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  1. Although the music was suspect, the action was fun. Thanks.
  2. While I'm no fan of Trump's, pandering to the electorate is politician 101.
  3. Your version might be more accurate but Bas always tells a great story!
  4. Supposedly took himself out of consideration due to the injury
  5. I seem to remember that in past years a comprehensive list of wrestling events that were streaming/ on television were compiled somewhere. Am I misremembering or can anyone point me in the right direction?
  6. No inside knowledge but my guess is Iowa.
  7. https://gopsusports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=10411 His PSU profile says Pottstown, PA.
  8. Wrestlestat has him at #6 so maybe not so crazy. I think Hidlay is solid at #1 but this could be a pretty interesting weight. A good amount of talented youth also.
  9. His D1 hwt losses were to Neal, Hyneck and Hand. In 2000 (his championship year) half of the AA's were a previous AA. Lesnar, Hand, Adenyi-Bada, and Hyneck. Lockhart was the NCAA champ the next year. I did a quick count of returning AA's through the 90's Year- Returning AA's 1991-2 1992-4 1993-2 1994-1 1995-3 1996-4 1997-4 1998-4 1999-2 2000-4
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