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  1. Four of us are going to Las Vegas to the World Championships in September. We have four tickets in section 101 Row D for the first three days of the tournament Monday 9/7 thru Wednesday 9/9 that we can not use. They have been advertised at face value on Prime sports but have not sold. We do not want them to go to waste. Face value for the tickets on the first three days is $111.25. Prime sports will not allow reducing the tickets below this value but we will discount them by 50% or $55.00 per ticket for the three days. Contact me at oberebo@sbcglobal.net or by phone at (405) 694-8332.
  2. I have four sets of tickets in 101 for the first three days for $100.00 per set or $400.00. oberebo@sbcglobal.net
  3. I can understand the fans of Penn State having negative feelings about a home state wrestler going to my school(OK State) we experienced some of that when Mark Perry Jr. went to Iowa. Not only was he leaving the state but also going to long time hated rival. I do not pretend to know why Chance changed his mind and decided on OSU although I have heard all of the rumors like most of you. Obviously, from my point of view I hope he is a four time national champion. My most fervent hope however is that he represent the sport and Oklahoma State well in his career and go on to dominate in International wrestling. Will he do this? Odds are that he will not. He would not be the first or last super talent that did not pan out in college and beyond. I do not know him or his family personally but I suspect that he will not be under any more pressure than most of the highly regarded recruits. Whether he went to Penn State or Oklahoma State he chose a great program with great coaches and if he has not lost his motivation he will be very good. From what I have heard he is no more prone to injury than anyone else. We won one recruiting battle with Penn State but have lost many others including this year with Bo Nickal.
  4. +1 I attended the Joe Parisi open and good and bad happened for Oklahoma State. Gonzo is correct that Houdashelt is extremely good and I think will win it all in March. Missouri brought a strong team as they had 4 champions to Ok State's 5. Klimara made the finals at 125 but not quite strong enough for Gilman. Match score skewed as the lead was 3-2 Gilman when Klimara made a last second desperation shot to give Gilman his second takedown. Jon Morrison was flawless at 133. Collica looked good until the finals when he got out muscled by the opponent he had pinned the previous week. Feikert and Garrison for OSU both looked good but Collica needs to be pulled out of redshirt. Kindig was no match for Houdashelt in the finals but remember that Kindig is coming off a bad injury and surgery from this summer and will get better but not good enough to handle Houdashelt. Alex Dierenger had 4 quick falls to the finals and won in the finals by 7-4, a match he dominated but Lavalee is strong but not offensive. Caldwell was never in danger but scored his two points on an escape and riding time against Toal. Perry never in danger even in the finals but squeaked by his opponent 2-1. The best wrestler at 184 was Dallas Smith and this weight had Krutchmer, Rogers, Boyd from OSU and Eblen from Missouri and two strong Iowa wrestlers and Smith beat Sam Brooks in the finals by a point. J'den Cox handed it to Rosholt in the 197 finals but Rosholt for whatever reason does not look like the Rosholt of two years ago. He had surgery during the off-season and hopefully is not in shape. He has looked lackluster in his matches so far this year. Austin Marsden was the class of heavyweight but it was a weak field with the only other ranked wrestler being from Missuri and finished third. Marsden is still rounding into shape. He was never in danger of being scored on but could not separate himself from anyone. He will improve.
  5. Gonzo is right that even if Heil had won he would not start over a returning All-American who has no redshirt left. It was a good match but at this stage of the game Morrison is the stronger wrestler. Heil is good to go after Morrison graduates.
  6. Interesting night of wrestling in Stillwater and might bode a change or two in who starts for Oklahoma State this year. One match does not a season make however but here is a rundown of the weights. 125 Eddie Klimara who was clearly not in shape or had a bad cut won a squeaker over redshirt Freshman Conner Cline. The score was 4-4 but Klimara had 1:01 riding time to win by one second. Cline who was a 113 pound champion from Blackwell,Oklahoma and red-shirted last year has grown in both skill and stature but Klimara in shape would get the nod at this weight. 133 Jon Morrison vs. Dean Heil was a very good match and I understand they do not wrestle against each other in the room. Morrison got the first takedown with Heil returning the favor in the second period but the regular time ended with Morrison getting the riding time point for a 4-4 draw and Morrison got the takedown in overtime to win it. 141 Anthony Collica had a 15-0 tf over Michael Martin. Martin had beat last years starter Julian Feiker yesterday to earn the dubious honor of wrestling Collica tonight. It is going to be hard for the coaches to redshirt Collica as he is clearly our best at 141. 149 Josh Kindig decisioned 4X Oklahoma State champion Davey Dolan 9-3. 157 Alex Dierenger was in the stands for this match but did not wrestle. He is not injured but he may not be down to weight yet and obviously will be the starter at this weight. Chris Koo, freshman from New York dominated Matt White at this weight. 165 Tyler Caldwell had a tech fall over Sam Mehan and looked good. 174 Chris Perry had no problem dispatching Quentin Patterson and looked like he is ready to defend his title. 184 In a shocker to many fans Nolan Boyd a redshirt freshman from Deer Creek, Oklahoma decisioned Kyle Crutchmer yesterday and topped off his weekend with a dominant performance over Redshirt Freshman Jordan Rogers 7-4 and looked very good. This weight for the Pokes is definitely up in the air at this time but Boyd may be in the drivers seat. 197 Blake Rosholt won a yawner over Austin Schafer 4-1. HWT Austin Marsden had no problem with team mate Ethan Driver for a 9-3 decision.
  7. I have no inside Oklahoma State Information on this but obviously I want it to be true. However, the people posting that Penn State pulled the plug are just plain wrong. Why would they pull the plug on the top recruit in the country? That is just sour grapes. We had a very good recruiting class without Chance although not Penn State good. It still will not be as good as Penn State even if we get him but it will help to stop the bandwagon effect of the Penn State recruits. Sad for Penn State but good for us and I will not be spilling any tears either way.
  8. I have to admit I never heard about the Frank Trigg connection to this. never knew he considered Oklahoma State. He ended up wrestling for OU. If this is true, Big Apple would have more details on this.
  9. Tony Purler transferred and won a National title. Jody Wilson also transferred during this probation year. The suspension had mostly to do with wrestlers working the camps and financial help on occasion. The amounts were niggling but the one thing you do not do with the NCAA is lie about something and Joe asked his wrestlers to deny some things and they eventually confessed to the lies. One had to do with using a pickup truck belonging to wrestler Bruce Pierce to move mats. The truck broke down and Joe picked up the repair bill. however, it all goes back to the lies or the suspension would have been less. As far as Pat Smith goes, he earned being considered as he was the first four timer and he was a great wrestler. If you consider wrestlers after college then John Smith has to be in the mix but I know this is not what the discussion is about. Naturally, I am biased being an Oklahoma State fan and there are good arguments for Gable, Sanderson and a host of others. BTW I forgot to mention Chuck Barbee who would have been a returning senior lost his last year of eligibility due to the suspension.
  10. The understatement of the year, "Askren doesn't even crack a lot of peoples top 10". This is the problem in comparing wrestlers. Chris Pendleton owned Ben Askren. I believe it was either 7-1 or 8-1 in matches. Does that make Pendleton a top ten wrestler? We have this discussion on the Oklahoma State board every so often. Pat Smith was a great wrestler but he is not even considered the top Oklahoma State wrestler of all time. Neither is his brother. Uetake by most long time Oklahoma State supporters was the best. You just can not compare wrestlers from different eras, different weight classes or by how many NCAA titles they won. The best that you can do is pick your personal favorites and go with them. My favorite happened to be Mike Sheets. He was the most dominant wrestler I ever watched in his last two years at Oklahoma State.
  11. What is going on. Yesterday I was able to get on International wrestling news and get the brackets. However, I can not bring up this sight today. You can get the live webcast from Fila but no live results or brackets. The link to International wrestling news on other sites including 49north wrestling also does not bring up this site. The finals start at 9AM US time and you can watch it live on Fila but I am clueless a to the results and/or brackets.
  12. Can someone post the schedule times for the Freestyle starting Saturday and finishing Sunday? Much appreciate it.
  13. Flying Tiger you are barking up the wrong tree and not only are OSU fans not worried about this they embrace it. Do not believe that this will be the only families that move to Stillwater although no others expected in the immediate future. The NCAA would not find anything wrong with these moves I can assure you and if you live in a glass house I would not be quick to throw stones. The Rogers move has been a long time in the making long before we even offered Chandler and why would they not want to come to Stillwater to see two sons wrestle. Alex Dierenger has been in our room for over a year now. There is no guarantee that we will even offer his younger brother who is promising but so far has not shown the skill of his brother.
  14. Jon you call yourself an OK State fan and you do not know Coleman Rogers? Well, neither do I but my fingers apparently do. I know I was talking about Coleman Scott coaching the Rogers brothers but when you reach my age the brain gets side-tracked. Remember Newby McDaniel? Inside joke on the OK State board as I once referred to Newly McSpadden as Newby McDaniel.
  15. Flying Tiger, I understand where you are coming from and if I wasn't an Oklahoma State alumni I would also be concerned thinking that there is something nefarious going on. However, both of these move-ins are legitimate. No one is creating jobs for the families. They just want to be near where their older sons are wrestling and Stillwater Highschool already sports a lot of good wrestlers and coaches. In fact, there have been speculations on two other move-ins neither of which has decided at this time to do it but it may be happening in the future. Of course from a homer point of view I like to think that top notch wrestlers and their families are attracted to Stillwater because an incredible set of coaches in John Smith, Eric Guerrero, Zack Esposito,Coleman Rogers and others are in house. Many of the wrestlers at Stillwater High school aspire to be Cowboys in the future. Stillwater was not bereft of wrestlers before the move in with the likes of Joe Smith, Kaid Brock, Andrew Nieman and others.
  16. I certainly did not mean to imply that duals are not an important part of the sport. They are the lifeblood of the sport. However, National duals have never provided the interest nationally. It is not my cup of tea but of course others may argue for them. The arguments do not support the fact that outside of the state of Iowa they have never been able to draw a crowd. If you make them official and put them in February then my argument would be that this would detract from the one tournament that sells out yearly and that is the NCAA championships. One thing about making them official however that is a good thing the politics would be taken out and the strategy employed by some coaches would be thrown by the wayside. I also do not understand the argument that the NCAA tournament is all about teams and not the individual wrestler. They provide not only a team championship but also individual awards for the champion at each weight and 8 All-Americans at each weight. I understand it is debatable but my limited dollars are going to the official NCAA championship each year and not the National duals.
  17. The National duals are slowly dying and lingering death. I wish they would speed up this process. They will never be officially a national dual and should not be. This is just my opinion but I believe it is shared by many. They do not draw except in Iowa and are just not an important part of the sport.
  18. Did it actually take place? I have a hard time believing there are no brackets and no results. Someone out there has them. They were able to post results for Burroughs.
  19. Jay you have been invaluable to the sport of wrestling. I have your book and I go to wrestlingstats.com frequently. I pray for your renewed health. If you are unable to continue we need maybe 5 people to take your place. Seriously, We need someone as devoted and as knowledgeable as you and also someone who can learn the ins and outs of your system. Seton Hall pirate comes to mind but surely there are other competent statisticians who could take this on for the love of the sport. You probably can not be replaced but wrestling needs this tool. Thoughts and prayers for your future health.
  20. I guess you could call these results however can anyone post either brackets and/or match scores. I have not been able to view a bracket nor have I seen anyone on any board post brackets. I am interested in individual matches not just the placings. BTW thanks for posting the Burroughs match.
  21. Does that apply to 200 level seats on the end that does not have a 300 level? Half of the OK State fans are in section 226 and the other half are copletely accross the arena in 311,
  22. I do not expect to get any lessons on from these slimeballs. Their moral compass is is in need of allignment.
  23. I can not believe either of the two posters selling tickets are seriously looking for buyers. I have posted and sold on this forum in past years. I never asked for more than the listed price of the ticket. I am not trying to be holier than thou but something wrong in my estimation in trying to make a profit on these tickets. I put them in the same category as the scalpers who stand out in front of the arena stoned out of their gourds, not really knowing what event they are selling tickets to. Call me naive and stupid if you want but this is just wrong.
  24. For all that you said you still didn't say where I was wrong. Where would he actually fit into the lineup for it to be worth OSU ponying up the scholly money he would want to go there? Well, I could be wrong also but you mentioned Dierenger as a reason he would not come to Oklahoma State and I said he would not be going at Direnger's weight. He is wrestling at 145.5 at the Olympic training center. He could go either 141 or 149 atlhouth i admit 141 is a stretch. Kindig is a redshirt senior and will be at 149. He would have 4 years at 149 after Kindig left. We have had very good wrestlers redshirt one year while waiting to wrestle including Kindig who beat him the last time they wrestled. Again, he would come due to the wrestlers that are in the room in Stillwater. I did not say he will come and I am sure he will make the rounds before making a decision. Your statement that it was not even in the realm of possibility is really only a hope on your part that it will be your program. As far as keeping any kind of committment sacred that is ascribing some type of "honor" to keeping a 2 year old committment. He has no moral or legal or any other type of obligation to go to Iowa State after spending two years at the training center. Frankly, Iowa State is a good choice for him if he wants to go but he is not honor bound to do so. I would not even make the statement that we are in the lead for his wrestling skills. I have no idea where he would like to go but if it is still up in the air for him Oklahoma State is just as logical a choice as any other school. I do know we were at least in the running prior to his committments to Wisconsin and Iowa State. I certainly do not think we get whoever we go after but if John and Eric want him they will present a strong argument for him to come to Stillwater.
  25. No way is he going at Dierenger's weight. Why not go to a room that is filled with Olympians and/or national champions close to his weight? You have arguably the best wrestler to set foot on a mat who just gave a brilliant clinic on Flo about the low single. You have the Bronze Medalist from the past Olympics and Oh by the way, Jordan Oliver will be in the room as a workout partner and coach while training for the Olympics. I do not know if he is coming to OSU but for anyoe to say it is not in the realm of possibility is whilstling past the graveyard so that Oklahoma State will not jump up and grab him instead of their program.
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