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  1. You forgot 1 in KY: Campbellsville University (NAIA)
  2. I'll agree with you Glane, he looked great especially in the finals against Caldwell. Anyways to answer your question Caldwell will be replacing him now as far as I know and I thought someone on the forums said that Miller was hurt but I could be wrong.
  3. I'm not exactly sure about the rule there but I'm going to say that contact doesn't have to be made, I remember a situation back in high school at the state wrestling tournament when a losing wrestler threw a blatant punch at the winning wrestler. The winning wrestler ducked the punch and took the kid down and the ref immediately stopped the match and called unsportsmanlike conduct, which followed with either a point or the losing wrestler being dq'ed.
  4. Thanks Piggy, I thought that played a factor there in the match and feel as if a call for out of bounds or in bounds could have gone either way. I had forgotten about the imaginary cylinder rule and after looking at that picture in the rule book, it helps to confirm that Larson was still in bounds there.
  5. As I watching the highlights from the OU vs. OSU dual, I saw this and found it interesting. If I'm not mistaken both wrestlers are clearly out in this picture and so therefore there should have been no take down in the heavyweight match in this dual. http://i1314.photobucket.com/albums/t57 ... 1ecb3c.png ^^^^ Link to an image of the match between Larson and Marsden where it shows that both are out of bounds. I couldn't get the image to post directly on to here sorry.
  6. I second that right there but since I'm not a state champ,I probably wouldn't be worthy enough to step on the same mat as him. Although I wouldn't mind doing what McMullan did in that recent video of his nasty mat return.
  7. Michigan State also had the Simmons brothers Andy and Nick
  8. I like the question you posed there Zelph, I don't understand why religious types think this way, although a lot of "Christian Rock" musicians I've listened to are completely inked up with full sleeves on each arm. I also have tattoos and would love to have sleeves on each arm but I am too afraid that the kind of occupation I want to enter into after college will look down upon it and I will have difficulty getting a job.
  9. I'll agree, JB did a great job during the world championships and very informative about wrestlers from other countries. Also found it funny when he asked the twitter world during the women's competetion one of the day if the audio was working.
  10. I've been looking for that video for a while now. I hope someone comes up with a link.
  11. At my old school, we called it a chancery and when you roll across your back (rob rohn style), we called it a gator roll.
  12. Can anyone explain the end of the 67kg match? I don't understand the final ruling and all that there with the pin.
  13. Both Spenser Mango and Adeline Gray will wrestle for bronze!
  14. That could be an interesting match up and I'm sure it will make for an exciting match here later. Can't wait to watch.
  15. Mango into the bronze medal match!
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