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  1. I never thought about the proximity to former wrestlers and the number that would be within easy travel distance to the arena. I have gone 14 of the last 17 and don't foresee me being able to get there this year. Have fun to all that got tickets!!
  2. That is what I am wondering. Does anyone know exactly what they are saying the capacity is for the arena? St. Louis and such are 19k roughly. If this is 16-17k then we are talking about 2-3k less tickets which would account for most but not all of the allotments not being fulfilled. So there has to be more being shipped somewhere.
  3. I have a hotel room available if someone needs one. PM me if you want it. It is expensive. The last person thought I was messing around but for the 3 nights it is 650 each night after taxes and fees.
  4. Does anyone need a hotel room close to the venue? I have 1 available. It is a really nice place.
  5. I guess, it just didnt seem to be like this the last 10 years but I haven't been able to go the last 2 years. Does anyone know what face value is for lower bowl and upper bowl?
  6. I honestly can't see myself paying much for than 1.5 times face value. I really am frustrated with this. It seems crazy that wrestling fans can't get tickets. I would hope the NCAA isn't selling tickets to secondary markets before school allotments but that's that all mighty dollar I guess.
  7. I just can't justify 750 for all sessions. That is crazy prices. I have gone 14 of the last 18. Missed because of either it being too expensive (NY), birth of my son, or sickness. Crazy how expensive tickets are for this on the secondary sites. Anyone know what scalping will be like at the stadium? I have done this at other sites but with it being in Pittsburgh I am a little nervous.
  8. I am looking for 4 tickets anywhere for Nationals. I know this is super early but the school I usually go through (last 4 years) sold out and just informed me my request was not fulfilled. The tickets are going to wrestling junkies (3 former/current HS coaches and a super fan). I also have a hotel (pricey) but extremely nice in Pittsburgh available.
  9. I am extremely pleased as well. It only buffered a few times in the afternoon and nothing during the finals. When I contacted about the buffering the afternoon they took were great and extremely helpful.
  10. I had the opportunity to do the monthly membership, clicked on it for 15 a month and then was charged 150 for the year. I reached out to them and have not heard anything back yet (hasn't been 24 hours so no worries). I sent Husker_DU a pm and waiting for response.
  11. Does anyone have direct contact information for willie or someone at flo. I signed up for a monthly subscription but got charged for a yearly subscription.
  12. He would fit real nice for the wolverines!!! 149 Hall hasn't been bad as of late but never has been healthy.
  13. I have been to 14 of the last 16. Missed one for my 1st sons birth (March 14th) and last year in NY.
  14. Sent you an PM. Let me know if they are still available.
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