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  1. 125: Lee 133: Micic 141: McKenna 149: Zain 157: Pantaleo 165: Imar 174: Hall 184: Bo 197: Moore HWT: COON!!!
  2. Well for whatever reason he didn't and because of the great people on here we were ablet to connect and I was able to help him out. Anyways, I posted this on here because I like hanging out with wrestling people even at other sporting events and I met a great group of guys down at the NCAA's last year from Penn State so I figured I would reach out to see if there wasn't any other wrestling fans out there going to the game as well. Not sure why this topic got turned into something else but I guess that is how the internet works now a days.
  3. Also come NCAA finals time there is tons of tickets connected. I sold tickets on here to Jordan Burroughs high school coach for his girlfriend at the time (now wife) to see him win his last title.
  4. HAHAHAHA.... not a serial killer. High school wrestling coach that unfortunately has kept the same user name since his freshmen year in high school, e - first initial, wrestling - goes without saying, 4c - 4th in conference as a freshmen..... downvote and boo for the lameness of it.
  5. Yup, I am willing to pay for sure. Really looking to just connect with some individuals to enrich the experience even more.
  6. Hahaha, he's like Brands... a little intense and over the top but his heart is in the right place. However, I love him because he's ours and probably would hate him otherwise.
  7. I am looking for any wrestling enthusiast that may also be going to the Michigan vs. Penn State football game. I know there are a lot of serious Penn State supporters on this board. I am looking for 4 tickets to the game. I am a Michigan fan but not an obnoxious one and looking to experience what is going to be a once in a lifetime memory. My group includes 3 Michigan fans (My dad, brother and myself) and my brother in-law. If there is no one with tickets we would love to join a tailgate and can bring any food or beverage needed. We just don't have the capability since 2 of us will be flying in from Chicago and 2 from Grand Rapids. Also any advice for the weekend would be great. 3 of us are staying in Pittsburgh friday night and driving in when the 4th (my dad has to stay for his high school's football game to be done Friday night) lands Saturday morning. Going to the game and getting there hopefully by 1. We have a place to stay about half way between the 2 after the game. We are headed to the Pittsburgh vs. Cincy game Sunday because both my dad and brother are die hard Pittsburgh fans. Sorry for how long and I truly appreciate any help. Thanks everyone
  8. I haven't been able to attend regularly the last few years like I have in the past but have made sure it was on the TV. We need to get our young wrestlers more involved in watcing the sport as a whole. If we can get them involved these numbers would sky rocket. Sam and Cat 2.4 M, how many of those are wrestlers?
  9. That is a shame!!! I really hope as a community we can figure this out or we will go to the wayside very quickly!!
  10. I got the e-mail but there is no invitation available when I log-in to fantasygrade. Can I please get an invite before tomorrow.
  11. Unfortunately I have to agree with Rakk. As a coach I love the videos but man this is bad. They need to improve their product or do something?
  12. Not working for me. Normally don't complain but pretty rough that their marquee event doesn't work.
  13. How the heck does the kid from Nebraska get in over Jackson from Michigan?? Jackson has been hurt most the season but he took7th at the big tens has a quality win vs a top 5 kid and pinned the Wisconsin kid for 7th that beat the Nebraska kid a few hours earlier!!!!!
  14. It looks like I only need 2 lower bowl tickets, let me know. PM if you have some available Thanks.
  15. I am still looking for 2-4 possibly 6 lower bowl tickets. I had 2 deals that just fell through, please PM if you have some available.
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