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  1. Third grade. In Phys. Ed, we divided into two groups and our teacher showed us the top and bottom positions, and sit-outs, stand-ups, and switches. I think some 3rd grade girl really kicked my butt though.
  2. Hey Ban, you're not being a very good ambassador for the sport, especially for someone who lives so close to wrestling states like Minny and Sconny. Still bitter that your lack of athleticism kept you from getting any scholly money coming outta high school? How's that? :D
  3. Scribe, if we don't have the KJ threads well have even more Dake vs Taylor threads....I can't deal with another one until the Scuffle Let's hijack this thread, and have Dake and Taylor take over the Cyclone wrestling program! That way we'd only have to get sick of following one thread instead of two.
  4. Yeah, JB. You Hawkeye fans get confused, and then you "name call." Shame on you. Donnie would never name call like that. ;)
  5. Because he sees an opportunity. There aren't that many opportunities in Div I wrestling. You should save the bravado for after this year's tournament.
  6. Well, if you really are a Hawk fan, then welcome. Please excuse some Hawk fans for demanding optimism in the face of less-than-inspiring performances. If you are trolling, then you'll get what you get. To your points: As a long-time Hawk fan, I can't disagree that the Hawks seem to have only a slim chance this year. It is possible with development at the weights you mention. Ballweg, Kelly/Grothus, Moore, Evans, Lofthouse, and Telford show great promise sometimes, but have yet to demonstrate the consistent performance necessary for large points at Nationals. For some of these guys, I'm convinced this will happen, but maybe not this year. REALISTICALLY, they have a slight chance this year, but it will require much more development this season than last year, and most fans realize this. Remember that "fan" is short for "fanatic," and that often precludes rational thinking by definition. Unfortunately, hopeless thinking, no matter how REALISTIC, precludes success "Our wrestlers at 141, 149 and 165 have also done nothing at Nationals, ever." "Ever" is a long time. Last year was last year, and using last year's performance as a justification for pessimism this year will not endear you to the faithful. So if you're using this approach to make friends in Iowa City, chances are you will watch the meets alone.
  7. Note to Megaludis, Delgado, Thorn, and Waters: Think about what will happen when McD's biolab headgear touches YOUR face. Now that's something to look forward to, isn't it. Have fun
  8. grapplefan


    Does anyone really think that Koll would take a job at ISU? Really? Why? I can't think of any qualified person less likely to take a job as a wrestling coach in the state of Iowa. Okay, maybe Cael or John Smith, but that's about it. Gable has retired. I don't know how many artificial joints he has at this point, but a hands-on coaching job would not be on his wish list for many reasons. His support, input, and guidance would be a wonderful help to any program, however, and he certainly does care about the health of wrestling at all levels in the state of Iowa. I hope that if the day comes, ISU invites Gable to consult, and he accepts. As for coaching intensity, I did not say that KJ lacked intensity. He has plenty of intensity. I was talking about his assistants other than Yero last year. Yero Washington has intensity, too. I'm guessing that the next coach at ISU will likely come from outside the ISU network, but maybe from the Big 12, like an Oklahoma, Missouri, or Oklahoma State guy, or someone connected with those programs IN SOME WAY (Perry). I like the names that some of you have already mentioned.
  9. grapplefan


    I really wanted KJ to succeed at ISU, but that just hasn't happened. I saw them last year losing to Boston and Army, and I couldn't believe the lack of intensity in the assistant coaching staff. They had some very tough breaks with concussion issues, and the assistants acted like "So what? Me worry?" Very disheartening. I'm not sure that KJ is responsible for any of that, but there seemed to be a different attitude than when Nichols, Gibbons, Douglas, or Sanderson were coaches. If I were betting on this, I'd say that this is KJ's last year there, if ISU behaves like one would expect them to. With Pollard as AD, you never know though.
  10. Great thread, JT! I guess that I'd help out UNI. I want another team in Iowa to flourish, and I like where Schwab is taking them. They are one of the few teams who have ever won a title, and I'd like to see them get another one. I'm a big Hawkeye fan, but as a former Northeastern Iowan, I'd like to see UNI be right up there in the mix along with Minny, Okie St. and PSU. I'd also cover the costs of every high school wrestling team in whatever town I lived in, and a few more towns if I could.
  11. Yeah, streaming hasn't improved all that much in the last several years, and I find that shocking. I've given up on TV coverage of college wrestling, but we should be demanding better streaming coverage online. Do you mean to tell me that in this day and age, Div I schools lack high-bandwidth connections to the internet? What does it take to run a fiber optic cable to the gym to a couple of HD digital cameras, and a couple of laptops? Even community colleges should have decent connections and equipment like this. In the overall scheme of things, this isn't huge money. If Flo can do this decently, why can't everyone? There should be some form of wrestling channel where ANY Div I wrestling meet should be available LIVE for say $125 for the entire season (that's $25/month or so, not so bad). Access to earlier matches this season could be available at additional cost to bring in additional revenue. This really isn't rocket science. I get the feeling that individual college venues are just clueless when it comes to live wrestling coverage, particularly the visuals. For one thing, they need a standardized video-only scoreboard to show time, points, period, riding time, etc. It could be unobtrusive and off to the bottom or something. They've learned how to do this with football rather well. Why not wrestling? Also give us an introduction and an wrap-up. Briefly tell us what we're going to see. Give it to us, and then tell us briefly what we've seen. Why is this so hard?
  12. grapplefan


    It's good practice for goin after larger rodents, like those yeller Gophers up North. That's jus fer sport, though. Wouldn't want to try to eat one.
  13. I agree with Otis. SHP does us a real service by posting this every week. I'd LOVE to see this as a sticky at the top, but then removed for the next week's schedule.
  14. Nice demonstration of a blow hard punk. Please do your psycho demonstration next. Evans has confidence. So what? Either he can do what he says or he can't. But if he goes out on the mat not thinking he can win, he's already lost. Give the kid a break. I remember all the crap people gave Bubba Jenkins when he showed a little confidence, but he ended up pretty well.
  15. Les did a lot for wrestling in Iowa, and for wrestling in general. He was also a great guy, and superb coach. You can still find his technique videos, and they are good. Here is Les Anderson's obituary from the Des Moines Register http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/desmoi ... bLoggedOut
  16. Doesn't look that that did much good, does it. PA went for Obama.
  17. Thank you for sending this email. If enough of this gets through, no one will pick Alberts for 2nd assistant custodian, let alone AD.
  18. I think there are others like Rich Binek (NCAA champ, Ia St.).
  19. Thanks GG. Nice work! I'll fill in a couple from back in the day, but I apologize to anyone who we left out, and I know there may be some. (I miss Willyman's help on this: walking CR wrestling encyclopedia) Joe Hatchett 2X NJCAA Champion, (NCAA Div II 2nd) Matt Ironside NJCAA Champion These are champs only. Lots of "other guys of note" I think. There are some other smaller counties in North/Central Iowa who could make a long list for their populations. I heard Ray Brinzer reel off a list from the North Alleghanys and it was impressive. Lehigh Valley's and some counties in Oklahoma will be great as well. We're just having a little fun. Just ignore us, Hammer.
  20. Thank for your prejudices. I've seen some bad behavior from every large fan base, including yours. Fact is, the Iowa fanbase is really, really large. Period. They can fill a 15,000 seat arena. As JRob says, in Iowa, wrestling is still a major sport. However, the larger the group, the more mass behaviors you get. Back to the purpose of this thread, I think most Hawk fans like good wrestling, and both these guys are just great. Personally, I like Taylor's attitude, and I'm rooting for him, not that I'm a PSU fan at all. Any time Taylor is considered an underdog, you know the competition is gonna be tough. But I'm rooting for funky Welch over Alton, but haven't made a choice of Bradley vs McMillen. I'll also take Delgado over Megaludis. All of these could be very exciting matches.
  21. Doesn't Jason call this "Marty Logic?" Anyone who watches Taylor much knows that the losses Marty mentions were exceptions to his overall stellar performance, and unlike Cael, Dake HAS lost. It's difficult to think of a wrestler as good as Taylor as the underdog, but I think he is in this match. Taylor has a lot to prove here. They both have some guts to take this on. I don't know if Taylor can beat Dake, but I'ld say that he won't get manhandled this time. It should be a real barn-burner.
  22. Not to short-change anyone else involved at Illinois for doing a great job, but everywhere Perry goes, the wrestlers get really good. Can it be very long before he is THE head coach somewhere?
  23. I think this would be great. Another big, talented wrestling conference to offset the Big Ten and the EIWA would be a good thing, and much of it right in the Big Ten's back yard, too. I could see a interesting dual setup with two good teams from each conference (Example: Mizzou and Central Michigan vs. Illinois and Michigan).
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