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  1. I think the problem is one of human physiology. As guys get much larger, their strength-to-weight ratio gets much smaller. My guess is that it is a curve, and the curve declines steeply above 200. This change is then reflected in the styles of wrestling above 200 lbs. That's just a guess. I knew a 184 lb wrestler who told me that he liked the style at 197, as it favors more upper body wrestling and fewer leg attacks. I don't know about this. At any rate, heavyweights of some sort are here to stay. Maybe that weight is 220, 240, or 265, but we can't let other sports steal our potential athletes and future fans. A "little-guy" sport will have many fewer fans. As others have said, better training and officiating could help heavyweights wrestle more active matches that are more fun to watch. While we are at it, maybe we should discuss eliminating the smallest weight class (125lb) as well as a large heavyweight. People are simply larger these days. How would you light guys like that? For example, we could have ten classes from 133 to 223. ;)
  2. I don't see Ban practicing blind class warfare any more than the rest of us. He's a whole lot more like Hillary than Trotsky. He's a populist when it serves him, just like many of us, Left and Right. "Is there anything more racist (bigoted) than simply voting for someone due to their race" (class, gender, size, you-fill-in-the-blank)? Yes, voting against someone because of theirs. Now back to coach_tracy's celebrity matchup.
  3. This thread is such a pain. It's one thing to get some silly yucks at Alec Baldwin's expense. It's another to launch into these stupid polemics. Between the gross overstatements, the nasty innuendos, and the cheap shots, nothing here has helped college wrestling one bit. If Jason were still in charge of this forum, he would have (re)moved this thread a long time ago.
  4. You are right. Comparing a loudmouth like Hannity to mass murderer wasn't a typical Ban post. My guess is that if he thought about it, he wouldn't have done that. Please accept our condolences for your lost friend
  5. grapplefan


    Oh, another butthurt Iowan. Take your whining over to the Iowa board. Doesn't sound like a whine to me. Sounds like a wrestling fan.
  6. Would that mean he won't lose varsity wrestling matches, only committed recruits? Ouch.
  7. Colon will be very good this year if he keeps his grades up, but whether he contends with Ramos is another question. Beckman will be very good also. As you say, there is no track record yet.
  8. This is where I'd like to suggest to you that Marstellar is overrated. He's short for his weight. Unlike DT, for example, he matured physically earlier than other kids, an advantage he enjoyed in HS that he won't have in college. And he has a history of pretty serious elbow injuries. Let him become someone else's mistake. Did you make comments like these BEFORE Marstellar reconsidered? If not, it's sour grapes.
  9. Yeah, he's stopping for ice cream on the way to Stillwater.
  10. Maybe he got to know some Penn State fans.
  11. I have to admit that he didn't sound exactly thrilled to be heading for Penn State on the Flo interview. Also, sometimes it's nice to get far away from home for a while, and he might have a chance to break the Pokes lineup very early in his college career, something that doesn't happen all that often at OSU. So much of college choice is about "fit," and sometimes the right fit isn't the most convenient one. Also, when you study with John Smith, you study with one of the best wrestling technicians ever. I'd still say that this rumor is probably not true, but I can hardly blame Oklahoma State fans from being tantalized by it. It would change this year's recruiting landscape. If I were Sanderson, I would find rumors like this unnerving.
  12. There are very few locks in NCAA wrestling. With injuries so common, all it takes is one and things change. Ramos may move up to 141 for a match or two (tOSU dual?), but by and large, Iowa's best bet is to keep him where he does best. If that is 141, then so be it. Ramos is popular because he is fun to watch, whether or not he dominates his weight like Stieber or Ruth do theirs. As for Ramos stumbling over Beckman or Colon, we haven't seen evidence of this so far, despite the wishful thinking of non-Hawkeye fans. I expect to see some changes at 141 and 149 for Iowa this season, and that's not a bad thing when we don't yet have guys who have captured these spots. By mid-January, someone will have taken over these positions, barring injury. I'm also thinking that a freshman, or a RS freshman (besides Clark) may challenge at a weight that no one now predicts.
  13. Wow, you are so right. I just looked at the ISU dual schedule, and it's mostly tough. I gotta think that the quality level of Cyclone wrestlers is significantly better than that of Grand View, no matter how well GV does in the NAIA. However, I love it when the Clones and the Hawks take on top-rated Div II, Div III, and NAIA competition early ion the season. I wish that Grand View and Wartburg were in the Iowa Duals this year. Having the Gophers in the schedule is a big plus, because I think they will be seriously good this year, too. The ISU-UNI meet will now be a toughy, as Schwab is getting things humming in Cedar Falls.
  14. I think you will find a much-improved Cyclone squad over last year, at least in dual meets.
  15. There are some Div 1 coaches that I don't care for, but I would never call them derogatory (and untrue) names on a national wrestling forum. When you do this, it makes YOU look like the dummy. The good part is that if you are hurling worse comments than these from the stands, it makes the Iowa fans look really nice in comparison. As most here would agree, we don't get these opportunities that often, so thank you very much!
  16. I have no proof whatsoever, but if I were betting on this, I'd bet that Cedar Rapids would put many more butts in seats than Hershey for Div III Nationals. I would advise the good folks in Hershey to take up this challenge. We won't know unless they get the opportunity.
  17. Yeah, well Ramos is a respectable kid too. Neither of these guys is a villain. Ramos is intense, but not disrespectful. Nor is DSJ a villain. It's only the Iowa haters out there who want to make these guys into villains. It's silly. I also don't think that there is a real villain on the PSU or tOSU squads right now. Maybe its time for someone on the Nebraska or Cornell teams to step over to the dark side.
  18. A revised list: 8. Louisville - No wrestling there. 7. New York - Great for a Broadway show. Crappy for a blue-collar sport. Way too expensive. 6. Philadelphia - Expensive. Too many Frank Rizzos and other no-brainers. (Grand Canyon-sized gap) 5. St Louis - great, but been there, done that. 4. Oklahoma City - Let's see if they can fill the place this year. For all the great wrestlers in this state, the great fans need to show up as well. 3. Kansas City - Better wrestling fans than outsiders know. Like in St. Louis, Mizzou is the host. Sprint Center right downtown with all the restaurants / bars. 2. Cleveland - A lot to offer. Let''s give this place a try. 1. Pittsburgh - has it all, venue, wrestling fans, food, flights, fun.
  19. My brain tells me that other sites are good for the sport, but - damn - I LOVE having DIII's here - and on Thursdays we smell like Cap'n Crunch. The bottom line is we MUST step up and support championships in all divisions. The Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Topeka has risen to the challenge and is supporting Wrestling For Life ticket efforts for the NAIA Championships - and Grap - we could get huge support in Waterloo. Chuck Yagla, Mike Allen, Bob Buckley and the Gable Museum could provide the leadership that is needed to make the DII Championships soar. Leaders must arise where most needed. We just can't focus solely on the DI Championships if we want the sport to really grow. Cap'n Crunch? You should be sooo glad that Wilson's meatpacking closed years ago... ;) Ask the oldtimers about it. GG, I hear you about Div II and III. You are correct, of course. NAIA and NJCAA, too. And JB, I must admit that Chocolatetown would be an excellent place as well. Heck, the Geneva, Ohio place sounds interesting to me. My one grudge, though is against cities and towns that want to take our money, but don't want to sponsor a team of their own. None of the places mentioned above fall into that category, and no place in IA, MN, PA, or OH are, but others do. You will say, "how can we attract folks if we don't show the flag?" And I will answer that these venues and restaurants will gladly take our money, but none of their colleges will ever field a wrestling team. God bless the Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center in Topeka, but Washburn University needs to get on the program, and offer Div II wrestling. Either KSU or KU needs to do the same in Div I. The state of Kansas is underrepresented in wrestling.
  20. Those are some very interesting sites for Div II and Div III. Ultimately, as GG knows, these tourneys mean money for the cities involved. I would hope that the NCAA would put these tourneys where there is a real host school and real wrestling fans. Who is the host school for Louisville KY, or for Birmingham, AL? GG, don't you think that Div II would get some support at Young Arena in Waterloo? I think that it would.
  21. How does "fair" have anything to do with this? Maybe Cael makes up his mind, and that's the way it will be.
  22. Coming from the guy that joined the forum after PSU started winning championships, lol. I was posting here long before Cael came on board. The only difference now is people have a heart attack over the slightest thing since they are winning. Like grapplefan said, "everyone wants to take out the top dog. Take it as a compliment." Hey Tiger, enjoy the top tier. I gotta say that it gives me a chuckle. Your team really takes off and everyone hates your fans for it. The better your team does, the more they'll hate you. Embrace the hate, because it means your team is stomping on their teams.
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