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  1. Yianni and Spencer Lee both have a shot this year.
  2. Wouldn’t 10 be the average? There is one graduating class every year and also 10 champions every year. So if you look at a 10 yr period, you have 100 champs and 10 HS classes, so an average of 10 champs per class. Obviously some classes will outperform because they have several multi-yr champs and others will underperform. The class of 2017 is trending to be above the average but they’re not there yet.
  3. So if you happened to live in Belgrade and wanted to attend they make you get a hotel room? That is insane. Aren’t these things often pretty sparsely attended to begin with? I get the desire to offer attractive packages but not selling tickets standalone makes no sense.
  4. He has an uphill climb but also has the best international record of any US 65kg wrestler in years. I’m optimistic he breaks the drought this fall.
  5. Serbia. https://uww.org/event/world-championships-61
  6. Yes - and 2021 worlds aside, he has an international track record that few can match (below is from the UWW site). Most of our other 65kg contenders have struggled to win even the off-season tournaments outside of Pan Ams. Diakomihalis, John Michael (USA) Date Competition Style Age Group Weight Class Country Rank 2021-10-02 World Championship Freestyle Seniors 65,0 USA 12. 2021-06-08 RS - Waclaw Ziolkowski Memorial Freestyle Seniors 65,0 USA 1. 2020-03-06 Pan American Championship Freestyle Seniors 65,0 USA 1. 2019-08-02 Waclaw Ziolkowski Memorial Freestyle Seniors 65,0 USA 1. 2019-07-11 RS - Yasar Dogu Freestyle Seniors 65.0 USA 1. 2016-09-13 World Championship Freestyle Cadets 63.0 USA 1. 2015-08-25 World Championship Freestyle Cadets 58.0 USA 1.
  7. It can be confusing but it was all set up to avoid the situations from past years where the challenge tournament winner had to run the gauntlet and then face a well-rested world medalist.
  8. Three weights didn’t have a returning world medalist already in Final X - 65, 70, 125. For those weights the WTT only went through the semis. The final best of 3 will be at Final X.
  9. Session II Senior Women’s, Men’s Freestyle and Senior Greco-Roman: SEMIFINALS
Mens Freestyle: 57 KG, 61 KG, 74 KG, 79 KG, 86 KG, 92 KG, and 97 KG;
Women’s: 50 KG, 55 KG, 57 KG, 62 KG, 65 KG, and 68 KG;
Greco-Roman: 97 KG 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM Senior Women’s, Men’s Freestyle and Senior Greco-Roman (All Weights): Consolations 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM all times CDT
  10. Yes but only for the weights where someone is already sitting in Final X.
  11. I have had the same thing happen. Floarea brackets and Flo videos refuse to load using Chrome on multiple computers. No idea what the issue is but I end up having to use Edge, Safari, or another browser- then it works fine.
  12. It’s a lot harder to sneak a kid in for an individual sport like wrestling. Too much of a paper trail (or lack thereof).
  13. If this happens it puts Vito one step closer to the rare 4-3-2-1 NCAA career finishes. He already has 4 and 3 in his first two attempts.
  14. I think it may be a bit too soon for the tweeners to shift weights, especially when it reduces their odds of even making the team. Fix just won a world medal. I would fully expect him to defend his spot on the team as long as he can and try to rack up hardware (especially if that involves a gold) - then worry about '24 after the 2023 world championships.
  15. Event site is here: https://usawrestlingevents.com/event/2200128102 It looks like March 29th is the deadline to register without penalty. I certainly hope a lot more registrations come in - it won't be much of an event with the current pool. It's a pretty quick turnaround for the college guys although at certain weights, winning BF could be easier than placing top 7 at the US Open.
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