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  1. First, thank you for your service. We all appreciate the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform have made for this country. I sincerely hope that you can fully recover from your injuries, both physical and mental.


    Second, there are many ways to serve your country, your state, your town,and your faith. Military service is certainly one of those ways, but many other people serve our country, and humanity, in many other ways that are equally valuable. These people have not failed. Faulting others for not making the same choices that you have is your rationalization to cope with the trauma you've endured.

  2. I'd say that Penn State has as good a chance as any other team, given the experience that most of starters have had, and given the improvements we've seen from some of their better guys.

    Of course the other usual suspects (Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, etc.) will be in the mix, as well as some improved teams (Ohio State, Wisconsin, Northwestern). Should be a very fun year to be a fan.

  3. Both are a 3 hour drive and Flynn is a PSU grad and Koll is a State College native and both are strong programs?

    There is nothing for Penn State to gain by giving peer status to the Edinboro and Cornell wrestling programs. Losing to Minnesota, Oklahoma State, or Iowa is a disappointment. Losing to regional rivals Edinboro or Cornell would be a recruiting catastrophe.

  4. I don't want to turn this into a potical debate so this will be my last response. The Republicans did the same thing in both elections vs Obama that the Democrats did against Bush. We ran HORRIBLE nearly unwinnable candidates in a VERY moderate McCain and a Rich Mormon(no one could relate to him). Gore and Kerry were just as weak. Both Bush and Obama won their elections by default. The next election will be very telling. Will Hillary run again? Biden is weak and I hope he runs. The Republicans need to stop hedging, leave the cards where they lay, stop trying to guess what the people want and run a candidate with core(right but not super right) conservative beliefs and let the people decide.

    Right but not super right? Why hedge? Run one of those right-wing whack jobs (Cruz) and see where it gets you. Man up.

  5. After another very unsuccessful weekend for Michigan State. I was at a loss for what could be done. So I did what most Americans seem to do in this day and age. I looked to our government. I am happy to say that our dictator in chief has agreed to wave his magical executive order pen and put in place the following order. Successful teams will give up scholarships (top 20% or so), that will then be given to the underperforming teams (bottom 30% or so). The exact prodedure for this to be written in the future and changed often. If after three years, this does not improve the parity in wrestling. The underperforming teams will be allowed to select red shirt wrestlers off of the successful teams. Once again, details to be figured out later. Gotta love liberalism. :lol:

    You'll still stink, but details to be figured out later.

  6. At the end of the day, isnt a diploma from Cornell the same whether or not the kid takes a "year off" after high school?

    Sure, but a "year off" and a year at community college seem different to me. It's one thing to take a year off to travel, work for a nonprofit, or just work to save money for college. It's another to spend a year getting academic credit at a local community college. I wonder how many Harvard or Penn wrestlers have spent their freshman year at a JUCO. My guess is zero.

  7. I'll self-nominate for my lifetime disgruntlement with fairweather "fans," and sports fans who think that coaches singlehandedly determine the fate of teams and athletes.


    Both are tops in the most baffling and interesting of sports phenomenons that I can think of.

    I'll second Ban's nomination.

    BTW, if UNI tanks next year, I won't root for them any more, and I'll blame Schwabby for singlehandedly sinking his team. ;)


    Actually, I would like to nominate DF for a lifetime of feigned disgruntlement.

  8. http://wcfcourier.com/sports/college/uni/wrestling/uni-wrestlers-pull-off-undefeated-dual-season/article_705de127-b6ef-54d2-8599-d0a4acfced6c.html


    Congratulations to the UNI Panthers for being the ONLY Division I team with an undefeated dual season this year.


    Are you a UNI fan? I see you comment about them a lot this year.

    Ban, I support ALL teams from Iowa, perhaps some a bit more than others. UNI is a close second for me. Oddly, it's the only one of the big universities in Iowa where I didn't take a class.

  9. I would also say that Lehigh's fans are among the top in the country in regards to their respect for the sport, towards other wrestlers, and their knowledge and passion for their team. I realize Lehigh is not one of the "Big 4" (Iowa, Ok St, Minn, PSU), but it has always been a great wrestling school and is in the heart of one of the wrestling hot beds in the country.

    I agree. Great fans at Lehigh. Fair and knowledgeable, too. I always root for them.

    No, Penn State fans do not have an inferiority complex. They have arrogance, and that comes from winning. Iowa had it, and now Penn State has it. What Penn State also has that Iowa never had is some sort of feeling of self-righteousness from the fans on the message boards, like they are Harvard, Michigan, and Notre Dame all rolled into one. As SHP says, the fans at the meets are great, but the forum folks act like they've descended from heaven.

  10. Now only UNI is undefeated in duals. Way to go, Panthers!

    I'd like to see a UNI vs. Cornell dual every year.


    I'm not sure about every year, but certainly this year would be one heck of a dual - maybe next year, too?

    Yeah, EVERY year.

    Coach Koll may not be pleased that Iowa and Penn State won't put Cornell on their dual schedule, but let's see if he can fit UNI to the Cornell dual season: Bill Koll's Alma mater vs. his son's Ivy team. Sounds like a barn-burner.

  11. Thinking of incredibly "popular" sports, I find hockey and soccer incredibly boring.

    I do too. And tennis, baseball, and golf. Let's face it: these are "acquired" spectator tastes, and I haven't acquired them. The idea of one sport being inherently boring is mistaken. All sports can be boring if they are performed poorly, or for spectators who do not understand the rules. I grew up with wrestling, so I naturally find it exciting when it's done right.


    Wrestling "works" when you understand the rules, and you identify in some way with one of the "combatants."

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