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    Weight Class Change Question

    Yeah, we had a +7 allowance for our first tournament which was probably in early November. For our competition dates after that we received diminishing allowances until the post-Christmas tournament when we were given +5. I think the allowances for tournaments were determined by the tournament director and allowances for duals were agreed upon by the coaches.
  2. tommytechnique

    Picture is great!

    Is Zac Hall still wrestling?
  3. tommytechnique

    Weight Class Change Question

    Based of my memory, a couple of things happened: A. Weigh-ins became one or two hours. Weigh-ins were usually held several hours prior to the competition. Honor weigh-ins were also eliminated. It used to be possible for your coach to weigh you in at your home school and he was the only verifier (I once weighed in on Thursday afternoon for a Saturday tournament). B. As mentioned, saunas and plastic suits were banned. While plastic suits and saunas can still be used discreetly, you used to be able pull a sauna suit off right at weigh-ins. C. Another thing that seemed to go away was weight allowance. I didn't make scratch weight once that year. I think I had +7 for the first tournament, +5 for the Christmas tournament, and my closest to scratch was +1 for a dual before the new weights hit. D. In the following year a weight certification was required where you had a fat test, weight check, and hydration test to determine your weight certification. I don't remember any sort of certification prior to that. To answer your questions again based on my memory: 1. In your example, a wrestler could wrestle the lower weight class provided he could pass the certification. 2. They check your fat levels and perform a calculation to see if you can safely lose the weight while being properly hydrated. I think you had to make your certified weight while hydrated to complete the certification. https://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2018DIMWR_Weight_Management_Program_Information_20180108.pdf 3. IMO the plus seven is the proper measurement due to the weigh-in time difference.
  4. tommytechnique

    FS Rankings

    re: #8, Pretty sure Stieber beat Retherford 8-6 at OTT at 65 kg.
  5. tommytechnique


    If you're getting spladled from a standing position, you likely are in poor position. In the video above, the guy getting spladled has his head down, straight legs, and his weight is over his toes. This is simply poor position. Keep your head in his chest, knees bent in an athletic stance, and weight balanced. Keeping you head in his chest and keeping pressure into your opponent should prevent him from stuffing your head and putting you in the poor position that allows you to get spladled. I always taught that that if I was in a standing single in proper position my posture should look fairly similar to my stance.
  6. As I understand,The Citadel and Gardner Webb will be testing an experimental NCAA rule regarding the dual meet match order on January 23rd. The rule would work like this: One to three hours prior to the weigh-in for the dual meet, the head coaches of each institution will meet in a previously agreed upon location to perform a coin toss. The purpose of the coin toss is to determine which coach will select the first match of the dual meet. After the starting weight class has been selected, the opposing coach will select the second weight class to compete. The coaches will continue to alternate choosing the successive weight classes until each of the 10 weight classes are assigned within the match order. The pre-meet captains coin toss to determine the odd and even matches for the meet is unchanged, with odd and even weight classes remaining as listed in Rule 3.4.2. Example of Experimental Rule in Action: Coach A wins coin toss and chooses start weight class of 157 lbs. Coach B then chooses 184 lbs. as next weight class. Coach A chooses 125 lbs., followed by Coach B choosing 197 lbs., etc. Final weight class order 157, 184, 125, 197, 149, 141, 165, 133, 285, 174. I find this to be an interesting rule proposal/ experiment. Have any other schools done this yet?
  7. tommytechnique

    The Rudis Podcast

    Agree but the rat holes are also when I feel like I get some of the more interesting perspectives from Dernlan.
  8. tommytechnique

    Meanest guys on the mat

    Agreed. Akerly was brutal on top.
  9. tommytechnique

    AA Threats that never won a state title in high school

    A couple of guys I didn't see mentioned yet that are ranked in the Intermat top 20: 157 #15 Dan Reed #18 John Van Brill 174 #17 Spencer Carey 184 #20 Noah Stewart #17 Corey Hazel 197 #16 Tom Sleigh 285 #16 Joey Goodhart #11 Jake Gunning
  10. tommytechnique

    Brace for elbow dislocation

    I had an elbow injury that required surgery. I was probably out closer to six months but only used an elbow pad when I returned to wrestling. I may have just used a youth kneepad- I can't really remember. Although it provided some support, my larger issue was that my arm would go numb when I hit my elbow hard. The padding helped prevent that.
  11. tommytechnique

    Iowa ISU Lowdown from Mudlfap

    I agree with the first two paragraphs but I feel like the money thing is greatly overblown. I don't want to cut and paste the whole article from Flo but the list below is the combined athletic operating budget and RTC expenses for 2015. (FLO couldn't find a form 990 for Okie state). While I think we can look at the list and gather that money must be important to the success of a wrestling program, Iowa seems to be doing okay. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/5967118-college-wrestlings-hidden-arms-race RANK SCHOOL CLUB TOTAL EXPENSES 1 Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling Club $2,769,822 2 Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling Club $2,689,115 3 Arizona State Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club $2,283,429 4 Ohio State Ohio Region Training Center $2,203,962 5 Missouri Missouri Wrestling Foundation $1,876,029 6 Lehigh Lehigh Valley Athletic Club $1,774,969 7 Oklahoma Sooner Wrestling Club $1,632,346 8 Michigan Cliff Keen Wrestling Club $1,627,115 9 Virginia Tech Southeast Regional Training Center $1,589,566 10 Minnesota Gopher Wrestling Club $1,537,350
  12. tommytechnique

    Mizzou Performance in Vegas

    I think PSU only had 4 starters from PA against Lehigh. However, I think Lehigh's lineup would be 8/10 if they get all their guys back from injury.
  13. tommytechnique

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    Unlike Zalesky, Brands has Jody Strittmatter.
  14. tommytechnique

    Ohio State 22 vs Arizona State 17

    Supposedly redshirting
  15. tommytechnique

    Worst Wrestler Turned Great College Coach

    To be clear, no disrespect was intended. I just thought he did a very nice job at Penn without the individual accolades of many other head coaches. Also I don't think Pat Popolizio was mentioned. I think his best finish was R12. I like what he's doing.