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  1. jammen

    Is Iowa PA-west (or midwest)?

    Pennsylvania is definitely in the Midwest. Don't be fooled by the terms mid nor west.
  2. jammen

    Stoll and Turk

    No. " Police were notified about the shooting at 4:37 a.m...". "A preliminary investigation revealed that several people were in a residence on Valley Avenue in Iowa City, blocks away from UI's Carver-Hawkeye Arena, when a person discharged a firearm, accidentally striking Stoll in the knee, according to police. " https://www.press-citizen.com/story/news/2018/06/19/accidental-firearm-discharge-lands-iowa-city-man-hospital-sam-stoll/713964002/ The prank story was as concocted as the "I shot myself in the garage" story.
  3. Steve great stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  4. jammen

    Posts Liked

    Maybe you could narrow it down if you knew which posters would never like your post?
  5. jammen

    Who shot Sam Stoll

    Stoll suspended for Kent State dual. Shooter still at large.
  6. jammen

    Who shot Sam Stoll

    I do note that Brands investigation has gone nowhere.
  7. jammen

    Who shot Sam Stoll

    Would Mudflap please disclose or do we have to round up the usual suspects?
  8. jammen

    Minnesota - 18/19

    Gable is losing his baby fat:https://imgur.com/a/37onbDU
  9. jammen

    Best Ever PSU wrestler

    But would he have beaten Dake?
  10. jammen

    (PSU, Sanderson and Molinaro)'s #1 fan:

    You forgot that DT will cry.
  11. jammen

    Stoll - injury updates thread

    The cover-up continues.
  12. jammen

    Stoll - injury updates thread

    Who shot Sam Stoll and why the coverup?
  13. jammen

    Gwiz fans scare me a little

    That's his mother. She beat up Pyles when he underranked Gwiz in 2014. Then in Okie City during a preview show she let Schalles know that he had undervalued her boy.
  14. jammen

    Rinteria and The Storms Coming Gents

    Pretty sure that they are all wrestling for no money because they love the coach so much.
  15. jammen

    NCAA Trophy Contenders

    Minny could fit into that top ten group: 125) Russell 133) Lizak 141) McKee 149) Thorn 157) Bleise 165) Allar 174) Krone/Webster 184) Webster/Krone 197) B Steveson/Anderson hvy) G Steveson