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  1. Nothing more confusing and unexplainable to the general public than he or she won 2 to 2
  2. plus - no such thing as a match that is tied going to the last wrestler that scored. What a terrible concept.
  3. mlbruem

    Askren/JB pic

    Freestyle is J B's advantage but in real wrestling Folk style J B was never anywhere close to Askren
  4. mlbruem

    List of Transfers

    You can not count the WVU transfers as WVU was Mizzou's triple A affiliate while Sammie was there.
  5. 3. none usually not hungry as lot of time to eat before, between and after sessions. 4. Coffee
  6. 1. Most exciting - Semifinals followed closely by quarterfinals
  7. mlbruem

    Missouri - '18/'19

    Here is a link to Missouri's NCAA wrap up news release. https://mutigers.com/news/2019/3/23/-mizzouwrestling-earns-fifth-consecutive-top-10-finish-at-ncaa-championships.aspx?path=wrestling
  8. mlbruem

    Returning Placers per weight

    Grant Leeth will be back for Mizzou. What weight is the question? Speculation is 141.
  9. mlbruem

    Missouri - '18/'19

    It was Punke's match when he was eliminated.
  10. mlbruem

    Most Exciting Match of the Tournament?

    The Erneste match to AA was my cofavorite with this one.
  11. mlbruem

    Most Exciting Match of the Tournament?

    Fix vs Suriano equally bad because it was a final in prime time
  12. mlbruem

    Missouri - '18/'19

    It was great to be in the Steel City for the tournament supporting this excellent group of young men that wrestles for Mizzou. Mizzou had a very good tournament actually exceeding expectations with 4 All Americans. Erneste in probably one of/if not the most brutal brackets in my time going to the NCAA tournament put us over the top. Elam is another wrestler who went over exprctations. We had a few wrestlers who I had hope of winning 1 or 2 more matches but Erneste and Elam's performance still puts Mizzou above expectations overall in my opinion. We were 6th in the team race would have been 5th without the stupid penalty. Miklus scored 12 team points for Iowa State so even with his points and with out the penalty we would have still been in fourth, one point behind Iowa.
  13. Would be tough for Jacques to move up as he has to eat everything to keep his weight close to 157. He is at 157 because of Mauller.
  14. mlbruem

    All Things Pittsburgh

    Is there any place close (walking distance) to the Drury Plaza Hotel Downtown to by beer by the case?
  15. Are the post qualifying tournament rankings used in the selection process available to the public? if so where do I find them!
  16. SESSION DATE TIME NETWORK Session 1 Thursday, March 21 Noon ESPNU Session 2 Thursday, March 21 7 p.m. ESPN Session 3 Friday, March 22 11 a.m. ESPNU Session 4 Friday, March 22 8 p.m. ESPN Session 5 Saturday, March 23 11 a.m. ESPNU Session 6 Saturday, March 23 7 p.m. ESPN
  17. Koelling has wins this year over both guys who finished ahead of him which could aid his cause for an at large bid.
  18. mlbruem

    MAC's on ESPN+

    Bad consequence of Mizzou not having an adequate 285 in the room - He should have been Redshirted which was the original plan.
  19. mlbruem

    MAC's on ESPN+

    Could possibly get a chance to wrestle for true 2nd.
  20. mlbruem

    MAC's on ESPN+

    Yes Semi's at 6PM. Announcers are really bad!
  21. mlbruem

    EWL No longer - All 7 teams to the MAC

    What was the score?
  22. mlbruem

    EWL No longer - All 7 teams to the MAC

    Probably not as Penn State would not ever schedule a difficult out of conference dual! Thus the demise of the National Duals a potential boon to college wrestling.
  23. mlbruem

    Thoughts are with Willie

    Condolences to the Miklus family who I was fortunate to meet at NCAA's in NYC. Willie will always be a great Tiger in the eyes of Mizzou fans.