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  1. I remember when college was a market place of ideas where you didn't have to forcefully suppress people bc you knew the just ideas would rise to the top but that isn't the case anymore

    Not suppressing an idea. They're suppressing an expression of prejudice. Sanctioning Wheeler IS a just idea rising to the top.

  2. Let's face it wrestling is a blue collar sport and our coaches dress like it. On many of the media guides, I see coaches that don't have the top button of their shirt buttoned while wearing a tie. I also see others where the tie is slightly out of place ant the coach looks sloppy. Okay, I get the blue collar thing but from a marketing/image thing, it looks horrible. Contrast this with the GQ image of basketball coaches and it leaves one shaking his head.


    My rant is over...make your own conclusions!

    Wrestling may be a blue collar sport, but this isn't a fashion show. I don't care so much what coaches wear, but I would say that a good-fitting suit is a useful tactic for head coaches. Basketball coaches may look snazzy, but some basketball players look like they just got out of jail or a circus. Now that looks horrible.


    Wrestling fans don't look so good either. Maybe you should wear some Armani or Roberto Cavalli to meets to show us how it should be. You could be the guy in Brooks Bros. buying a bratwurst at the concession stand.

  3. Will smokeyjoe be here and post about the H1N1, or Epstein-Barr, or mono or typhoid outbreak (combination of all of these?) that is hampering Northwestern before this dual, or after?

    Maybe, he will also say that NEXT YEAR Northwestern will be a lock for the National Title, and then he will name-drop Penn State and Ohio State to show the extremely high quality of coming NW recruits. :shock:

  4. TBar should get a prize for nearly single handidly making penn state fans look bad as a group. I say nearly since mopar deserves credit as well.


    You guys get unhappy when a Penn State fan celebrates a win over the defending national champion, and you get unhappy when the posts are about Iowa (unless they are totally 1000% positive). I'm thinking the real source of your discontent is Iowa no longer being the top wrestling squad. Just a hunch.

    Considering that you are a never-ending source of Hawkeye posts, you must love them deep inside. Just an observation, but you spend more time discussing them than you do Penn State. Mopar may be crazy, but he's not obsessed.

  5. Iowa has lost their luster a bit this year. They are still a top five to eight team for the next couple years! The days of national titles year after year are over. I count six Big Ten teams, PSU,Minnesota,Michigan, Ohio State,Illinois,and Northwestern that all can beat Iowa next year. When has that ever occurred? Not in last thirty years!

    Oh, it's smokey with "Wait till next year." :lol:

    Not worried about Northwestern "losing their luster?"

  6. You know what this forum needs? More discussion about Penn State wrestling, and PA wrestling in general. There's just not enough posters willing to start such threads.

    Heck, there's only a few threads on the HS forum front page regarding individual PA kids having good seasons.


    Thanks Tbar, you bring some much needed PA info to these boards more than anyone.


    I will take "Man Years" to even get close to all the Iowa drivel/hype we have had to listen to in the past years ...


    Just sayin'

    And that's not even over yet.

    Just sayin

  7. Just an FYI grapplefan, I am an Iowa season ticket holder. I figured I would get the cheap shot in before anybody else could. ;)

    Wow, you succeeded. Nice work!


    I think it's in the coach's best interest to NOT let this dq'd conduct get out of hand, and I don't believe that any other Div I coach would let this go on if they could stop it.

  8. Wrestling "Iowa Style" eh?

    No, Cornell style.


    Before you call it Cornell style, can you please name another Cornell wrestler who was dq'd for misconduct?

    Notice my lack of quotes. Can't be an Iowa style because he wrestles for Cornell. Just responding to ST's cheap shot. As you see, none of us like having our guys slandered this way.
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