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  1. If you have ever seen or met Chase Daniel well then you may put him in a most accomplished category but is no where close to a best athlete category. He has exceptional skills but does not come across as being athletic.
  2. Probably do not have employees coming to work to function ticket sales
  3. This is done this way in every team sport such as football, basketball, baseball, and others every year.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty1dwBCR6D0
  5. This would attract a lot of relatives and friends of the other schools but would be completely boring for Mizzou fans. We have wrestled duals vs these schools with the scores normally a lot to zero. Would rather see Mizzou choose up teams off the roster than see these duals.
  6. The way Wrestling Head Coaches treat duals is a big factor. You get a lot of back ups and worse opens in the lineups. This is true of the opponents lineups as well as the Tigers. We get home duals against Div 2 and NAIA schools. The times for the duals are usually very odd and make it difficult for fans to attend.
  7. NCAA web site has no mention of this
  8. mlbruem


    Not many upsets at 197 so I think Koelling will get an at large
  9. mlbruem


    Heard Leeth tell some guys after a loss when he was obviously very frustrated that he had torn labrums in both shoulders. He did not wrestle after that match until that Iowa State open.
  10. mlbruem


    Neither has redshirted so what if Mauller reds
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