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  1. One in particular: https://www.caelsanderson.com/blog/no-to-national-duals/
  2. Well, I agree Jason. Wins like pins are a rabbit hole one doesn't want to enter.
  3. thanks, I'll update the list
  4. The Askren comment was made before my edit.
  5. Thanks, that's a useful starting point, although some of the numbers are clearly off.
  6. Thanks, I'll update the list.
  7. Unbeaten, not win, streaks as some had ties. If the History of Collegiate Wrestling had a different stat than the school's web site I went with the former as being more reliable. Note that some historic figures don't make the list simply for lack of matches (Yojo Uetake, Dan Hodge, etc). 1) 159 Cael Sanderson (IA St) 2) 103 Lee Kemp (WI) 3) 98 Pat Smith (Okie St) 4) 96 Dan Gable (IA St) 5) 94 Zain Retherford (PSU) 6) 90 John Smith (Okie St) 7) 89 Jim Zalesky (IA) 8,9) 88 Kerry McCoy (PSU), Gwiz (NC St) 10, 11) 87 Chris Taylor (IA St), Ben Askren (MO) 12,13,14) 84 Ed Ruth (PSU), Gray Simons (LH), Mike Land (IA St) 15) 83 Stephen Neal (CSUB) 16) 82 Alex Dieringer (Okie St) 17) 77 Kyle Dake (Corn) 18) 76 Cole Konrad (MN) 19,20) 74 Troy Steiner (IA), Mike Sheets (Okie St) 21) 72 Sammy the Bull Henson (Clemson) 22,23) 69 Brent Metcalf (IA), Tom Brands (IA) 24) 68 Bo Nickal (PSU) 25,26) 67 Mark Ironside (IA), TJ Williams (IA)
  8. Suriano is my all-time favourite Penn State wrestler.
  9. I wondered when someone would finally get around to Jean. "You know, I grew up boxing and wrestling," Gable said. "But did you know my left ear is a boxing ear, not a wrestling ear? That's my most cauliflowered ear. I got banged up in college in a boxing match in a dorm room late at night at Iowa State. "Chuck Jean was on our team. He was really good (two-time NCAA champ), but he got in trouble and had to transfer to Adams State College. Anyway, he got me with a roundhouse. That's what happened to my left ear."
  10. My favourite was Cody Yohn vs Mike Evans. On 1-29-2012 Iowa edged MN 19-17 behind Evans pin. Evans bragged afterwards about how he "broke" Yohn. Three weeks later they meet in the semi's of the National Duals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voNMK6tMF3s Yohn wins in SV. Goes on to beat Okie St's Dallas Bailey to propel Minny to Dual title. Yohn then named B1G Wrestler of the Week.
  11. The Pirate's computer ratings have Griffith #3 and Shields #7: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSn69YSJ1TEPVpZeJDzKPZtzaqnrQS_SiiSWPEQlRzpszqgUy_BnJdgx_BX4O_m3Fs81T9Z1_AY4nbS/pubhtml#
  12. I think Labs was for throwing his headgear.
  13. I'll let Brent Metcalf know that he has to return his Hodge.
  14. Pins everyone all year except for injury default loss. Can't win Hodge cause Wrestleknownothing says no.
  15. The Hodge trophy is all about pins. Dan Hodge was a pinner. That's what excited fans and the media. His undefeated record was an afterthought. Most Dominant means a pinner, not near fall tilts with its newly inflated scoring. Marinelli is a pinner and definitely ranks ahead of Lee.
  16. Lovett's non-escape: https://i.imgur.com/ArLBfAB.png
  17. The thing that stands out is Snyder blaming others for his own failures. This goes against everything that wrestling teaches. Oh, and also the god talks to me thing.
  18. Spot on except that Young will not major Robb, and Cass will not pin Lance.
  19. If you look at the National Duals results for the years I posted you'll find that it was the very same 4-5 schools in contention for the NCAA title. Iowa, Okie St, MN, IA St, PSU. So to summarize: National Duals= OK ST 3, MN 3, PSU 1, IA St 1. NCAA titles= IA 6, MN 1, Ok St 1 There have been many years when the school that won the NCAA title was not the best dual team in the country. This is because of the NCAA skewed scoring system, and not because the teams entered didn't care if they won the National Duals.
  20. Well, it's obvious that you are trolling me now which is a surprise. I clearly did not say that "teams geared their recruiting and lineups" to win the Natty Duals. What I did say is that the NCAA scoring methods are skewed to the most titlists, which allowed Iowa to win titles when they where not the best dual team in the country. I then used results to show how that happened. Your next statement is the most ridiculous of all. Dan Gable will be most surprised to learn that he really didn't care that his1998 Iowa team lost to JRob's Minny for the National Duals title. Despite the comments he may have made afterwards. I imagine Gable told his 1991 team (Brands, Brands, Steiner, Steiner, Ryan, et al) that it was ok to lose, just go out and have fun, the real prize is in March.
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