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  1. Supposedly took himself out of consideration due to the injury
  2. I seem to remember that in past years a comprehensive list of wrestling events that were streaming/ on television were compiled somewhere. Am I misremembering or can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. No inside knowledge but my guess is Iowa.
  4. https://gopsusports.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=10411 His PSU profile says Pottstown, PA.
  5. Wrestlestat has him at #6 so maybe not so crazy. I think Hidlay is solid at #1 but this could be a pretty interesting weight. A good amount of talented youth also.
  6. His D1 hwt losses were to Neal, Hyneck and Hand. In 2000 (his championship year) half of the AA's were a previous AA. Lesnar, Hand, Adenyi-Bada, and Hyneck. Lockhart was the NCAA champ the next year. I did a quick count of returning AA's through the 90's Year- Returning AA's 1991-2 1992-4 1993-2 1994-1 1995-3 1996-4 1997-4 1998-4 1999-2 2000-4
  7. Tyrone Lewis sticks out for me. Bryan Snyder probably deserves a mention also.
  8. No, Older Ruth was close to a top 5 overall recruit
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