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  1. Didn't WIN change the fan voting to prevent Iowa fans from stuffing the ballot box again?
  2. Rear standing TD when opponent hand touches the mat. Rule added because of 2013 quarterfinal match Peter Yates over Cody Yohn 5-3 OT.
  3. Is on FloTrack with interviews: https://www.flotrack.org/collections/7863924-j-robinson-roast Looks like FloWrestling is leaving their mics in the center of the mat.
  4. I like freestyle because I need plenty of leg room to stretch out.
  5. As with Freestyle, the most fun part of Greco is when the officials tell you who the winner is.
  6. Cael had just won NCAA titles in 2011 & 2012, yet had losing dual records vs Minny, Iowa, and Okie St. You have to look no further than this for his temper tantrum after losing the Dual title proposal vote 36 to 39. Remember that this was just a proposal to the NCAA Championship Cabinet that had to be "thoroughly reviewed and discussed by conference commissioners, athletic administrators, NCAA staff members, and ultimately a group of Presidents". Yet Cael campaigned to kill this process despite losing the majority vote. Remind you of anyone?
  7. Cael had a letter-writing campaign to kill the proposal and started a blog: https://www.caelsanderson.com/blog/no-to-national-duals/ And just because you were 6 years old when the exciting Cliff Keen National Duals were happening doesn't mean that they weren't important to the wrestling community. Here's a glimpse of what once was: http://wrestlingstats.com/NWCA/PDF/NWCA National Duals.pdf
  8. Just more proof that Lee isn't returning to the Hawkeyes.
  9. Well, this is completely wrong. Here's some history for you so you can see the great teams that have battled for a National Duals title:http://wrestlingstats.com/NWCA/PDF/NWCA National Duals.pdf Also, Cael had a 2-6-1 dual record versus Minny, Iowa, Okie St, and OH St when he campaigned against the National Dual Championship proposal and published his infamous blog post. That was the deciding factor.
  10. And forfeit every match during the season to prevent injury and possible losses.
  11. Huskers 125) Dryden, Reno 133) Serrano, Thomsen 141) Hardy 149) Lovett 157) Robb 165) Wilson 174) Labs 184) Van Tassell, Haas 197) Allred hvy) lots of bodies in the room
  12. Forgot the most important requirement: Applicants son must be the #1 recruit in the nation.
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