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  1. Jimmy will be fine moving forward. His conditioning is excellent but his biggest enemy is himself. Jimmy gets so worked up prior to the match that it drains him. This is even the case at practice. He's so happy where he's at and back on the mat that they'll start practice and his muscles are already tense. Love his excitement and what he's putting into this comeback. If Jimmy were as relaxed as Ruth prior to wrestling, you'd see some special things out of him.
  2. With recent losses by some top guys PA looks like it could sneak in with quite a few this year. 125 - Nico 25% chance 133 - No way 141 - Port/Henderson 15% chance (looks like it's Maple's but I could see there being a PA finalist) 149 - JO/Andrew Alton 99% chance 157 - Napoli/Fleming/Alton 60% (call me crazy but DSJ looks beatable and Alton looks FOCUSED after returning) 165 - No way 174 - Evans 25% chance 184 - Ruth/Bosak 99% chance 197 - Wright/Wilps 50% (Finalist likely and Kilgore had close ones against Hernandez (5-4) and Wilps (4-2)) HWT - McMullan 5% chance purely because he's a tourney gamer (Next year looks for promising for PA at HWT) So it's 2 almost certainly, 3 or 4 highly possible, 5 or 6 possible, and a miracle for more in my opinion.
  3. I was working the scorer's table at the mat that had the 157 weight class at the Nittany Lion Open... I was very pleased to see the way Winston was wrestling. Then he injured the shoulder towards the end of the tournament and thought he was done. Couldn't believe it when he finished. It was like QW a couple years ago wrestling injured. It sounds like the shoulder won't anywhere near 100% for the postseason. I see him now as a warrior battling through it. Hopefully there's enough for a podium finish.
  4. chipmogul

    Tom Ryan

    Ryan gets great talent and the Buckeyes have made some nice runs at NCAAs in recent years. I remember being excited to follow the careers of Collin Palmer and Tony Jameson. Of course Ryan had no control over injuries and maybe the two I've mentioned are good reasons why his teams proceed with extreme caution these days. I really thought Jameson was a Dylan Ness type with more athleticism in the funk department. I agree that Brian Smith does a great job and I still scratch my head when I think of the Mizzou results at last year's NCAA tournament.
  5. Les Sigman's Team USA warm up jacket from a few years ago and an enlarged pic of QW's flying cradle at NCAAs against Gambrall with Cael doing the mat slap and Casey jumping...signed by Q, Casey, and Cael.
  6. I thoroughly enjoy watching Logan but these stats are hyper-inflated in relation to his counterparts. He hasn't faced a returning All-American this year. Heck, I only see about 5 career wins at NCAAs from his opponents collectively. You gotta expect a returning national champ to smash everyone r12 and worse.
  7. Lawson is on the up and up. He still isn't mounting much offense at practice and that's a concern. He's athletic for sure but Gingrich is more athletic than the casual bystander would assume also. Hopefully one of them starts trusting their abilities and start attacking. Big Z was the absolute worst match up I could imagine for a fresh Lawson.
  8. Although I still think he had two against Stieber, I would love to have seen an Oliver/Kellen Russell match!
  9. I want to say he did because he's listed at 141/149 but when he wrestled on the mat I was running at the NLO we were discussing the possibility of the drop and we thought it might be a tough drop. He has wide hips and thick thighs.
  10. You're close to correct with the training partners but you're forgetting Cunningham. You're not on point with who gets the best of who either. Ruth may get sloppy having fun in a dual meet and lose but the only thing that could hold him back in a tournament would be an injury.
  11. He got 2nd in the state to Quentin Wright? Lost back to back years in the semis to Q. Ed went into the state tournament in 07 as the south central regional champ with 1 loss. Q won by 3. In 08 both were undefeated but again on the same side of the bracket and Q won 10-8.
  12. Some slouch from Bald Eagle Area had Ruth's number two years in a row ;)
  13. Going undefeated ends all arguments. Reason being, there's no ceiling. 4 at 4 does sound really cool though and would (if it happens) be something that becomes legend.
  14. I think Dake is boring. I liken it to watching Zack Rey. I respect his winning way but it's not fun to watch. To be honest, when Dake faces a highly ranked opponent I get excited more often hoping he gets hit for stalling. I think he has the skills to score and be more active but he most often (almost always) isn't dinged and I'm let down much like the finals of the 2010 Scuffle (or was it 2011? They are always around New Year's. Regardless...the Dake vs. Molinaro final).
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