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    Jimmy Fleming ?

    I don’t know how Fleming would teach it but I would lock up my right arm around my opponents head and bring my left arm under my opponents left arm. I would want to turn my opponents head to the left and lock my left hand underneath my lock right on the jaw line. My right shoulder would provide pressure to the top of the opponents head. When you whip your hips over you rip up on the jaw while driving your weight on the top of the head. It’s similar to the idea of how some people may hit a front head pinch in freestyle.
  2. tommytechnique


    IMO the level of domestic competition in the US is one of the things that makes FS so great right now. At almost every weight, particularly in Olympic years, we have multiple guys who I feel can medal internationally. Regardless who you root for domestically, I believe we will ultimately have a contender internationally at nearly every weight. It’s pretty awesome.
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  4. tommytechnique

    Michael Sprague's Father passes away

    Wow. Terrible news.
  5. tommytechnique

    Singlets at this year's tournament

    Several teams had them at one point. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/11/17/fashion/thursdaystyles/wrestling-with-tradition-keep-your-shirt-on.html
  6. tommytechnique

    Celebrations that age well

    About 30 seconds in . . .
  7. tommytechnique

    Brands' comment on the pundits.

    I had to google it to figure out what it was.
  8. tommytechnique

    2019 NCAA Betting Hub

    Field at 133 is interesting. That gets you Desanto, Pletcher, RBY, Lizak, Wilson. etc. With Micic possibly not 100%, I think there is a possibility that one of these guys could win.
  9. tommytechnique

    One time champ / one time AA

    Jessie Whitmer?
  10. tommytechnique

    Can someone clarify the hands to the face call?

    https://ncaawrestling.arbitersports.com/Groups/107525/Library/files/SRE Article %231 2018-19 Season 10-15-2018.pdf
  11. tommytechnique

    Pick your champs, most to least confident in the choice

    Nolf, Martin, and Nickal are huge favorites. I just think 157 has better competition.
  12. tommytechnique

    Pick your champs, most to least confident in the choice

    Nickal Martin Nolf Yianni Ashnault Hall Gable Lee Marinelli Fix
  13. tommytechnique

    Wrestling/Baseball fans question

    I've read that also.
  14. tommytechnique

    Throwing the Foam Challenge Brick-

    Per the rules, the ref should stop the match as quickly as possible provided significant action is not taking place. I assume that, because the brick was thrown prior to the leg attack, action was stopped.
  15. tommytechnique

    The Short and the Tall of It

    I remember thinking Scotti Sentes was pretty tall for a 133.