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  1. Mopar, have you been drinking that fracked water again?
  2. Well, I don't have the time or energy to wade through this volume of posts playing tit-for-tat, but in my experience (5 colleges, fairly humble to fairly elite), I am generally in agreement with wrestlingnerd on this thread. As he said, "All things being equal, it makes sense for parents to encourage their kids to go to the best possible school more often than not." Can't disagree. The advantages of elite institutions stem not just from the name on top of the sheepskin, but all the subtle other little things as well: peer relationships, peer competition, financial support, alumni network, faculty reputation, facilities, learning environment, and many, many others. These are subtle, hard to quantify, and do not define any particular graduate, any more than a job, or a neighborhood, or a political party defines a specific person. Nevertheless, when you add them up, it's not a level-playing field out there. On the other hand, as another poster said on another thread, an education is what you make of it. Figuring out what the best possible school is FOR YOU is not so straight forward. YOU may get YOUR best educational experience from Grand Canyon U or a California community college, and that's the place that you should go. I also find the lure of Wall Street jobs, medical schools, and alumni contacts that some fans (and even a few coaches) from elite wrestling schools use to be crass. Going to the wrong school, even if it is an elite one, can be a pretty miserable experience.
  3. I saw him warming up ahead of the match, and if you ask me, he seemed ill. He was the one PSU wrestler who never looked confident, or happy, or even at ease before the match. I was wondering if he had the flu or something.
  4. I went to this meet last night, and it was the best college wrestling experience that I've had in New England. Place was PACKED and LOUD. Lots of Penn State fans there too, and they were great. Although BU was way over-matched, they didn't embarrass themselves: everyone came to wrestle. The Penn State stars and coaches were terrific with the fans, and I saw Taylor signing autographs and posing for photo after photo. Great stuff. Thanks to Coach Sanderson, the Penn State team, and all the fans who came for sharing such a great night of wrestling. I wish all wrestling meets in Boston could be like this. This made it clear what a shame it is for BU to drop wrestling.
  5. Hawks survive, but just. 22-19, Iowa. Poor showing tonight by Iowa.
  6. What's it going to mean to tOSU if this crop of wrestling studs fails to live up to fan expectations? What happens if they are no better than your standard Buckeye team of the last 10 years, despite the great recruiting? Perhaps there is more to winning championships than just recruiting.
  7. That's DF? Looks more like Mike Evans with the cheesy mustache. :D Nah, Evans had a way better mustache than that one. This looks like a 17-yr old hanging around a liquor store, just like DF.
  8. Nahshon Garrett should be mentioned before Clark. In fact, what happens to Clark if Gilman beats him at Midlands (and won't that will be a fun thread that I'm sure MSU158 will start and Gonzo will be responding multiple times in)? Garrett is very good, and should be on the short list ahead of Clark right now, but having two good guys at a weight is good thing, not a bad one. This will shake out over the season, I'm sure. Next year, things open up a bit. As for 5 champs from Ohio State, that's wishful thinking at this point. Yes, Logan Stieber is phenomenal, but let's wait until the new Buckeye starters get tested before we declare a team championship. Ohio State doesn't have a recent history of consistent over-performance.
  9. Hey, I'm just happy his team's coming to town.
  10. With Ruth in the lineup and both Altons healthy and productive, I'd have to say that Penn State should still be number one, with Iowa, and Minnesota very close behind. Also, did having Oklahoma State getting nipped at Bedlam change anything in this poll? Let's not overlook UNI at #6. It's been awhile since they were ranked that high.
  11. what??? no apologies to lu_alum? i was kind of insulted to mistakenly be called flying_tiger. :lol: Oops, and even many more apologies to you. ;) BTW, I'm thinking a Lehigh-UNI dual every year would be fun: two teams with historic wrestling venues. They never meet in the regular season. Why should Penn State and Iowa get all the press?
  12. [/quote=grapplefan] Tigs doesn't know the history of the West Gym. It is like Grace Hall is to Lehigh. Lotta great ones wrestled in West Gym back in the day. Your response seems to take a gratuitous shot at Flying Tiger when it is lu_alum, someone who has watched many a match at Grace, who is calling the West Gym a h.s. gym. Awkward. :D Oops. Many apologies to Tiger. Thanks for catching this. I edited the post to make more sense. Lots of people from outside Eastern Iowa have no idea what happened at West Gym, so this was not intended as a gratuitous shot, but just a note of history. Some people outside of Pennsylvania may not know about Grace Hall either.
  13. Where did they wrestle this? Looks like a HS gym in the video. No, it's on the UNI campus and is called the West Gym. It is old, old, old and only holds 2,000 people. It was fine before we started getting these huge crowds, but it has rapidly (it should be a REAL treat for the ISU dual) become too small, since all of the new converts to UNI wrestling have jumped on board. I'm likely in the minority with that, though, as many of the fans like the setting. However, by next season I'm hoping that the powers that be determine that we're losing too much revenue by not moving into the McLeod center, and transfer all home duals over there. I can only hope! lu_alum doesn't know the history of the West Gym. It is like Grace Hall is to Lehigh. Lotta great ones wrestled in West Gym back in the day.
  14. Kevin Innis (hwt) against Jimmy lawson should be a good match. Innis is very active. Nestor Taffur (157) should be tough against the bigger Alton. Who is wrestling for Ruth? I think that Boston starts Alex Najjar at 184, a very strong local guy. At least it should be more competitive than the Hawkeye duals (snore), and more important to saving our sport, too. Never fear, Gonzo. I expect a decent turnout Friday night, and BU fans can be much noisier than Harvard fans. I also expect some local high school teams to show up en mass to see the #1 team in action. Sanderson and Penn State are to be thanked for putting us in their schedule. It was very, very nice of them to come to town. Maybe some other top-five teams should make similar gestures. Of course it won't be Hawkeye-Carver, but neither would Bryce Jordan be against Pitt, except I heard they're selling cheap tickets ($4? in quantity). When the last time someone paid $4 to see the Hawks? Before you were born? I thought I paid more than that in 1978 at the old Field House, but my memory is really foggy. The BU tickets will be $5, and in Boston, that's as cheap as sports can get. A family of four can drop $1,000 for a Red Sox game with snacks, parking, programs, tolls, and beverages. Yow!
  15. This Friday night, December 6th, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, the mighty #1-ranked Penn State wrestling team takes on the Boston University team in Case Gym on the BU campus. I encourage every New England fan of NCAA wrestling to come to Boston. It's not often we get the number one Div 1 team in the country to visit Boston. This is also your time to show up and support Div. I wrestling in New England. The BU athletic administration plans to cut wrestling at BU after this year, but you can help save it, just by showing up for this great event. BU has some opportunities to win a few matches (157, 184-No Ed Ruth, hwt). As for all you Cowboy, Hawkeye, and Gopher fans in New England, here is your chance to "scout" the Penn State team. I'll be there. I'll be the one with the big grin.
  16. May I suggest that you also contact middle school coaches and that, perhaps, you get some friends in on it with you? We do similar things here in Iowa and I find the middle school coaches to be greatly appreciative of the opportunity for their kids. Good luck. GG is way too humble. He does a outstanding job making sure that middle schoolers in Eastern Iowa get a chance to see college wrestling. I know that kids from my middle school in Cedar Rapids (where I went some, ahem, 50 years ago...) got to see part of Div. III Nationals recently, thanks to GG's hard work. When you can fill arenas with butts in seats, the NCAA takes notice. If you want to lure Div. III Nationals to Hershey, for example, here is a chance to show up and be counted by the NCAA. You would be wise beyond your dreams to take GG's advice and fill every unused seat with a middle school wrestler from PA. Middle school is where you capture teenage interest. This is Cael's chance to develop an even deeper talent pool for the indefinite future, not that there any shortage in PA. If you love OUR sport, then please help Cael to fill the seats with kids. Give them an experience that they will never forget.
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