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  1. As far as a wrestling pedigree goes, Mark Perry matches up well against anyone out there. As a technician, he also has an excellent reputation, funk wrestler or not. I recall a video where Buxton once called him a real "student of the game." There is no doubt that guys like Q, Pami, and Delgado have benefited greatly from Perry's help. However the other issues posters have brought up (loyalty, criticizing other team's wrestlers, etc.) will be taken into account by teams that consider him for a head coaching spot. Personally, I think that Perry will be an excellent head coach some day, but he's still developing all the coaching skills (public relations, personnel management, public speaking, etc.) that go along with technical wrestling skills.
  2. Nah. this is quite interesting, so let's keep focused on this part of the PSU train a while longer. ;) Assuming Taylor or anyone else wins next year is always a big assumption in Div I wrestling. That's why they wrestle them. He is the odds-on favorite at this point, but we all know what surprises can happen in a year. A lot of "unbeatable" wrestlers get beaten. I doubt that Bubba would have been a NCAA champion under Cael, but he might have been a champ at many other schools. He didn't get along with Cael, and it just wasn't going to work out there, but he certainly had the talent and ability. Not every great wrestler will flourish with Cael, so there's always going to be some guys who choose another team for whatever reason. The right "fit" is as important as the coach's reputation.
  3. Uncalled for and unfair. You post what you want to post and I'll post what I want to post. Comprende? And what you post is uncalled for and unfair. Stieber is just a great wrestler, period.
  4. Kinda like you have done for many of us. Your rants are getting boring.
  5. That "sometimes it appears" this way is the product of your prejudices. If you spend any time following the Brands Bros, while leaving your prejudices behind, you would know that your question is absurd.
  6. Bring them on. I hope many international wrestlers come over to folkstyle.
  7. That's not a prerogative. It's a pathology. Apology accepted.
  8. That's not a question, but a cheap shot. Total bullsh*t, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Ramos IS an intense guy, but every interview before Nationals has seemed perfectly normal. Sticking a microphone into his face right before finals gets you what? That is just stupid.
  9. Well, ISU needed someone to cure what ailed them, and Dr. T-Nick seems to have done a fine job this year.
  10. Well, if my kids were wrestling, I'd want someone like you for my kids' coach.
  11. grapplefan


    Keeping Dake from the Hodge is a travesty. Keeping the pop stars like the Moody Blues out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is not a travesty. That is opinion.
  12. Nah, he's still cursed, but not by his picks.
  13. Coming from a guy who's seen as many cynics as I have on this message board, I'll take that as a shot. Would you rather have a wrestler on your team who gives up mentally and ends his career on a down note after a disappointing freshman campaign? Or would you rather have a Santos who continuously improves year by year and dominates a previous year's runner up for third place? Call it corny if you want, Santos bought into Optimism and did it. Other guys bought into pessimism and coulda, woulda, shoulda, they didnt.... JT, I don't think he meant that as a shot, or at least you shouldn't take it as one. One person's "naive" is another person's "optimistic" or inspirational. Thanks for posting. BTW, you didn't miss your calling writing for Hallmark cards (I used to know some people in KC who did this!) You missed it as a wrestling coach. Start coaching.
  14. What a classy comment. David Taylor is just a great guy.
  15. Rizzo has never been semi-lucid in his life, so he doesn't count.
  16. Funny, you don't sound like the biggest Dake fan. You sound like a PSU homer. Dake: - 4 different weights. - No Dake redshirt either. Just say'in...
  17. As you said, this is a small subsection. Crap like this happens from fans (short for fanatics ...) who lose their perspective. God knows how many times you folks have lambasted my fellow Hawkeye fans for this sort of thing. My general experience with most PSU fans (not the jerks who come on rival fan site boards) has been positive, and I'm sure that a few were extremely disappointed with Taylor's loss to Dake, one of the best wrestlers in history, who also enjoys talking about it after the fact.
  18. Agreed. He did an amazing job this year. If the wrestling press has any wits, they'll all vote him coach of the year. I'm an Iowa fan, but I got to give John Smith the credit he deserves. Great job!
  19. If two guys who wrestle each other in practice can get into some wild tangles during wrestle-offs, what would it be like for two brothers at Nationals? It's not like either of them are unfamiliar with their opponent.
  20. I live near Boston. It's great sports town, and the TD Garden is a nice new-ish arena downtown in the North End near the harbor. Usually filled with Bruins and Celtics games this time of year. Seating: NBA Basketball: 18,624 NHL Hockey: 17,565 Concerts: 20,000 Pluses: lots to do and see. Great places to eat and stay. Weather usually better than Minneapolis or Iowa in March, but not as nice as Vegas. Minuses: Expensive hotel rooms, getting around can be tough (if you are driving in, good luck.) Not really a wrestling hotbed like PA, MN, IA, or OK, but all of you will travel and fill it up no matter what. Also, world-class hospitals in case one of you old farts has a heart attack when your team favorite gets screwed by the ref at the end of the 3rd period. ;)
  21. Finally, a sane response to a dumb troll. I think Tom Brands has actually tamed down a bit lately. Yeah, he still gets excited, but he seems to stay off the mat more now. BTW, the University of Iowa MAY do something to Brands: if he wins, they'll give him a raise.
  22. Agreed. At various times, Mega, McD, Delgado and Waters have all looked like they can win it. Maybe even Garnett. It's a very competitive weight class. Is it too late to add Missouri to the B1G? ;) The B1G didn't want or need them. :)
  23. The dozen or so college wrestling fans from God's big mistake (kS) would disagree with you on that one... God doesn't make mistakes, but Misery sure was mistaken when they chose sides in the Civil War, and in their athletic conference.... Anyways, yes, us Kansas guys claim McCormick. Agreed! Lots of good Kansas wrestling talent going to the former slave state of Misery, Okla St., and others. Great win by Coach Smith and his fine team. You could smell this was going to happen when Iowa wrestled so poorly against Cornell, while MIzzou stomped tOSU. Mizzou is ALWAYS a dangerous dual team.
  24. I wouldn't take Molinaro too seriously, here. I don't believe that this is the first time he's made cracks like this. Rutgers wrestling could get very exciting in the next few years. It would be good for the sport and the new expanded BiG for them to start to make some noise in Jersey. I wish them well.
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