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  1. This is great news for fans. Now how about some other fun matchups like: McDonough vs. Stieber Defending champ and 3-time finalist vs. last season's phenom. Perry vs. Bosak Kilgore vs. Wright Preview of finals? Graff vs. Maple Please suggest some others.
  2. Yes. They are deferring a year. Are they not attending classes this year? I thought that there are no redshirts in the Ivy League. Do Harvard, Columbia, and Brown do this as well?
  3. I actually like the back-and-forth bantoring, but Gonzo, you've crossed the line. All teams have their "crappy" fans, even PSU (I've seen them first hand). Every team also has their reasonable, respectful fans. Even PSU. After reading your comments for years, this particular comment surprised me. It's beneath you. I agree with Gonzo that we lose sight of just how good the PSU wrestlers are. As far as crossing the line, Penn State fans did that years ago. There is not much of a line left.
  4. Fun to see a guy from Iowa in the mix (Eric DeVos). Good work, Penn!
  5. The popularity of this event is directly related to the quality of the participants. When some top matchups are scheduled, people watch. I appreciate the matchups between wrestlers who normally don't face each other in regular season action, like a star from Pitt against a star from Okla. State. Does the NWCA treat this like an "outreach" event? When the top guys bow out at the last minute, and you're left with preseason #6 taking on #8, I'm not sure this gets much attention except by folks like us. If they really want the All Star Classic to offer something fun, persuade Dake (with Koll's blessing) to wrestle Taylor, or Stieber vs McDonough. Since it doesn't really count on the record, why can't someone wrestle up a weight, or meet at a weight in the middle?
  6. I agree with the spirit of Vak's original post. I'm not sure I like the proposal, and I didn't like the way it way it was handled at all, but we need to be open to trying things, not out of desperation, but with a little creative problem-solving. As far as Title IX, it is a fact and it's not going away. Using that as a scapegoat for our problems gets us nowhere. I think that supporting women's wrestling is great, but it will be a long time until either women's wrestling or our support for it can benefit men's DI wrestling very much. I also don't think the problem is one of wrestling style. College folkstyle matches can be plenty exciting at every weight if they are done right. Changing the rules to make matches more exciting needs to be handled cautiously and with great restraint. The last thing we need are more rules and more constraints. As far as "pick-up" wrestling, we did have some of that growing up. Maybe it's about where you are from, but when you hear about Dan Gable every week, you're going to get some Gable wannabees in every schoolyard or backyard. Obviously, it doesn't take too long before you figure out that someone in the neighborhood is a real badass, and that usually ends the pick-up wrestling. But before Gable, there were guys like Peckham. And before Peckham, there was Koll. I've also heard on these threads that we shouldn't expect wrestling to be a popular sport that can fill a gym. These guys need to leave their leafy Ivy suburbs and travel to mid-America a bit more often. When two top teams meet in Eastern Iowa, it's not a croquet match. Tea will not be served, but you may lose your voice. I gather that the same thing happens in Pennsylvania. Wrestling CAN have casual fans, but that happens AFTER the development of a dedicated fan base. What we miss here is a real promoter of D-I wrestling like Gary Kurdelmeier (http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/3804), but on a national level, a Bill Veeck of wrestling. You have to give fans something to follow and someone to care about, that is, a story.
  7. "Moyer said the NWCA will hold a coaching summit Oct.23-24 at the Big Ten offices in Chicago." I'd say this would be a very important meeting, don't you think? Needless to say, all the top coaches should be there, particularly Cael, Brands, JRob, John Smith, Koll and any other coach who has an strong opinion about this.
  8. The recent brewhaha at UVA gave them a black eye, but they are still very good. Isn't Wake Forest in the ACC? No wrestling but good academics. Some of these Southern schools have come a long way from the 1950s. Congrats to Notre Dame. How about adding wrestling?
  9. Ray Brinzer = One of the smartest people involved with amateur wrestling. Also a true iconoclast. He always has a fresh take on things.
  10. I'm sure this is already on the Mass Wrestling website, but if it isn't, I'll put it there. This is great and thanks for posting it.
  11. I strongly disagree. Maybe you hit your head BEFORE you read it. That would explain both the bruise and your perception of lost time. Ray spells out the poor process that lead to this uproar. I'm not so much unhappy with the proposal as I am with how it was developed and promoted. It has the feel of a back-room deal with behind the scenes arm-twisting. If someone pressures you to make a deal before proper due diligence, then perhaps it's not a deal you should take.
  12. Ray Brinzer's excellent open letter points out the largest problem: the closed way this was all handled. If this had been considered in a more open way, then there may have been a better proposal and less resistance. As it is, there seems to be a lot of bad feelings and mistrust all around. Of course wrestling will survive one way or another, and fans shouldn't plan to jump off a cliff simply because they don't like the new format. Nevertheless, if this initiative results in poorer attendance, many coaches and fans will never forgive the folks who pushed it through.
  13. - Grapple at the Garden (esp. Okla St. vs Cornell) - Journeyman Duals - As many Boston and Harvard meets as I can fit into my schedule. - Maybe a National Duals regional or final.
  14. Watching two obese guys lean on each other for 7 minutes will not generate fan support. It will reduce it. There are very few decent heavyweights who can't make a 285 limit with a bit of weight control. I would also like to see another weight class somewhere between 197 and 285.
  15. Frankly, I'd feel the same way about LA. Congested, smog ridden sh!thole where there are NO wrestling fans and no wrestling culture. Spend all day in your car. Plan ahead. No one would show up. Don't even bring up Vegas. Folks would claim to come for the wrestling, but they'd not make it past the casinos. As for Philly, they had a good tourney, but the venue wasn't so great. Indianapolis? Too much a B-ball town. Detroit? No thank you. Maybe Jersey or Baltimore. Okla. City is an obvious choice and improves every day. How about Pittsburg? Fine city, great wrestling, fun place. Kansas City with the new Sprint Center would be great, too. Good food there, too. Or San Diego, Denver, or San Antonio. Maybe not wrestling hotbeds, but nice places to visit. Boston would be great if they had more wrestling fans. So would Providence. Des Moines is easy to get to from the East Coast for me. Not so expensive if you plan a little. Not a thrilling downtown, but some stuff to do if you know what the locals know. But then there are all those Hawkeye fans, aren't there. Isn't that the real problem for some of you folks?
  16. Very good point! That is significant. I also notice that UNI's excellent women's volleyball team still has a deficit of $686k. UNI's teams are performing very well right now. They need the level of fan attendance that can support that performance.
  17. They don't look that great to me either. The upside is that wrestling seems to do better financially than most other sports at UNI, at least by percentage. For a school trying to rein in a budget, I would guess that the deficit figure is a more important number than the percentage, though. Money is money. The truth is that most universities run D-1 sports at a loss. My guess is that is that even Iowa or Penn State would run wrestling at a loss if it weren't for some deep-pocket donors who are very, very generous, and maybe they still run deficits after big donations. I know that UNI season wrestling tickets are relatively cheap. I would ask any wrestling fan, in-state or out-of-state, who cares about wrestling in Eastern Iowa to buy a season ticket at UNI. If you can't go to the meets, there are some kind folks in Eastern Iowa who will collect unused tickets and distribute them to young kids in the area who will use them. A good crowd at UNI meets (besides the UNI-Iowa meet where a bazillion Hawkeye fans show up) would do a lot to keep the luster on the program. The Panther team also needs to to show some solid improvement year to year until they compete for a top-ten position. This year, won't they face Missouri as a WWC foe? Beating Wyoming and Missouri would be really positive.
  18. While I agree with your conclusion, your argument is off, and no more true of Iowa and Lehigh than it is of anywhere else. True, Iowa and Lehigh may have large fan bases that fill the stands for duals, that is, the fan base spreads deeper into the local "part-time fan" culture, but they also have just as many really knowledgeable fans as any other serious wrestling school, if not more. These folks DO follow wrestling outside of their school, and DO enjoy the matchups at schools outside of their own. What duals provide is a measure of overall team strength, which means something to strong, balanced teams. Bragging rights matter if you have something to brag about. When another school claims that duals have no meaning, what they are really saying is that they can't hope to compare to dual powerhouses like PSU, tOSU, or Minny, to name some other strong teams with decent dual attendance, in overall team strength, so they have to be satisfied with the one or two blue-chippers they are able to recruit, develop, and advance in the individual tourney.
  19. Michigan is getting some great talent, but at some point, you've got to ask, "Shouldn't the Wolverines be contending for the BiG title?" If they have the fan base, and they have the talent, and they have the history, then what is left?
  20. So are you gonna drive up to Mason City and cut off the hat?
  21. Love your new site. Keep up the good work. Division II wrestling needs more information and promotion like this. It also needs more free live web casts of dual meets.
  22. Welcome to the fan club. You are not alone.
  23. Wow, a conspiracy theory? Those nasty Midwesterners trying to usurp Cael's shift in the balance of power? Obviously, Sanderson doesn't speak, or should I say tweet for all the coaches. This year, Penn State would be favored to win either a duals format or an individual format, so I don't see the loss to your team. I love National Duals, and I love TEAM championships. I'm FOR the trying the new format.
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