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  1. We would of lost in the total medal count if the USSR was still around as well. we didn't have that good of a year like everyone has been saying.
  2. Let's hope so... I would love to see him move on to the octagon and wreck people there... look how much Woodley is making now.... UFC 230 Burroughs vs Metcalf! Lemme dream.
  3. nobody could beat simmons at flyweight, aldo vs metcalf.... awesome
  4. You are both perfectly suited. simmons would crush at that weight with his reach and grappling ability. metcalf would simply grind anyone he faced. who could go five periods like metcalf... nobody. both would be immediate title contenders and both are too good for wrestling alone. I just dont want to see them go for another four years pushing this freestyle thing. imagine brands in his corner... it'd be awesome. thoughts...
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