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  1. I'd go with a B.


    City: It was my first time visiting and I really enjoyed the city. Nice downtown and some very scenic views.


    Service: My experience was generally bad.


    Arena: Nice with decent food options. Friday morning debacle was bad but it improved.


    Atmosphere in arena:. I understand it was not the most competitive year in the team race but I really felt the crowd was dead. It did not touch many of the other tournaments. Perhaps it was because there were fewer team affiliated fans due to the low allotments. I went in thinking this was ground zero for wrestling and there would be rabid wrestling fan base that would really be into it but that wasn't the case.


    Tickets: Tickets were plentiful out front with scalpers. No clue what they were asking. I do know that many people were scared away by the scarcity of tickets leading up to the event. I had a novice fan I met at a restaurant tell me he tried to buy tickets but saw $1000 and was dissuaded. I hope the nosebleed low price tickets ($158) in MSP encourage casual fans to attend along with as many young wrestlers as possible.


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  2. I used to always get good lower level tickets by buying the year before but as other posters have pointed out they haven't been available. I think OKC was the last time I was able to get them in that manner.

    As I mentioned on another site it would be nice if we could get an unofficial buy/sell space set up for Pittsburgh so that we can directly sell or buy to/from other fans. Last year the organization of scalpers combined with ticket scarcity and lack of a main selling area drove up resale prices. The resale sites are particularly unappealing due to the surcharge percentages.

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  3. Fun topic so I thought I'd chime in on this.


    I grew up in the midwest and I usually heard this referred to as a cowcatcher by wrestlers from other high schools and future college teamates/competitors. I was never specifically taught this move growing up, but I was taught the "double-double" in jr. high which required locking your hands. I couldn't tell if the kid in the first clip had his hands locked but that looked close to what I know as a "double-double". When the you simply drive someone over without locking or use their momentum I'd call that a cowcatcher.


    I had never heard of a cement mixer until I started reading national message boards like this one.I learned this move a few times growing up from different coaches and all used different names including Wyoming, Russian Roll, Western Roll, and Chancery Roll.


    I appreciated Ray's history lesson on chancery. My father(coach) grew up on Long Island and he refers to all of these moves as the "chancery series". He also talks about his favorite jr. high move being called a "whip" so I'll have to see if he like Plasmodium considers a cowcather to be a whip.

  4. Has anyone tried to buy tickets for 2014? I checked yesterday and Ticketmaster said 10am Central. I logged in at 9:05am to make sure my credit card info was in order only to see that the time had changed to to 9 am Central. To make matters worse it was completely sold out at 9:05am. To say the least I'm quite upset considering the fact I'm missing this and I'm hoping they just jumped the gun and they go back on sale at 10am.


    I'm already very displeased that I'm not at the tournament due to it's less than convenient location this year.

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