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  1. The world is ROUND? Does Cael know this? ;) Hey Tiger, everyone wants to take out the top dog. Take it as a compliment.
  2. Did I miss something, or was wrestling never mentioned in this big quote? I know they have some very good students on the wrestling roster, but we didn't get any specific information.
  3. Dake is an athlete. Askgren is a fighter. Askren needs to spend a little quality time with GSP and Hendricks, and leave Dake to pursue his Olympic goals. There will be plenty of time for these two to tangle in the future.
  4. A little early for trash talkin' isn't it? While Penn St is definitely the favorite, I'd say that the next three are close behind. Ohio State has some great talent, but the results have yet to fully blossom. Injuries (and legal problems) could "derail" any of these top teams. As an Iowa fan, however, I do appreciate good belligerence when I see it, and you've demonstrated great belligerence. NICE WORK! (yelling)
  5. I first heard Jason announce wrestling, on some live audio feed from Fargo Junior Nationals, doing the Greco final where Cam Jones beat Harry Lester. I was impressed and said so on here, then, labeling him the best I had heard. That hasn't changed. His response, humble as always, was to talk about his adventure getting from Virginia to Fargo in a jalopy with too many miles (and maybe no heat). If memory serves...... Humble? Haven't noticed that much ego from JB myself. He's all about our sport.
  6. Here's a link to Iowa: http://hawkcentral.com/2013/10/24/hawkeye-student-athlete-graduate-rate-is-announced/ They are hanging in there, and above national averages. Overall, this is shameful for our sport. We need to have better results in the classroom. No excuses. I think that student academic success or failure should be reflected in a coaches contract. When your guys don't graduate, your pay drops significantly. When they all do well, you get a raise.
  7. Okay, maybe that wasn't the very last one, but this one is.
  8. Jason is one of the best at announcing wrestling. Thanks, Jason!
  9. Once you saw Chris Taylor, every other HWT seemed thin. Off the mat, he was a truly gentle giant.
  10. Maybe you heard the old saying: "Smart people join Mensa. Really smart people look around and leave." Maybe you would have left anyway. ;)
  11. Fabulous word, ED, but can't you find a few more ways to use it in one post? ;)
  12. I disagree with almost every thing that Jim Jordan stands for politically. I would fight him tooth and nail on almost every policy he would try to advance. That being said, Jordan is the genuine article. He believes what he believes and always has. He's not conforming to the Tea Party. He has always been the type of conservative he is now. He's not some sort of power hungry politician. He honestly wants to do good and wants what he feels is right for the country. Anyone who says otherwise has never met the man. Totally agree. Doesn't share my point of view, but a good man nevertheless. If all congressmen had this man's attitude, we'd be better off.
  13. Well, you can win the match, but lose the girl. Nice story, Donnie!
  14. Yeah, and when Zebras are in heat, Saturn's rings get dimmer. Just another two items that have absolutely NO relationship whatsoever. Mudflap has about as much influence on Hawkeye wrestling as you do.
  15. Over by Highland Park? No problem whatsoever. We're all going to be in your shoes someday, Donnie. It would be my pleasure to bring whatever you're drinking, from root beer to legal moonshine, or anything in between. We can reminisce about seeing the Iowa HS state tourney at McElroy Auditorium, or about Bob Siddens or Dave Natvig. Lots to talk about. Maybe I can drag a whippersnapper like Ban over too.
  16. Exactly, and nor did it this time either, did it? As I said, Heidt isn't the point of the post, so I didn't need to know much about Heidt. Keep up the good detective work! :P Maybe we're just doubting your trusted sources. Rumor and hearsay are only as good as the truth behind them. Maybe you won't be consulting them in the future either. ;) I know nothing about any of these guys, but if Coach Brands thinks this kid is worth recruiting, that is good enough for me. I do see that both these guys get good rankings on the Intermat and Open Mat recruiting rankings. I think that we should also keep in mind that very few recruits end up becoming All-Americans. That's why this distinction is still so special.
  17. grapplefan


    Of anyone here wants to be taken seriously, calling someone stupid or ignorant is a bad idea. However, you can be still be right about something even if you are abusive.
  18. Maybe the last time you saw a duck was at a Chinese restaurant with hoisin sauce. Mmmmm.
  19. Thanks for the photos. They are great. I can hardly believe those walleyes came out of the Cedar. Those are some BIG mudcats later on in the photos, too. As a kid, I trapped, fished, hunted, ate what was good, and sold the hides, and buried the fish bones in the family garden. Yes, crappies ARE the best tasting. Better than walleyes, Chillean sea bass, halibut, and anything other fish IMO. Not exactly meaty, though, so I ate a lot of them. Used poppers for crappies in the springtime. Never knew there were any decent walleyes in the Cedar. Remember that CR is downstream from Waterloo, and that may not be a good thing. :0 The Cedar is probably way cleaner up where you go. But this was also before big agriculture runoff and factory farming. We're talkin' 50 years ago. Times change.
  20. This is a coaches poll? I will believe Ohio is the top dog in the MAC when that happens. Is this Central Michigan's weakest year or what? I would think Central Michigan and Missouri are too well-coached to place too low. I also find it hard to believe that UNI is 4th. This conference should be fun.
  21. I used to fish for smallmouth and trout in Allamakee and Clayton counties back when I lived in IA, but I don't like eating them, so I let them go. I grew up on the Cedar, and I fished for,everything as a kid. Like you, I really like eating walleyes, but I don't enjoy fishing for them so much, unless it's with other folks. Perch and crappies are good eating, too.
  22. Ban is right. Mallards use to be plentiful, but they aren't so plentiful any more. I have no problem with hunting birds in season according to the rules, but we have a hard enough time trying support game populations without poachers messing things up. My guess is that "throwing the book at him" will mean a BIG fine like $x,xxx. I do like the 'duck under" jokes, though.
  23. For the record I like p' tatoes. I like onion rings, too. I don't want a cauliflower ear, though. I'm lucky that I started wearing headgear when I started getting one. I can feel it slightly my ear, but I can't see it.
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