Yianni executed the leg attack securing Zain's leg, Zain secured a crotch lock and initiated a throw, as Yianni hoisted Zain's leg, and Zain's back was exposed. I've looked at this many times and feel like those were Yianni's exposure points. Frankly, I didn't see Yianni expose. I'm happy Zain won and really like Yianni too. The rules seem to make official calls more complicated. Not sure what can be done to improve, but these ref disputes are all too frequent.
  11. I actually think that 74kg will be Dake's weight. He's not struggling to make 79kg, and at 74kg I can't imagine anyone getting past Dake.
  12. Nolf looked solid against Imar in the Team Trials despite being greatly undersized. I think he'll be a threat at 74kg for the 2020 Olympic team as he gets big for that weight and improves his Freestyle techniques. Imar, Pantaleo, and Hidley are all super special athletes and Nolf beat them all.
  13. Rob Koll made an excellent observation stating that he fears that the early rounds will lack attendance because the tickets will be purchased last minute, or per session (since there is no risk of selling out the event). Fans who fear not getting a ticket, purchase the full well in advance and tend to use the capacity of their pass, by attending. The availability creates a problem, albeit solvable. The other note I heard was that they are thinking about a diamond configuration that can increase the number of 100 level style seating at a close proximity to the mats, and particularly the championship mats.
  14. I'm in the camp that there is not enough clear evidence to justify overturning the ruling on the mat and reject the need for an arbitration hearing in this case. I also think the uncertainty is bad for the athlete that is competing, therefore, bad for Team USA, and bad for our sport. Yianni lost the first match, and lost the second. Done. What next, should McKenna get an arbitration because many people think he beat Yianni in the NCAA finals if it weren't for a bad call by the ref. Yianni is without a doubt one of the best in the world and likely a future World and Olympic champ. This year, and given the circumstances, I think Zain earned the spot.
  15. Wrestlers oppose gauging performance based on stereotypes like skin color, gender, and body type, which is why wrestlers promote their businesses to all populations, and why we are more successful than those in our markets that discriminate, stereotype, and lose.
  16. My apologies to Campbell. I got it wrong. It is Appalachian State that only has 5 scholarships. You can hear the coach talk about scholarships at the 14:30 mark of this video:
  17. I think Kolat mentioned that he is working on Campbell getting 9.9 schollies, and that they were not quite there yet with funding.
  18. With Askren's wrestling IQ I was surprised that he didn't pick up Masvidal's charge, and either pivot to a throw by, or throw a lateral drop, but instead lowered and advance face forward into a leg attack that quickly became a flying knee. Head against knee, the knee wins every time. I would have like to have seen how that fight would have played out. As much as I hated the outcome, I have to give Masvidal credit for coming prepared with a strategy that worked. In the wake of two back to back embarrassing defeats, first losing in silly fashion to JB at BTS, and then against Masvidal in the quickest knockout defeat in UFC history, it's time for Ben to dedicate 100% to his Askren Wrestling Club (AWC) before he tarnishes that brand further than he already has.
  19. This is a ridiculous & moronic interpretation of TripNSweep's quote.
  20. Funny, but I was going to start a new thread today about NCAA Women Wrestling and advocate for it, happy for it, and also feel it can help with the Title IX issue. But my main point was to suggest that I think NCAA Women Wrestling should be completely FREESTYLE, and not go with folkstyle. They are starting out of the gate, and they should start with the international style, and this is coming from a person who likes folkstyle over freestyle. I'm a bigger college wrestling fan than international, and love folkstyle, but for women, out of this gate, at this time, they should bring freestyle to the college experience. I think this would actually enhance the endorsement of freestyle in the folkstyle community of college wrestling all around including men's wrestling. I'm liking more and more, particularly with the new rules, freestyle, but folkstyle is still totally awesome.
  21. No 79kg nor 86kg. Without Kyle Dake vs Deiringer, and without Taylor vs Downing, the ticket value drops to $12.
  22. Lewis is perhaps the only person who beats Lewis. He's the new target, and no longer is flying under the radar. He must deal with the psychology of expectations, the challenges of everyone bringing their A-Game to him every time he steps on the mat, and he will be analyzed on tape more than ever before to find exploits to beat him. He'll need to add tools to his arsenal, and deal with the added pressure. He was totally impressive at NCAAs and I'm looking forward to what he will bring to the challenges ahead of him.
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