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  1. I guess we should just shutter down everything that isn't the best. We would have no wrestling because if you aren't the best, why compete?


    If you're only looking at the team aspect of it, it wasn't close. There were 56 ranked wrestlers in D1 and 15-16 in the smaller divisions (which people still want competing in the D1 tournament)

    There wasn't team firepower but plenty of individual firepower

    I fail to see how two good college tournaments are a bad thing, especially when you consider the geographical reach

    I've never heard either tournament come out and say "we are the best". it's not their intent.

    Why bother having consolation matches? why bother having division 2 and division 3

    The midlands was super fun this year.

    Jason, I think what Zelph means is because the Hawkeyes won it, it must have little value. Granted it did not have the team firepower of this year's Southern Scuffle, but his real motivation is shown by his last paragraph. Last year the Hawks were chastised for NOT going to Midlands. This year the Midlands is criticized because most of the other top teams went to the SS. I hope that I never denigrate a wrestling event just because I don't like one of the teams, or because the team I disliked won the event.


    Personally, I would like to see one or two MORE large tournaments between Christmas and Jan 6, maybe one in the Pacific Northwest or Southern Cal, to allow other fans to see more of these things without having to travel so far. I try to go to any Div 1 tournaments within driving range.

  2. Well you kind of prove my point. You ignore them but go out of your way to express your displeasure with me. That really doesn't make much sense? Fact is I've seen a lot of good Penn State fans driven off this board over the past few years because of these guys so once in a while I like to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    Once in a while? Continuously.

  3. "I never said I was a spokesperson for anyone"


    You sure acted like it. Isn't this your quote "why would we, as PSU fans care ?" Certainly you understand that we is plural and implies you are speaking for all PSU fans. Why don't you take your own advise or better yet when one of the Iowa contingent starts up with the personal attacks against our coaching staff and wrestlers speak up with that opinion instead of acting like an Uncle Tom Brands Penn State fan.

    Totally uncalled for. I've met many decent Penn State fans who aren't obsessed with hating Iowa. Why you do this I don't know.

  4. Is it really the Iowa way to pull a guy out of the tournament because you think he may lose again. That sure sounds like seed protecting to me. I hope the press calls Brands out on that.

    That's total BS. Sounds like the Tigsy way to try to turn a medical forfeit into Iowa bashing.

    This is no conundrum. If Clark can't go, then Gilman goes. Either one will cause some grief for the other 125 lbers this year.

    Also, Delgado may stumble some early season, but I wouldn't count him out by a long shot.

  5. It was known during my competitive days that I could be bought, 3rd-world-wrestler-at-the-olympics-style.


    Of course I didn't do it for the money, I did it more for the lulz. Like I'd go up 14-0 on some scrub who bought me and then I'd proceed to let him score 15 points in the last period for some major lulz.


    Or I'd re-enact the final scene from Vision Quest and let my opponent hip toss me for the pin, and I'd have a teammate who was in on the hustle blast the classic song from the movie over the loudspeakers right when the ref called the pin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htxDdd486sg).


    I'd charge anywhere from $25-$50 for regular dual meets depending on if they wanted to win by decision vs. pin, $100 for the smaller meaningless tournaments, and up to $500 at major tournaments depending on if it was the quarters, semis, or finals.


    How much did you guys charge?

    MY price is that you never troll here again.

  6. Check out the Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling Forum and see the deep concern many Hawk fans have for the program. Some fans are shockingly optimistic while others sense problems. While the season is far from over, I just do not see the NCAA points needed for Iowa to win. When they lose men at 133, 157 and 184 after this year, things will continue to slide downward. I predicted this in the Fall of 2010.


    You are right Donnie, the Iowa board is going bananas. They know that that the Iowa dynasty is doomed with Brands at the helm.Why? They have no blue chipper studs that are coming in. Why do you think Little Trirtsis did not want to go there? They burned his brother Alex's shirt as a frosh and hurt his career. It is no fun in Iowa to wrestle. Cael, Pariano, Ohio State,Okey State,and Minny have much more dynamic staffs and all except for Minnesota are Regional Training Centers. Iowa may finish seventh in the Big a Ten next year if Telford is not at full strength. Burak has a major injury!

    Won't happen. You been smokin' more than BBQ if you think this. We get that you hate the Hawks and want them to do fail, but we aren't goin' away.

    Sanderson, and Smith ARE going to have good squads year to year like Iowa, but tOSU and your N'western Purplecats have yet to prove anything substantial and long-lasting. The only thing "dynamic" about their staffs is that they will change when other people take over those jobs.

    If there was an Iowa Dynasty, it was over when Gable left. I wish little T-shirt a great career with your P'cats, but his older brother had every opportunity to show what he could do at Iowa.

  7. I most certainly don't like the word "fire" and I don't even entertain the idea of Tom firing Terry. His presence is very beneficial in my opinion to the success of the Iowa program. However, I will state that if Terry were to make the decision to leave the Hawkeye program and venture elsewhere I would very much be in support of it. While I am an Iowa Hawkeye fan, I am a college wrestling fan first and foremost. The idea of Terry Brands going out and helping to develop a team into a competitive one is very appealing to me. I feel strongly that Terry's small amount of time at Chattanooga, helped to turn that team around and make the southern conference more competitive all around.


    Matter of fact it doesn't sit real well with me that we continuously nag and complain about how administrations don't do enough to improve their wrestling programs and yet Chattanooga got the shaft twice and we quietly turn a blind eye to it. They initially hired Terry Brands with the intentions of building a competitive team, and through these efforts began to take hold of the Southern Conference that had been predominately won by Appalachian State year in and year out. Brands left to be a part of the Iowa program and then Chattanooga hired Bono with similar intentions, who would leave them to go to Iowa State. While I can appreciate and understand one's motivation to go and coach at their Alma mater, it severely contradicts all of the consistent demanding we do as a community for more support and recognition of our sport. If I were in charge at a University and I saw what happened to Chattanooga after they made two diligent efforts to better their wrestling program only to get stiffed in the end, it'd make me think twice about putting time and money into it.


    With that said, I'd love to see Terry take over for Goldman at Indiana or Minkle at Michigan State. Better yet I'd be thrilled to death to see him go to a program like Duke, and see what he could do their. It'd be awesome to see AA's year in and year out at a "basketball" school.


    Fire him? No, Hell no. Him leave on his own convictions and go out and use his expertise to help build a program elsewhere? Yeah, I'd be all for that and support him 100% if he were to make the decision. I support his decision to stay put and help Tom at Iowa too.

    Excellent post, JT!

  8. They said it right, the iowa style, just isn't it. You can't push your way to a win against superior technique. They seem to focus now in Iowa on being tough wrestlers solely versus having tough wrestling skills that's a big difference.


    To say that Iowa doesn't get elite talent is false, they do, it's just in this day and age lot's of young wrestlers have access to the best technique, clinics, and so on ... so being able to simply out will wrestlers as Iowa who had a lead in talent, access, toughness just doesn't work any longer.

    Once again, people mischaracterize the so-called "Iowa Style." This is mostly just a straw man that Iowa critics put up for an easy target.

    If anything, this year's Iowa team abandoned any real Iowa attitude at the Penn State meet. They needed more tough offense, not less. This isn't just technique vs. aggression, because the Hawks lacked both against Penn State.

  9. 23, I would think some Iowa fans would be surprised by the magnitude of the win, if not the win itself. They didn't used to think Cael could keep up the pace with stud after stud recruit, but I think this is changing into a realization that he can.

    Only the unrealistic ones. The realists probably thought it should have been a bit closer, but they didn't expect to win it, as the good Dr. has stated. They hoped, sure, but didn't expect it. Mega, Retherford, DT, Brown, Ruth and MM were too much to overcome...then Beitz just throws gas on the fire. Kudos to Cael and Brands (and all involved) for making it happen. I make no grand statements about the future; just enjoying the here and now.

    A very honest and accurate assessment I think. Congrats to Penn State for a resounding win.

  10. Just checked out the Iowa rivals page, and i have never seen a bigger group of excuse makers in my life. Not a single one of them will flat out admit that they got outwrestled by Penn State. It is actually kind of sad. :lol:


    That is simply not true. I saw few if any excuses. If you expected praise there, however, then you went to the wrong board.

  11. Gee, thanks for making those great points. A program that can't keep kids in class will not last. And not everyone can be #1. You need to win a Nobel prize, pronto. Thanks for enlightening all of us and making us better people with your gracious intellect.

    On behalf of JH, I'd like to say, "You're welcome."

  12. There we go. You're so smart.


    Who said top 20? A school with WVU's resources should not be bottom 20 or wherever they are now. Not every school has its resources and location. As has been noted on this thread by others a little more plugged in than you, schools with a lot less are doing much, much better, and that's only OK to morons like you who would keep a coach well past his prime in his seat so long as the program keeps most of its kids in school. Thank God you're not an AD or we'd be down to half a dozen D1 college programs.


    The resources and location of west virginia? one of the poorest, least populated state in the US with a flagship school in the bottom tier of the national university rankings?


    More importantly, if i was AD, how could i cause there to be only 6 D1 programs? I'd only be responsible for 1 program and i'd make sure it kept wrestling. so take it up with the other fictional ADs in your hypothetical scenario.


    Also i forgive you for calling me a moron. these message boards can get heated i and know you're better than petty ad hominems.

    Nicely said.

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