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  1. jammen

    Maryland vs Nebraska

    If any of the 133 lbers move it will only be up to higher weight or sideways to a new team.
  2. jammen

    Eliminate neutral.. mat wrestling only.

    As would Zain. In the three years available on Track Wrestling Tony went 87-8 finishing 1,1,2 wrestling against the likes of Gelogaev, Gwiz, McMullan, Rey, Bradley, Telford, Coon, etc. He had 23 pins and 9 majors for a bonus rate of 34%. Don't let the facts get in the way of your obvious dislike for Nelson.
  3. jammen

    Maryland vs Nebraska

    Well, Tucker can always transfer home if he wants. Minny will welcome him with open arms.
  4. jammen

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Katie, don't forget the 2 point almost-a-takedown. The best thing about freestyle is that there are always lots of empty seats so I can stretch my legs out.
  5. jammen

    Maryland vs Nebraska

    Can you explain why they pulled Parish's (fr 12-5) shirt when they have Tucker S (rfr 11-5), Christian Miller (rfr), and Brian Peska (sr 4-2) on the roster?
  6. jammen

    Who Works Out with Steveson?

    Maybe he saw Cael's dismal record at coaching heavyweights; dnp,dnp,dnp,dnp,dnp,6th, dnq, 5th, 7th. Or maybe he just looked at the Gopher's AA (20) wall of modern day heavyweight finalists: 1,1,1,1,1, 2,2,2.
  7. jammen

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Cenzo gets over a bad case of Wickitis only to come down with Whiteitis.
  8. jammen

    Video review is the real villain

    Wrestling was much better before this review fiasco.
  9. You can add hvy Jensen to the Hodge watch.
  10. They did concussion protocal. This is a B1G match and is important for the seeding.
  11. jammen

    Leading Hodge Contenders

    Ness had 73 pins, tied with Ed Banach.
  12. jammen

    Did you have a pre-match go-to meal?

    I usually have a ribeye steak, baked potato, lettuce salad with bleu cheese dressing, and a beer before I turn on the live stream.
  13. jammen

    How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?

    An NCAA investigation?
  14. jammen

    Poster of the year

    Where is Tognetti when we need him?