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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I have found the over ear style works best for me, however, they aren't ideal for running. I haven't had much luck with ear buds, but hopefully one of the suggestions works out for me.
  2. Has anyone who has cauliflower ear found any ear buds that they like for working out?
  3. Amazing how much schools such as Iowa, PSU, and OSU benefit from these calls.
  4. Trope had a 4 pt move in the first period
  5. Rest time for the winner of the pigtail
  6. I re-checked 2018. 125 and 165 were equal. Poor office multi-tasking on my part. My bad!
  7. This got me curious and I did some quick research. At the 2017 NCAAs, 3rd place outscored 2nd in 5 of 10 weights. At 197 Moore outscored Pharr despite a head to head loss. Other "outscorers" were Sorenson over Mayes, Valencia over Jordan, Massa over Martinez, and Hall over Medbery In 2018 and 2019 this did not occur, however, once each year an equal amount of team points were earned by second and third. I didn't check any other years.
  8. Senior bouts start at 730 according to this link. https://www.nittanylionwrestlingclub.com/news/tuesday-february-23-2021-the-next-nlwc-rokfin-event
  9. Navy has them on the schedule...twice? https://navysports.com/sports/wrestling/schedule/2020-21
  10. Although the music was suspect, the action was fun. Thanks.
  11. While I'm no fan of Trump's, pandering to the electorate is politician 101.
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