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  1. grapplefan, I don't think you're an idiot, but I don't understand your position at all. Why would a kid with this level of talent and such a concrete grasp on his goals want to spend the next two years with average high school kids when he could be traveling the world following his passion? Sure, there's risk involved, but that's the same with every decision one makes. Pico would be taking a similar risk by going the traditional route.


    I'm an average talentless dumb bastard who worked his ass off for two degrees. I'm a partner in my business and have had some decent years over the past several years notwithstanding the economic mess. I have a very decent life but there's absolutely nothing in my life that would have been ultimately impacted by making a decision like Pico is making had I the talent (assuming no traumatic brain injury or other serious issue). Most of my former college teammates, who typically did quite well in school, are high school and junior high teachers, and the one who has pursued wrestling at a world level lives in poverty. I just can't see what Pico is giving up here.

    You make good points, doc. He doesn't have to give up anything. I understand that. I bet that he will though. We all give up something.

  2. No, it doesn't. Pico is pursuing an Olympic gold medal by age 19.
    Or an Olympic championship. More to life than sports.
    Sure, but he's not foreclosing any real academic, or any other, opportunities by following his unique talents. Doing this could open huge opportunities to him, and he can always go back to school.

    He sure could, but I bet he doesn't. He also won't be 19 again. I'm also not saying that he won't be wealthy or successful. I just think it's sad, and that doesn't make me an idiot. But as Xander says, college isn't for everyone. I wish Mr. Pico great success in his pursuits.

  3. Now enter the idiots that say instead of pursuing world greatness that he "really needs to get a college education"

    That assumes that pursuing world greatness = pursuit of MMA championship. And you think we're idiots?


    No, it doesn't. Pico is pursuing an Olympic gold medal by age 19.

    Or an Olympic championship. More to life than sports.

  4. Can't quite put my finger on it, but something about this decision makes me sad.

    Me too. I like to think of college wrestlers as STUDENT-athletes, and that success in the classroom has as much or more value than success on the mat. This only college classroom this kid will ever see in on TV.

  5. I've seen video where Ramos pins his opponent and then does a double biceps pose flexing to stir up the crowd. I always thought that was a bit much and humiliating to the pinned wrestler. The finals of the NCAA, okay, but otherwise, not cool.


    Colon did nothing after pinning Ramos to show him up. Ramos could learn some humility from Colon.

    This is wrestling, it's not cricket. Ramos likes to pump up the crowd, but that humiliation part is mostly in your head. Getting pinned by anyone is humiliating, speaking as a guy who's been pinned a few times. Ramos doesn't need more humility. He needs better offense.


    Colon is great wrestler, and every bit as intense as anyone wrestling right now. Ramos wants to be intense. Colon IS intense. I'd like to see much-improved Colon vs. Retherford or Stieber at the end of this season.

  6. Another case of people blowing a loss out of proportion. I've read too many posts discrediting Ruth because of this loss . He has already crushed Dean, and I think if they wrestle again, he'll crush Dean. One bad loss for Stieber, and people are saying he won't repeat. Now the same for Ruth. Also I think it's crazy how many people jumped off the Maple bandwagon so fast. I think Ruth and Stieber both dominate to a title this year, and I think Maple wins as well. Ruth is still a lock IMO.

    No one is a "lock." This is college wrestling. You may want to crown Ruth champion right now, and I'm not saying he won't be in March, but no one is a lock. He was also a "lock" to win the Southern Scuffle, wasn't he?

  7. Kudos to Koll but Damion Hahn must get most of the credit for this guy! Hahn is the best assistant in the country, hands down. Look at Cornell's production at the upper weights since he's joined. It's insane.
    Cam Simaz has his fingerprints all over dean


    Ruth had his fingerprints all over Simaz when they wrestled. This is a head scratching crazy loss to me. Dean was very impressive this weekend but Ruth has been untouchable. Interesting to see how this loss affects him. Definitely hurts his spot on the all time ladder.

    And cost him any chance for the Hodge, I would guess.

  8. Im sorry for the web stream going down. You deserve better. We need to do better. Last night was simply unacceptable. If you are requesting a refund please email ryan.sterner@flocasts.com


    I understand that we have a lot of trust to make up with the community after last night. We are going to double down on our investments into infrastructure and talent to keep a stream and site up when it matters most.


    my sincerest apologies

    Thanks, Martin. It means a lot to have you post this.


    I gotta say though that Flo seems to have no problems producing a video of two loonies ranting over a white board, but when the chips are down, your coverage often fails. Also, people have lost trust in your billing practices. THAT will take a long time to rebuild, but you could start by reexamining your website interface to make subscribe/unsubscribe procedures absolutely crystal clear and instantaneous, with an email confirmation. If in doubt, err slightly on the side of generosity. It's good for business.


    Also, all the guys you hire don't do the "I'm excited about college wrestling" thing quite as well as you used to. You might consider "getting your hands dirty" and do more on-air stuff yourself (minus any rants of course.) If Steve Jobs and Donald Trump could get up and present, then you can too.


    The good news for you is that the market is still wide open. The BTN only tends their little patch of wrestling turf (albeit with most of the top schools), and would be as likely to preempt wrestling for women's basketball as not. Individual colleges may stream at $10/pop or so, but it's spotty, you have to hunt down the websites, and the announcing can be horrendous.


    Maybe you should consider paying some colleges to simulcast some of these streams through Flo. I don't have stake in most meets with Cal Poly, Arizona State, or Edinboro, but I'd watch them if it was convenient and cheap, because I like to watch college wrestling.

  9. "Folding like a cheap tent," a common and rather milquetoast sports cliche, ignites war on wrestling board due to rampant disagreement about the aptness of the analogy to the situation it was intended to describe.


    This whole discussion is hilarious. Minnesota was in position to possibly win this thing, but had an absolutely horrible semi-finals and wrestlebacks. Given where Minnesota started, being in second place (without any hope of winning) is not a moral victory, it's an absolute DISASTER.

    So this is war? Or a disaster? WWI was a war, and Hurricane Katrina was a disaster. Talk about your common clichés. Here's another one: Minnesota stunk it up at the scuffle. How's that?

  10. Yes, Schwab is doing a great job at UNI. he's starting to recruit some studs now too. If the Hawkeyes are/were the Yankees of college wrestling, then UNI is becoming the Red Sox of wrestling.


    Also, Kish is becoming a very good coach as well. I think we'll see more of his guys place at these tournaments.

  11. Grapple.


    Yes I knew and know T&T well - they were two years behind me in HS.

    Once I was cruising the streets of Sheldon in the winter with my 66 mustang and all the sudden I got pelted with a bunch of snowballs. I slammed on the brakes and started chasing the culprits - it was the brands (I couldnt catch them on feet). Not sure what I would have done if I would have caught the little fokkers but nonetheless I know it was them.


    Fun times

    Xander, that's priceless. You should have caught them and slapped the little troublemakers upside the head. Now, you'd never have to pay for a beer in Pennsylvania again. ;)

    In the late 60s, I used to work for Dan Gable's aunt at a department store in Cedar Rapids. Once she found out I wrestled, I got all the time off work for wrestling that I ever wanted. Unfortunately, I was no Dan Gable, even with all the practice time in the world.

    BTW, bet you wish you had the '66 Mustang again.

  12. Some real soreheads and idiots who can't face reality.

    Midlands used to be THE tournament outside the NCAA finals.

    Now it is second banana to the Southern Scuffle. Few post grads come in as they did in years past. Fewer top programs enter every year. Iowa is the top team this year tho they are down and schedule too many second rate opponents.

    So, Midlands fits the NIT mold very well - second banana tourney - if it even rates that high.

    Reno may well be tougher.

    You miss the point. We face reality just fine. (Well, most of us...) Comparing the Midlands to the NIT doesn't bother me a bit. So what if Midlands is weaker this year? It was still lots of fun, and we could watch it on TV. That has nothing to do with reality, but everything to do with enjoying college wrestling.

    Also has nothing to do with Iowa or their schedule. The Midlands is more than about Iowa. If Iowa had a tougher early-season schedule this year, Midlands would have been the same: entertaining.

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