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  1. Hey, Ban, how are you picking UNI to do in Vegas? Ohio State, Oregon State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, will all be there. I know you're looking forward to Midlands, but the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational hits next weekend. I predict UNI will be 3rd to 5th.
  2. Nah, click on the logo, and then click on NE Duals results. The link above for for website administrators.
  3. What 5 did you see in Peters match? Quit being a tool about the UNI win it is a very good win for a early season meet. UNI came to wrestle hard in their home gym. Subtle. They took a keen eye and the ability to see the winks between coaching staff and ref. Not sure that I can call myself a UNI "tool," as hardly anyone at UNI knows me, so not too many are pulling my strings. However, if a FAN is what you're referring to, guilty! I was one when we were down to what I've come to call the "Faithful 100" (the 100 diehard, loyal, through thick and thin UNI fans that will always be there), and I'll be one when those days return, heaven forbid. Congrats to the Panthers for a solid win! Not so sure I like this new humble act from Ban, though. This is how Iowans act when they actually think their team gonna kick your team's butt. He's being coy. Won't work, and won't need to. UNI may be developing their best Div I team since the days of Bill Koll, Bill Nelson, and Keith Young, so the cat's outta the bag.
  4. I don't see wrestling developing "a feeling of superiority to others in the purity of the sport," at least not in my experience. It develops self-reliance and personal responsibility, and that's not populist rhetoric.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving DF! I ate your portion of Turkey and stuffing, and it was great!
  6. I get your point. Of the next six on the New York State rankings, five of them are middle-to-upper-middle-class public schools, with the other a Catholic private school (I can't find the tuition information on their website), but none of them are exceedingly rich areas. As I said, in provocateur's region, he may be right. In my experience, I don't believe this is the case elsewhere.
  7. Or rather everyone wants to be associated with rich people, and that's why BU is dumping wrestling and has added lacrosse. Pandering is not like asking for donations. Like it or not, wrestling scholarships give some kids a chance to go to college who could not go otherwise. That some great people with means gave generously to support a sport like wrestling is a blessing, and I think we are all proud to be associated with them, contrary to your assertion. Unlike BU, wrestling donors don't give just because they want to hobnob with other affluent people. They give because the love the sport and the qualities it develops in everyone, rich or poor.
  8. I'm telling you that those indians are not the exception. The best high school team in the nation is Ward Melville, a public high school in Long Island. My wife I just returned from visiting her uncle in Tulsa. Now THIS is wrestling country (Tulsa Central, Perry, Stillwater, etc.) He's an elderly man who loves wrestling, but his affluent great grandhildren started playing lacrosse instead of football lately, and none of them wrestle. This is happening elsewhere, too.
  9. Check back though the threads here, and you'll find a method. I think that I used the contact page to get out as well last year. Flo does some nice things, but they need to make cancelling subscriptions easier.
  10. I think there is some resentment towards lacrosse because it's the fastest growing college sport, and wrestling fans are jealous of this success. When BU dumps its wrestling program and adds lacrosse, you should expect some resentment on this thread. Any other sport that takes away from college wrestling will get some criticism here. Lacrosse is viewed as a preppy sport over most of America, except maybe for the traditional Iroquois Nations, or maybe box lacrosse. In your area, I can see why you would be unhappy with this perception. In my area, (Boston) it has become the darling of prep schools now that upscale parents are worried about head injuries with football. It's a high-skill team-oriented contact sport like football, without the downside. If Kentucky or UNLV start winning NCAA lacrosse titles, instead of Johns Hopkins, Princeton, or Virginia, then this perception would change.
  11. Making Coach Adams the scapegoat for this is really unfair. Harvard or Franklin & Marshall will never really contend for a title, and neither will BU basketball. But that's really not the point is it. I really don't know where the efforts for saving wrestling at BU are at this point. We will really miss BU wrestling in New England. At BU, hockey is king. BU has the only collegiate arena in the area that I've heard of that serves beer for hockey games, courtside even, so it's wildly popular. The hockey team has been accused of many conduct violations, but they seem to disappear. I DO know that Penn State wrestling team is coming to town for a meet next Friday evening, December 6. Anyone in the greater Boston area will get a chance to see BU square off against the number one team in the country right now. This will be a real treat for New England wrestling fans. Due to some interesting match-ups, I think BU has a chance to win a couple of matches. Taffur and Innes are very good. Innis is an active hwt who is fun to watch.
  12. Sports that never show never develop a market. What ever happened to "Build it and they will come"?
  13. I think the Big Ten Network would call that theft. Cable is great provided they show wrestling. If a B1G team isn't one of the teams wrestling, who will show it? Will my local cable provider have it? The nice thing about Iowa Public Broadcasting was the "public" part, as in, "Honey would you bring me a piece of tin foil for the rabbit ears? Hawkeye wrestling is almost on."
  14. This IS what happened. Publicly-funded broadcast television is in trouble all over the U.S. As you well know, when the economy goes south, regular folks (unqualified ones) start being very careful with donations and additional services. These folks are the heart and soul of a blue-collar sport in a rural state like wrestling in Iowa. There are so many great places to give and spend money, but such short money to spread around. As Gable says, "How important is it to you?" Also the freakin' Big Ten Network has grabbed the few potential revenue-producing B1G wrestling events for themselves, using money sports (football) as the lever to take over everything else. Why doesn't the University of Iowa speak up for wrestling fans in Iowa? Because they want their piece of the BTN gravy train as well. This is about money. I would like to see Brands, Jackson, and Schwab speak up about this. Media is a business, but wrestling in Iowa is a subculture. That subculture needs to speak up, just like you do. Thank you.
  15. I insinuated nothing. Could Davidson beat Oklahoma State this year? Yes, if a majority of the Cowboys defaulted by injury, etc. How likely is this to happen? Very small. All teams are able to beat Penn State next year given enough miracles. But at most, only a few are likely to be able to, meaning they have a better than 50% chance of doing so.
  16. I'm not a Penn State fan, but you would be wise not to underestimate Penn State next year, even though Ruth and DT are gone. How many teams might be able to beat them is one thing. How many teams WILL beat them is quite another. To paraphrase Mark Twain, "the rumors of demise are greatly exaggerated.
  17. Thats usually what the college coeds say about the heavyweights too. "Aw look, its so cute" Another problem of human physiology.
  18. Dang, that's too bad, 'cause if you were near death, you'd be the only one on this thread that I could beat. I pick you.
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