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  1. My spare bedroom has a queen size bed and room for a full size blow up matress. The living area can fit probably 8-12, depending on your comfort level. I'll take bids......
  2. Am I the only one that has a problem with this thread? My brother in law died tragically while battling PTSD. Im not a regular poster, but read religiously on the forums (college exclusively)....My take, just not appropriate.
  3. HS- Went 2 and BBQ at state, losing second match to a guy I had dominated every single time. College- Rather lack luster. Lost alot more than I won. Lost a dual match by pin and just practiced after that. Nevertheless I had fun until my body started to break down from holding 125. Hung em up middle of sophomore year to avoid any injuries that would have cost me my scholarship (ROTC)
  4. Really? I'd think the elbows to the head that are much more prevalent would be the biggest concern. Concussions are much more likely
  5. I hope to one day hear some one call y son the worst 4x champ ever. Thing that kills me about that statement is if Dake/Stieber is the worst 4xer ever, whats that say about the guys they beat along the way. Just dont understand why people feel the need to devalue a tremendous accomplishment and, indirectly, down play the accomplishment of the opponents. An AA is an AA is an AA. More of us on this board never were oa 1xAA, let alone a 4x Champ.
  6. Jay125


    Both have tall orders to fill with #4 and #6 seeds in front of them.
  7. Jay125


    One more win from both in the R12. Would be great to see
  8. Jay125

    Tony Ramos

    Wow, u r a douche. Rich and white so they are evil. Your left wing rhetoric oozes out of you. I bet ur ecstatic that the rich have to pay more taxes so maybe you dont have to work as hard, but thats your downfall becuase your lack of want to work hard has caused you to fall behind your peers, whom you hate because you remain in the back while they move on to bigger and better things. Life must suck watching other people prosper while you could but you would rather claim you are true to yourself and "don't need money to be happy" Keep telling yourself that.
  9. Jay125

    Tony Ramos

    Wow, I remember why I deleted my account a long time ago (probably ten years). People like ban make my skin crawl. Such morally reprehensible people are, that college students would hire a stripper. If thats the worst thing they have done, I think the world will go on. What if it were a poor white kid that were accused? Would it then be the other way around? Or lets say its a poor black kid that was accused. Would you hang him before he was tried? Or are you just an a$$hat all the way around and think that any one that would cater to that kind of behavior deserves to get f***ed over by some societal leach? I suppose next you're gonna tell us you've never been to a strip club and yourbachelor party was at a nice B & B in Napa. douche
  10. figure4 are you sure you didnt mean to type ban_basketball instead of Dake???
  11. Whats the o/u on McD dipping out of the tourney now? Iowa needs his points obviously, but his "if you aint first, you're last" attitude, would any one be surprised?
  12. Losers of quarters will be off next round. Cons 2nd round winners will face eachother
  13. Wrong. The losers of the quarters will have a round off while 2nd round consi winners will face eachother
  14. I wrestled at Wentworth back in the early 2000's (99-00 and 00-01) and we were able to field a full line up both years I was there and the year prior. The program was killed off over time by a clueless AD because he 1. cared little for the sport and 2. Didnt know what he was getting in to. Most of WMA's students are attending on full ROTC scholarships either in the Early Commissioning Program or a program called 2+2 and thus have other priorities to meet. The ROTC department, at least when I attended, was pretty understanding and supportive of all of the athletic teams but it seemed like the only thing that was given any attention from the athletic department was the basketball team (they were pretty decent, exciting to watch, but not great). I always felt that the AD thought he had a cash cow on his hands there, but failed to realize that it was NJCAA and not the B1G. I know a young man that attends WMA now and wrestles there. Admittedly, most of the wrestlers are not really great. Maybe a state qualifier or two, but mostly guys that just want to get on the mat still. I wasn't a world beater and wouldn't have started at 99% of the rest of the colleges but I got an opportunity there and even won a little and had a great time. I think the problem at WMA is the lack of a legitimate coach. My second year that was the issue due to the previous coach being transferred (he was an Army LTC). I don't know the coach now so I can't speak to how he runs the program but I would venture to say he's in over his head from what I have heard/seen. He also doubles as a high school wrestling coach and track coach (WMA also has a high school element and is utilized as a prep school by USAFA and USMA). I dont know the schools attitude towards wrestling any more but I would venture to say they are on board as they have added numerous sports in the last few years. Im not as involved as I used to be, nor as much as I would like to be. But my personal approach is that no amount of competitors is an embarrassment. I used to hear guys say most of the WMA team didnt belong on a mat but always wondered "Who the hell else is going to wrestle for the school". No one was knocking down the door to get in and the opportunity was there. There was a few times I was used to wipe the mat with, but I got to wrestle in college and had a blast doing it.
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