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  1. https://www.caelsanderson.com/blog/no-to-national-duals/
  2. When witnesses equivocate they all look bad. Q: What's your name? A: define name.
  3. When Livingston works family court her decisions usually leave both sides distressed. Willie Trials has many similarities to family court and Livingston is unhappy that the parties couldn't settle their dispute with mediation after she had strongly urged that they do so. I think this will be a lose-lose for both sides.
  4. But you did have to love the "mercy rule' comment.
  5. Christine Floreani thinks so.
  6. $1,000,000 on attorney fees so far
  7. One in particular: https://www.caelsanderson.com/blog/no-to-national-duals/
  8. Well, I agree Jason. Wins like pins are a rabbit hole one doesn't want to enter.
  9. thanks, I'll update the list
  10. The Askren comment was made before my edit.
  11. Thanks, that's a useful starting point, although some of the numbers are clearly off.
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