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  1. tommytechnique

    Brace for elbow dislocation

    I had an elbow injury that required surgery. I was probably out closer to six months but only used an elbow pad when I returned to wrestling. I may have just used a youth kneepad- I can't really remember. Although it provided some support, my larger issue was that my arm would go numb when I hit my elbow hard. The padding helped prevent that.
  2. tommytechnique

    Iowa ISU Lowdown from Mudlfap

    I agree with the first two paragraphs but I feel like the money thing is greatly overblown. I don't want to cut and paste the whole article from Flo but the list below is the combined athletic operating budget and RTC expenses for 2015. (FLO couldn't find a form 990 for Okie state). While I think we can look at the list and gather that money must be important to the success of a wrestling program, Iowa seems to be doing okay. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/5967118-college-wrestlings-hidden-arms-race RANK SCHOOL CLUB TOTAL EXPENSES 1 Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling Club $2,769,822 2 Iowa Hawkeye Wrestling Club $2,689,115 3 Arizona State Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club $2,283,429 4 Ohio State Ohio Region Training Center $2,203,962 5 Missouri Missouri Wrestling Foundation $1,876,029 6 Lehigh Lehigh Valley Athletic Club $1,774,969 7 Oklahoma Sooner Wrestling Club $1,632,346 8 Michigan Cliff Keen Wrestling Club $1,627,115 9 Virginia Tech Southeast Regional Training Center $1,589,566 10 Minnesota Gopher Wrestling Club $1,537,350
  3. tommytechnique

    Mizzou Performance in Vegas

    I think PSU only had 4 starters from PA against Lehigh. However, I think Lehigh's lineup would be 8/10 if they get all their guys back from injury.
  4. tommytechnique

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    Unlike Zalesky, Brands has Jody Strittmatter.
  5. tommytechnique

    Ohio State 22 vs Arizona State 17

    Supposedly redshirting
  6. tommytechnique

    Worst Wrestler Turned Great College Coach

    To be clear, no disrespect was intended. I just thought he did a very nice job at Penn without the individual accolades of many other head coaches. Also I don't think Pat Popolizio was mentioned. I think his best finish was R12. I like what he's doing.
  7. tommytechnique

    Worst Wrestler Turned Great College Coach

    ROGER REINA, Pennsylvania ‘84, was team captain his senior year in 1984, served two years as Larry Lauchle's assistant and in 1986 was named the nation’s youngest Div. I head coach. His 19-year record of 205-106-6 more than doubles the next most wins at Penn. Three teams were NCAA Top 12s, with a high of 9th -- the school's 3rd-best-ever. Reina coached 17 NCAA All-Americans and seven of Penn's eight multiple medalists. He coached 2-time NCAA finalist Brandon Slay, a 2000 Olympic champion and 2000 NCAA champ, Brett Matter. Roger set an Ivy mark with seven straight titles. He coached the Quakers' first-ever EIWA team title and four straight from 1996-1999, a league first in 42 years. After no individual titles from 1945-95, his 1997 team tied Lehigh’s league mark (7), among 31 won from 1996-2005. Five Reina grapplers earned Penn’s award as the top athletes in leadership and character. He was elected Ivy coaches chairman, President of the EIWA and President of the NWCA. He was a four-time National Coach of the Year nominee and a three-time EIWA Coach of the Year.
  8. Drexel is home to the AJ Drexel Autism Research Institute and has an autism support program for students.
  9. tommytechnique

    Iowa coaching staff

    Per Earl, McDonough was 14 and Sorenson 27.
  10. tommytechnique

    Oklahoma State future lineup

    Patrick Downey III disagrees.
  11. tommytechnique


    Hence, it was a bad call.
  12. tommytechnique

    Nebraska vs. NC State

    Popolizio should be considered for any big time coaching opening.
  13. tommytechnique

    Will Iowa smiling become the new PSU having fun?

    Non-political but this reminds me of a recent SNL skit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CBUxNeXgC70
  14. tommytechnique

    Awsome Sumo Technique

    I like the sumo posts also...
  15. Nebraska wrestling got in some trouble a few years ago with camp money. https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/ncaa-releases-nu-swimming-wrestling-findings http://www.dailynebraskan.com/neumann-resigns-as-wrestling-coach/article_c88ac0af-7575-5e54-8e3f-15f81e06748b.html