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  1. 4 matches per dual and they count.
  2. Just about everyone I drafted or picked up in free agency ended up on andre's upset of the week. Very good and interesting sure it will be even better next year. Wrestlestat is great.
  3. I agree White showed a lot of guts finishing with the injury. It also helped White that the officials let him stall his way to an opportunity. He backed away constantly after the injury.
  4. The Flu must have effected his decision making. Diving in on a shot with less than 40 seconds left in the match with a 2 point lead cost him the match.
  5. Regarding Kent I feel is athleticism is superior and he is also a very physical wrestler. The year of experience will serve him well with the coaches getting him past the mistakes he makes this year. Add knowledge to energy, physicality, and superior athleticism and the sky is the limit. The freshman that I think have a shot at the lineup are O'toole and Rocky Elam.
  6. Well I am a big Mizzou fan but I just can not stretch my imagination to this extreme. Noah Surtin is certainly very unproven at this point. Schmitt round of 12 maybe. Leeth so sucked down at 141 he can not get off bottom against average guys this year probably not going to be in lineup at this weight. Look for Hart to be at 141. Mauller can not initiate any offence of his own and the opposition is very aware. 5 to 8 Jacques possible round of 12. Elam yes 5 to 8 I think you missed on Jeremiah Kent. I believe he is our most talented wrestler and 20-21 could be very very good for him. Mizzou will also have a couple of very talented freshman who will be hard to keep out of the lineup.
  7. Every free style match requires each wrestler to be called once the call is made to one of them. Just another reason why freestyle sucks in general.
  8. Week after week all the upsets illustrate just how tough D1 wrestling is! Love this feature along with about a dozen others of wrestlestat.
  9. This is a stupid discussion if the match is tied then no won is winning period end of discussion. Name a SPORT anywhere that is legitimate which considers this topic even relevant. Everyone everywhere laughs at the wrestling world due to this completely absurd concept.
  10. Mizzou match times Action begins Sunday (Dec. 29) at 10 a.m. (CT) as the Tigers will face No. 25 Old Dominion. Tiger Style will square off against No. 24 Cornell at noon Sunday. Mizzou will then face Wyoming on Monday (Dec. 30) at 10 a.m. before closing with No. 14 Lehigh at noon that day. Team rankings are as of Dec. 16 according to FloWrestling.org. There will also be a mini individual tournament to close each day, beginning at 2 p.m. (CT).
  11. He got that from a red shirt freshman. So He was there all of last year.
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