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  1. Agree with this line of thinking, plus extra credit for using asymptote in a wrestling forum post
  2. Is it too much to ask to have wrestle backs shown? Some of us actually fill these out
  3. In what way did taylor improve his senior year? He stomped everyone he faced besides Dake both years. Matches with Caldwell were closer this year.
  4. But the hotel rooms are cheap and I'm sure it was easy to drive to the ! Everyone keeps telling me that's key to a good host site.
  5. Oh is that all? Other than being completely dominated head to head, he's better! Other than the fact that Burroughs is a gold medalist, Taylor's on top of him too. Taylor's terrific. I'd probably hold him in much higher esteem if I didn't have to listen to everyone here rationalize his performances. The performance stands on its own. Don't make him something he's not.
  6. Don't disagree but did I miss something?
  7. I wish Taylor had beaten Bubba so that he was 1,1,2,1 career 134-2 or whatever and the only losses were to Dake.
  8. If you pause the tv if looks like a takedown, but in the sequence there's no control "reaction time" rule or no
  9. Yep, he'll finish one of those sooner or later. This time I thought Delgado tied him up within reaction time. Makes me wonder how Delgado loses to Mega or anyone else, because Garrett on his feet is dynamite.
  10. As a Cornell fan he is incredibly frustrating. The reaction time to fight off such a freight train double is impressive though.
  11. Was pulling hard for Minne over psu but not at expense of Nelson winning without shooting (again). If ness pins and Taylor is just a dec psu still goes down.
  12. Heflin earned that loss. Where was that offense all match. Should be mandatory viewing for refs next year.
  13. Retherford aka Stieber which they somehow called him all match.
  14. Happy for them just bummed it had to come at the expense of Taffur.
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