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  1. Sorry Jaroslav, too late. Image from http://www.financialdirector.co.uk/IMG/799/190799/p18-secret-fd-fdhead-370x229.jpg?1429963273.
  2. Ok St's Gallagher Iba. Comfortable and not a bad seat in the arena. Bright orange seats can be a little distracting however.
  3. This board is built on fantasy. If we cam't speculate, there won't be an off season forum.
  4. You have outlined the problem. The system, at least in NCAA institutions, do not provide a vocational approach to education. As far as an educational philosophy I have no problem with that; students who study the Core Cirriculum, as it's called at Columbia, benefit society in many ways not hands on related. The problem lies in the adoption of big time athletics by universities. Because of several factors, mostly the enormous amount of revenue generated by today's athletes, the schools recruit young people who would in reality be more suited to an alternative educational program. Public pressure has required the NCAA to require minimum stamdards such as minimum entrance test scores and grade point averages. However these standards are minimal and often assisted by cooperating professors and puffy majors. The most glaring example I can think of is OkS graduate and all pro football player Dexter Manley. 12 years of public education and 4 years of college and the man could not read above a 4th grade level. Had he been an average athlete, the only benefit he would have derived from his educational experience is 4 years room and board. We as fans want to watch elite level athletes compete at the highest level. Not many of the people who participate on this forum want an elite wrestler to either go to an NAIA school or skip folk style altogether and go directly to International style wrestling. We spend and donate money to our favorite school in an effort to either raise or keep them at the top of intercollegiate athletics and in doing so support the current educational system. How many of us would have known about Cale Sanderson, John Smith, etc. if they had decided to study at an NAIA institution? Thanks to all for putting up with my bloviating. I sometimes get carried away when I observe something that needs fixing and there seems to be a simple solution but for whatever reason is allowed to continue festering. PS. I am an OkS fan and am in no way picking on them by citing the Dexter Manley situation. Abuses and failure by colleges all,over this country to put the student athlete's interest first are well documented.
  5. Are people who choose to study electronics, vehicle repair, plumbing or construction trades not students? If an athlete decides to attend a D I school and major in one of the so called "gimme degrees" any more a student than the kid studying auto mechanics at the local Vo-Tech? Is a youngster whose aptitude lies in hands on endeavors rather than pseudo intellectual pursuits any less deserving of state and federal tax subsidies? I would much rather see a young person who has athletic skills be able to exchange them for an education that will actually be useful to them as an adult than to be guided into a system where they will be put onto a path that will not be beneficial to the student athlete or the tax paying public. Football season is starting and when they are announcing the starting line ups, take note of the players that are majoring in the "gimmes". Would not the interest of the student amd the public be better served by offering them a course of studies more suited to their aptitudes and abilities? If we are going to continue the use of the term student athlete then why not include all students. The traditional college curriculum does not necessarily serve the best interests of the parties involved in NCAA Athletics whether they are the athletes or any other interested party.
  6. It's a shame that our educational system doesn't provide an avenue for athletes that are not suited for mainstream academics. Back in the '80s, Oklahoma had a really good 190 lber who wanted to be a mechanic. He simply was not suited for nor had the motivation to obtain an academic degree. He completed his elegibility, was I think a two time AA, and went to work at a transmission shop. His educational experience certainly could have been enhanced had he been able to pursue his personal interests in a votech setting rather than being stuck in a traditional academic degree program.
  7. I'm always amazed by people who think a topic is "stupid" and feel they have duty to inform us of same. Makes for an interesting psychological profile I suppose.
  8. I recently heard Lou Holtz say that ten years as a head football coach is about the max amount of time that a person can maintain the energy it takes to be effective. Obviously there are some notable exceptions, but I think the general statement has some merit. Seems that successful wrestling coaches are able to extend their careers for a while longer than 10 years but their comes a time when the energy just isn't there. Hopefully Coach Robinson has a deeper well to draw from than most.
  9. "Bob Stoops of wrestling" Please elaborate. I'm confused as to the comparison.
  10. Why do you say superold=lemonpie? Do you have factual evidence to substantiate your premis? Are you sure lemon pie doesn't = green persimmon?
  11. Image from http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BjTOo_dCYAAk79C.jpg. Perry v Evans 2014 NCAAs. You be the judge.
  12. Oklahoma's first 4x state champ, Cecil Biesel, never wrestled in college. Played basebal instead.
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