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  1. But it didn't, and it was still an awesome dual.
  2. Duck & cover, eh Tbar? This wasn't created by a Hawkeye Report conspiracy. They don't care that much. They might even agree with you. This was created by the money thrown at athletes to circumvent the limitations of NCAA rules. That YOUR team gets mentioned is mostly because they're the top dog, but several teams will probably get caught up in this if the NCAA cares to take notice.
  3. LOL. Yeah, I thought it was funny, too. Most of these guys take themselves sooo seriously. It was fun to see Sammy lighten up a bit. Only the self-righteous and the defensive homers will have a problem with it, and I see that they've come out again, on cue. Figures.
  4. What the heck is going on with Northwestern Wrestling? They lose assitants, wrestlers, and now the head coach? Something smells very fishy in the way this was handled.
  5. Please spare us the sermon on proper leadership, when you can't demonstrate the respect you find lacking in anyone from Iowa. Gilman is just another guy who won and then lost. Gilman said said that Moisy must be tough, because he's in the semis. Good enough. The better wrestler won, and congrats to Zeke. All this thread does is reveal the hatred and prejudice of some of you. I feel sorry for you.
  6. JB, I saw Foxcatcher a couple of nights ago. Although I liked it, I really wouldn't call it a wrestling movie. I thought that Mark Ruffalo was awesome as Dave Schultz. Vanessa Regrave was great as DuPont's mother ("Wrestling is a low sport...") Yes, Steve Carell was good as John DuPont, but he was so strange and detached that it was a role that almost had no shape. In retrospect, it's amazing what poor mental health gets tolerated when a person has influence. It's also amazing how badly money can distort a sport. I think its great when some generous folks give big money to wrestling, but I can also see how easy it is for the sport to get distorted by a screwjob like DuPont.
  7. Totally disagree about gambling. This is misguided, and will lead to the corruption seen in all other major sports. Bad idea. Win or lose, major gambling is for low-life.
  8. ASU Sunshine? Check Beautiful women? Check Beach? Well they've got sand. World-class education? Oops.
  9. In what way? He's a well-regarded astrophysicist, well-regarded author on the subject, and in the early to mid-1990s Tyson was committed to research which helped improve the understanding of the expanding universe. I don't think 99% of the people who know who he is today had heard of him before the last five to eight years when he began hosting Nova ScienceNow. The media picked up on him because of his background and success in his field. Pinnum has the better understanding here. NDGT is a well regarded science communicator. He has an an appointment to the hayden planetarium, not a faculty research position, and his impact is pretty much only in his awesome ability to communicate astrophysics to the general public. He is not one of the "great minds of our generation" as some in this thread like to put it, but he is extremely valuable and important to the scientific community in his ability to foster broad interest in research and discovery. This value can't be understated, as there are many scientists focused on their own groundbreaking work, but few characters as likeable as Tyson. No, Pinnum and BH underestimate Tyson's influence. Yes, he primarily promotes astronomy and science these days, but he has held important positions in astronomy over the years, influencing the debate over issues in ways that support data over tradition (e.g. Pluto). No, he hasn't won a Kavli or Nobel prize, but he has been WAY more than just an entertainer. I know because I've worked in astronomy publishing for almost 19 years. I would compare him more to Bernstein than Stravinsky; he is a extremely bright person who CHOOSES to share his knowledge with the rest of us in ways we can understand. I am proud to have a former NCAA wrestler in his position, and you should be too.
  10. This is old news. You guys need to get out more. There is more to life than ESPN. Yes, Neil DeGrasse Tyson IS a fabulous spokesman for astronomy and physics, and also a great guy. He wrestled for Harvard, and was a Latin ballroom dancing champ as well. Not every wrestler lives in Happy Valley, Iowa City, or Stillwater, or wants to. Welcome to 2014.
  11. NIKE didnt "install" anyone. The guy was hired by a board of directors, and admin knew exactly what they were doing. Had Kearney built a team that had a fan base and was winning, wrestling would not have been cut, someone else would have. Just because MSU keeps a stinker on board doesnt mean its ok. Just ask Boston U. Keep a complacent coach on staff that cant produce, and when the axe is coming, they are gonna take the longest neck. In addition, Kearney and Stewart were offered additional jobs if the wrestling team was cut. Wonder why they went silent all of a sudden? There you go. You make this about the coaches' performance. It's not about the coaches. It's about the wrestling. If the coaches were substandard or complacent, then replace the coaches, if you want to keep the sport. These schools wanted to drop the sport. By your understanding, only handful of schools will keep wrestling, because only a handful compete for titles or have a significant fan base. Does Kansas City drop football because the Chiefs stink for a few years? This is a ridiculous, short-sighted, and very damaging attitude.
  12. +1 This is the response to Old Dirty. This has nothing to do with government handouts, but rather with a corrupt athletic department, backed by the deep pockets of an all-powerful sports conglomerate. Making this a problem with a particular coach's personal responsibility misses the point entirely. If needed, fire the coach but keep the program.
  13. Laying this on the coach isn't fair either. I thought it was the sleazy AD who was destructive. Nike is not just a shoe company. They are a major (maybe THE major) sports equipment conglomerate in the world with enormous power. And they didn't just not pick up the tab (which was relatively small), but they dumped enormous money into other Oregon sports while wrestling was dropped. Fact is, Nike didn't give a rat's a** about wrestling at Oregon. Maybe they've changed, but they need to step up to the plate and show some major and visible love towards wrestling elsewhere. As for Oregon, screw the Ducks.
  14. If they were really back in the game, they'd help get Div I wrestling back at Oregon.
  15. We Iowans used to be a literate lot. My 3rd grade teaching in C.R. is rolling in her grave. Maybe your secretary should proof these posts.
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