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  1. I recall hearing that O'Toole had a deal with Maple that if he won National Title then Maple would have to wrestle the Open.
  2. Limit the ARE YOU READYS to one per session instead of 5 or 6 in a row!
  3. He was an AA last year and is a JR world champ - not just a freshman
  4. Mauller is not a 157 that was made obvious by his performance in The Scuffle,
  5. Here is the dual comparison. Looks like could go either way, Dual Comparison Missouri vs Penn State | WrestleStat
  6. Do you have info that the NCAA will let fans into the arena?
  7. Watch out for Allan Hart - Go Tigers
  8. I think I heard that it is free on Rofkin - Arizona State has this on its web page JAN 17 (SUN) 5:00 PM MST #15 MISSOURI AMES, IA TV: ROKFIN WATCH HISTORY
  9. Brian Smith just said that is the intended lineup on his podcast.
  10. 3 straight big bonus point wins - 2 at 157 and 1 at 165 Go Tigers
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