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  1. Yep, UNI on the rise. The secret is out. However, the Missouri meet next week will be gut-check time. If UNI can whip the Tigers in the dual, and also in the MAC tourney, we're gonna have a new contender in the top ten.
  2. ACTUALLY the gap is narrowing between the two schools, Iowa beat Nebraska 31-7 last year, only 22-9 this year. Please think before you make yourself look like a fool. And hooray to Iowa for beating a lower ranked team that they were expected to beat handily. All I know is Nebraskas best two wrestlers ass whipped Iowa's, so suck on that. Anger management issues? This thread is about the Gilman match, not your issues. Actually, I also thought that Nebraska performed well this meet, even with the loss,. As Tom Brands said after the meet, the Hawks left bonus points on the table, and did not execute they way they need to. Lots of work to do. With Nebraska's good coaching and recruiting, I expect them to be a consistent top 5 school starting next year, if not this one.
  3. You speak with familiarity – not about Evans, but about meathead tools. How's that mirror treating you?
  4. You mean the same Finn Erikson who was the coach for West Waterloo High in Iowa? That's interesting...
  5. JT, instead of "takes a chance", I think the correct phrase is "jumped at the chance." Besides, maybe Happy valley has some limit on the number of C**** Sandersons who can live in the same zip code.
  6. This is a great idea. The guy deserves a chance to lead a team, and I think he'll get one.
  7. Well, your Aunt Ruth did pretty fair job with her son, Ed. Now if he can just keep out of Taco Bell, he will finish out a great career at Penn State. Maybe some other teams need to give your Aunt Ruth a new coaching opportunity. ;)
  8. So Lehigh has a really bad meet and we christen it the "Lehigh style?" Please... That's as bad as when one fan behaves badly, so we berate all the fans from that school. Again, please...
  9. On the flip side, what is happening to Ohio State? I thought they were supposed to contend for the B!G title.
  10. Clark is a massive 125lber, I'd say he likely walks around at about 140-143. He is tall but a 7-10lb cut would not completely wipe him out like what seems to be the case. He'd be an undersized 141 but I think still competitive. I think this is Iowa's best chance. Keep Ramos at a weight where he is already pretty dominating, and move Clark into Jeva's spot. Won't happen this year unless there's an injury. Josh is the guy at 141. If he makes fewer mental mistakes and gets more offense, he'll be fine by NCAAs. Right now, Retherford and Stieber are in class by themselves. If Josh wants to beat these two, he'll have to improve.
  11. Haven't you heard that NEXT YEAR Burroughs and Dake will given 4 more years of college eligibility, and they've enrolled at Northwestern? :lol:
  12. This is a total crock. No one has turned on Brands or the team, but there's always some fools who want to stir things up. Experienced fans know that this was ONE good meet and not a whole season, and we all know that Penn State is still the favorite. In any event, PSU deserves fans who have better things to do than troll other team's fan boards.
  13. A couple of good showings does not amount to emergence. Penn State is still the favorite to win NCAAs.
  14. Brands has already been quoted that he's not happy with Clark. I will predict that Dieringer top DSJ--even in Iowa. And you were wrong. Also, unhappy does not equal "really pissed." Starting rumors of a transfer is just silly.
  15. First, Iowa was dreadful at the Penn State dual, but they've improved modestly since. Second, Oklahoma State was absolutely terrible tonight, much worse than they are capable of doing. Neither of these teams is much of a threat to Penn State at this point.
  16. First they prove it, and then we'll know. Until then, this is wishful thinking. Those wrestlers you mentioned have been very good, and they are some of the individuals I was talking about.
  17. I had to respond to this post because: 1. I have great respect for Big Apple's posts, and now I know why. This one was awesome. 2. I've never used a quote this long, and I was afraid I'd never get this chance again. I must hold the record for longest single quote in The Mat Forum history. Thanks, BA :)
  18. I think this thread should be renamed "Remaining undefeateds with more than 10 wins" When you don't wrestle, you don't lose.
  19. If you see bad behavior, then speak up. We shouldn't put up with coaches that mistreat their guys. However, I suspect that some fans will use forums as way to trash the reputation of a coach or program just because they harbor a grudge against a team, or don't like a coach's style. I've seen most of the coaches mentioned above and I prefer some to others, but I haven't personally witnessed a lack of support for any of their wrestlers. For the record, Smokey, the head coach at Oklahoma State is not a "young gun," but seasoned veteran who does a great job year after year. I would like to add Nebraska to the list as a place where the coaches give great support to their guys. As for Northwestern and Ohio State, those coaches have yet to prove that they can develop contending teams, but do recruit good talent. It's not about youth, but ability. Right now, I'd say that Cornell, Nebraska, and Missouri are places where talent is really developed.
  20. No evidence of that, and Clark has enough talent to weather early season difficulty. Besides, injuries happen, and having someone to step right in is a huge asset. Clark's an Iowa guy and I don't see him transferring. Just like Ramos and McD, Clark and Gilman will find an accommodation that works. Back to the real subject of this thread, I don't predict the Hawks, but I will say that the Pokes may be a little weaker this season than last. All the scenarios in the earlier posts are plausible outcomes. Also St. John and Evans will have to bring their "A" games to this meet.
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