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  1. Wrestlestat has him at #6 so maybe not so crazy. I think Hidlay is solid at #1 but this could be a pretty interesting weight. A good amount of talented youth also.
  2. His D1 hwt losses were to Neal, Hyneck and Hand. In 2000 (his championship year) half of the AA's were a previous AA. Lesnar, Hand, Adenyi-Bada, and Hyneck. Lockhart was the NCAA champ the next year. I did a quick count of returning AA's through the 90's Year- Returning AA's 1991-2 1992-4 1993-2 1994-1 1995-3 1996-4 1997-4 1998-4 1999-2 2000-4
  3. Tyrone Lewis sticks out for me. Bryan Snyder probably deserves a mention also.
  4. No, Older Ruth was close to a top 5 overall recruit
  5. I don’t know how Fleming would teach it but I would lock up my right arm around my opponents head and bring my left arm under my opponents left arm. I would want to turn my opponents head to the left and lock my left hand underneath my lock right on the jaw line. My right shoulder would provide pressure to the top of the opponents head. When you whip your hips over you rip up on the jaw while driving your weight on the top of the head. It’s similar to the idea of how some people may hit a front head pinch in freestyle.
  6. IMO the level of domestic competition in the US is one of the things that makes FS so great right now. At almost every weight, particularly in Olympic years, we have multiple guys who I feel can medal internationally. Regardless who you root for domestically, I believe we will ultimately have a contender internationally at nearly every weight. It’s pretty awesome.
  7. Several teams had them at one point. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/11/17/fashion/thursdaystyles/wrestling-with-tradition-keep-your-shirt-on.html
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