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  1. Too busy insulting me to take the time for donnie, are we? http://www.usawrestlingnation.com/phpBB ... 8c240cd2b3 I just said that I'd miss your posts. As someone pointed out to me earlier, it was just another comment meant in jest. I get back to Iowa every few years, and I go to UNI meets as often as I do Iowa meets. I'll buy you a beer next time I'm in Cedar Falls/Waterloo. I'll buy Donnie one, too. You can find out if I'm really like Rush.
  2. Really? Then what did the thread's author mean by "production?" Secondly, someone else posted the number of AA's, over time, from several different states, which must have had SOME relation to "production," don't you think? after all the arguments on this you still fail to point out that population centers that don't wrestle need to be taken out of the count. philadelphia and pittsburgh city contribute very little to the wrestling community. nyc contributes very little in new york. los angeles, san fran, and san diego contribute very little in california. you would have to adjust state populations for this to be a valid measure of quality. I assumed that this question was about tradition-rich "state," not "part of a state" or "piece of a state." So does this mean that Philly and Pitt aren't really in the same state as the rest of PA? Some of my friends from those cities told me this a long time ago, but I didn't believe them. Thanks for pointing this out. ;) I assume "tradition-rich" means how much has the average person in that state cared about wrestling over many years. If that is a measure of tradition, that's one thing. If it's success, that's another. If it's numbers of participants, that's a third. If it's percentage of participants, that's a fourth. If its the number of fans who actually show up to watch wrestling meets, that's a fifth. If its how long they've had wrestling, then that's a sixth, and so on. You could slice and dice this a lot of ways, but I'd have to give the nod to Oklahoma for the sheer number of NCAA championships over many years. There' must be reasons that the original Hall of Fame is in Stillwater, and not in Lock Haven or Waterloo. But at the current rate, Pennsylvania will overtake them in about 25 years.
  3. I just thought that insulting someone you've never met and have no idea about is preferable to making a complete derriere out of yourself in front of everyone else on this board. After all, you apologized for insulting her before. As you said, your comments were out of line. They continue to be. I extended the olive branch to you, but you are way too bitter to accept it. Unlike your posts, I don't insult you here. I just find your obsession to be ridiculous.
  4. Got a little rage yourself, I see.
  5. We'll miss all those posts of yours. Nah, too many ignant people like you to keep trying to educate. Unfortunately, I'm missing the bliss that's supposed to accompany ignorance.
  6. Maybe you should stick to insulting my wife. ;)
  7. We'll miss all those posts of yours.
  8. Hey Ban, can I have your old Hawkeye shirts? ;)
  9. A bit of an overstatement, don't you think? We'll see how your precious Panthers do against the Clones this year. Both these teams should be on the rise, but I'm thinking that the Clones will take you this year.
  10. Control is no longer a judgement call. If the hand touches it is a two point td. Exactly, and I'm not sure that is so great. I meant to say that establishing control is the key nature of folkstyle. In an occasional circumstance, this might award points where control hasn't really been established.
  11. Donnie, don't worry about it, She doesn't look like a troll, but she can act like one sometimes. The real problem was that Jimmy Z's Hawks weren't going anywhere. His teams were getting worse, and he was losing fan support at a time when other teams were on the rise. Given the nature of Hawkeye wrestling and the pressures of Div I sports, I really didn't think that Z was mistreated, but you obviously did. The real shame is that this cost the Hawks your loyalty, and they, and you, deserve better. What's it going to take to get you back into the fold? What can you suggest that can make positive changes from here on out? Trolling boards is easy. Making things better is harder.
  12. Establishing control is the key, and I can envision circumstances when #3 will be iffy.
  13. Those weren't predictions, they were rants, because you can't get over Jimmy Z getting booted. "had"? Going somewhere? And quit lookin' at my wife. ;)
  14. I go to several Hawk sites, and I mostly see hope tempered with realism, just like with every other team's fan sites. However, I do have ONE prediction that you can take to the bank. I predict that Donnie will be a troll all season long with silly threads like this one. Get a life, Donnie.
  15. Yeah, I found this a little confusing as well, so I invented a little way of remembering: Penn coach is Eiter Penn State coach is Sanderson Coach living at State Pen is Sandusky Hope this helps.
  16. Thanks, Sways. I can't wait to try that restaurant, too. I've had some good Mexican food in Topeka years ago.
  17. Haven't been back for several years. I used National Duals as an excuse to visit CR. I visited IC out of love and CR out of duty. First the factories dried up, and then my old neighborhood washed away. The new casino and the rec center plans aren't helping me feel connected either. It's a different town now, but when I hear of the great things that you do, it feels more like the kind of place where I grew up. You are a civic treasure, Jim.
  18. I actually do get to Topeka now and then, so thanks for the tip! I will stay there whenever I can!
  19. I'm not saying that Gable's intensity is normal, but your personal comments on a sports board reveal your agenda more than it does his pathology. I would say that your criticism resulting from reading one article from ESPN about a very complicated guy should be taken for what they're worth .
  20. Never said that NCAAs would be in the state of Kansas. In fact, I said the opposite. KC MO is the closest venue. Allen Fieldhouse is a B-ball place, and will never host wrestling I think. Lawrence is a great college town, but it's not a NCAA wrestling town. We've had this discussion before. Old news.
  21. Please take a look at the distance from Columbia, MO to KC or STL and compare it to the distance from Louisville to Bloomington, IN. Note: The Louisville metro area includes the state of Indiana. How much economic benefit or hotel/restaurant taxes would Indiana gain? Perhaps if everyone would lodge, eat, be tourists, and recreate in Indiana while traveling in for strictly the sessions and immediately leaving... My point is that we need to apply pressure. Besides, there will be no D1 wrestling tourney in the state of Kansas. I'd like to see some pressure applied there as well. I'd like both Kansas and Kentucky to field at least ONE D1 team.
  22. So does Philadelphia, doesn't it? But Philly also has lots of one that do.
  23. IMO, no local D1 wrestling team means no hosting of a wrestling tournament. That simple. Pittsburgh has Pitt. St. Louis and KC have Mizzou. Louisville, or even the entire state of Kentucky have what? It's a just no go. We have to start using our fan-generated economic clout for our best interests. Now if Louisville added a D1 wrestling team, then the situation would be altogether different. Then I would LOVE to go there for a tourney, maybe more than once.
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