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  1. Heffernan tells us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB43C5ckSdw
  2. Who's died or been arrested lately?
  3. Yes, I doubt that Cael wants that blog post remembered. Some of you may remember that back in 2012 ESPN wanted to broadcast a National Dual Championship. At the time Cael had a 2-6-1 dual record versus Minny, Iowa, Okie St, and OH St, so he led a crusade to kill the efforts to publicize the sport nationally.
  4. https://www.caelsanderson.com/blog/no-to-national-duals/
  5. 2020 Pan American Championships Gold medalist -2019 US Senior Nationals- 2nd, US Open -2nd, US World Cup silver -3x US National team member (2017-2019) -2x NCAA champion (2012 and 2013) -4x All-American (2011-2014), 3x Big Ten Champion (2012-2014) -University of Minnesota
  6. This guy is good. Anybody know his name?
  7. Arisona State has finally updated their site. It used to be that you could sort their roster by height, but not by weight.
  8. KTI

    I am certain Lee would have rather have been healthy--don't you?  Injuries he feels he has?  Are you kidding me?  Did you see him limp off the mat at the Big 10's?  Do you think in an Olympic year he would rather be hurt when he had stated since he was young in interviews that his goals was to make the Olympic team?  You guys are a joke.  Sad, really very sad.  

    1. jammen


      I just find it odd that after saying "excuses are for wussies" he then proceeds to  rattle off a litany of injuries.

      He's had since March 2019 to have surgery, yet would rather continue to wrestle "injured".  Why????

    2. KTI


      He didn't rattle off a list of excuses.  He finally answered the questions that he had been asked repeatedly.  Excuses would have been to justify a loss.  He even said during the interview that had he lost he wouldn't have said anything.  I think to have the perspective you have you must be looking at the situation through a very jaded and negative lens.  

    3. KTI


      Also, his coach told him to come clean.  Tom Brands said he wasn't going to get into details but that Lee was dealing with some injuries that Lee would speak about.  Then Lee even said "they wanted me to tell you."  Later in the second interview Lee even said he regretted saying anything, but they thought it best.  Listen to both interviews.  It seems like a real sincere kid finally coming clean about what he had been dealing with for two years.  How can someone be so negate on that approach?

  9. Lee has the sympathy vote going for him. After the Hawkeyes leaked the story of bad knees to the Des Moines Register and Gibbons & Johnson swooned over how tough he, Spencer was set up to give his infamous "excuses are for wussies" speech where he detailed all the injuries he feels he has, just in time for Hodge voting.
  10. Your headline is deceptive. It should read "top hvys by ncaa medal count", which is not the same thing as "top hvys in NCAA history". p.s. your #31 is the best hvy of all-time.
  11. You left Vern Gagne ( dnc, 3,1,1) off your top 10. Gagne was the first 4x Big Ten chamption. His frosh year he entered the Marines after winning the B1G and missed the NCAAs. When he returned he lost his only match to Dick Hutton in the semis 2-1 and finished 3rd at hvy. The next year he wrestled at the newly created 191 lb weight class and pinned all five opponents. Gagne's senior season he moved up to hvy and gave Dick Hutton his only career loss and prevented him from becoming the first 4x champ.
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