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  1. Do you have info that the NCAA will let fans into the arena?
  2. Watch out for Allan Hart - Go Tigers
  3. I think I heard that it is free on Rofkin - Arizona State has this on its web page JAN 17 (SUN) 5:00 PM MST #15 MISSOURI AMES, IA TV: ROKFIN WATCH HISTORY
  4. Brian Smith just said that is the intended lineup on his podcast.
  5. 3 straight big bonus point wins - 2 at 157 and 1 at 165 Go Tigers
  6. Here is wrestlestats dual comparison and prediction for the North Dakota St match Dual Comparison Missouri vs North Dakota State | WrestleStat Same for South Dakota State Match Dual Comparison Missouri vs South Dakota State | WrestleStat Again for Oregon State Dual Comparison Missouri vs Oregon State | WrestleStat
  7. Wrestle offs were an who is #2 event - most of the starters did not wrestle
  8. Looking forward to a Wrestling season - Home portion looks weak but overall a decent schedule considering Big 10 is conference only. Go Tigers
  9. Missouri will have no events until after 1/1/2021 according to an email I just received from Coach Smith regarding the purchase of season tickets.
  10. If you have ever seen or met Chase Daniel well then you may put him in a most accomplished category but is no where close to a best athlete category. He has exceptional skills but does not come across as being athletic.
  11. Probably do not have employees coming to work to function ticket sales
  12. This is done this way in every team sport such as football, basketball, baseball, and others every year.
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