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  1. Tom Brands' Salary is public information in Iowa:

    http://www.press-citizen.com/article/99 ... /304090072


    He's listed at $130k base for 2009. Incentives and camps are additional, and if you have the NCAA and Big Ten #1 team two years in a row, incentives and camps will be substantial.


    So the idea that Sanderson is paid a lower base salary than Brands is probably incorrect. Sanderson will also get major money for camps. Incentives may have to wait until he does something.

  2. Marginal wrestlers??


    Here are the high school credentials for the Iowa starting lineup. D_Back5 please show me all those "marginal" wrestlers that have been turned into AAs and champions?


    125: McDonough - 3 x State Champ (151-15)

    133: Dennis - 2 x Runner Up (153-28)

    141: Marion - 2 x State Champ; 2 x Runner Up (151-7)

    149: Metcalf - 4 x State Champ (228-0)

    157: Kerr - 4 x State Place Winner (162-16)

    165: Morningstar - 3 x State Champ (164-4)

    174: Borschel - 4 x State Champ (163-1)

    184: Keddy - 2 x State Champ (146-28)

    197: Beatty - 2 x State Champ (109-7)

    285: Erikson - 1 x State Champ; 2 x Runner Up (125-13)


    Brands deserves credit for helping these guys get to the next level, but he isn't exactly dealing with marginal wrestlers.

    McDonough, Dennis, Kerr, and Marion were not very highly recruited wrestlers at all. Its always been Iowas style to turn "marginal" wrestlers into champions and marginal is so subjective it is all opinion anyway what you consider marginal. Spin it how you will, but Iowa usually picks up Iowa HS kids that are not Nationally noticed that much and turns them into Champions. Tell me a school that develops talent better than Iowa during the Gable and Brands years? If we track back to the Gable years, who Brands has studied under, do names like Jesse Whitmer, Daryl Weber, and Doug Schwab ring a bell? Sorry if it stings, but all that Cael has done so far is underachieve in his coaching career. He has shown that he can recruit, but what he does with that talent is far from impressive.



    I know that McD (a 4.0 student) received interest from Northwestern and the Ivy League.

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