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  1. Here is the POWERade Podcast preview we did with Tournament Director Frank Vulcano Jr. http://www.papowerwrestling.com/powerade-preview-podcast/ -Jeff Upson
  2. While the 17 year old is busy in Rio, helping get Olympian Daniel Dennis prepared for his shot at Gold, Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional) is one of 22 seniors of the Class of 2017 nominated by USA Today's High School Sports section. Lee, the only wrestler on the list, has been in the top three of voting for several hours but will need the help of Pennsylvania and the entire Wrestling Community to secure a win. No offense to the other athletes but if it was up to Spencer he would have bar armed the competition by this point! Cast your vote by clicking here! Jeff Upson PA Power Wrestling
  3. PA's Top Incoming Freshmen of 2016 have been released - Top 75 plus Honorable Mention http://papowerwrestling.com/top-incoming-freshmen-of-2016-released/ -Jeff Upson
  4. Check out the article/results below http://papowerwrestling.com/pennsylvania-takes-a-hit-at-uww-cadet-freestyle-nationals/
  5. Check out the Top 50 Freshmen from PA!! http://papowerwrestling.com/top-incoming-freshmen-of-2015-released/
  6. PA Power Wrestling Preview http://papowerwrestling.com/flonationals-pennsylvania-preview/
  7. I agree, it is quite bizarre. I never asked the question if he wrestled off with Headlee but I wouldn't be surprised if they did and Headlee won. What is even more impressive is that all three (Scott, Headlee and McKnight) from the WPIAL are all still competing.
  8. Coleman Scott was recently inducted into PA Power Wrestling's "Modern Legends of Wrestling" series. A complete look at his entire wrestling career can be at... http://papowerwrestling.com/pa-modern-l ... wrestling/
  9. http://papowerwrestling.com/megaludis-s ... nationals/
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