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  1. Red95


    So did Taylor finally beat Dake? ;-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. They were both cadet world champs in 2015 and met then (but were in different weight classes so didn't wrestle).
  3. I don't think until after weigh-ins. But final seeds are out: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6189135-senior-mens-freestyle-seeds-released
  4. Red95

    Anthony Ashnault

    Good for him but hard to understand this one. The guy has wrestled four seasons plus had a redshirt year, has already graduated, and wrestled over 100 matches for Rutgers. And in freshman year where he got injured he wrestled in 11 matches. Maybe I'm old school but I don't get NCAA sanctioning of never-ending college athletic careers. Does this happen in other sports as well?
  5. Red95

    Link to watch the first round action online...

  6. Red95

    True Freshman Champ in 2017/18?

    Right out of high school.
  7. Maybe the rule should be that you have to wrestle at least one match at the qualifier? There are many times someone injury defaults in a match and then wrestles again in the consolations. But if you can't complete a single match then sorry.
  8. Red95

    Suriano OUT!!!

    Exactly. Michigan pulled Murphy early so that someone else on the bubble got in; at this point I don't think the brackets can change so there is a potential qualifier sitting on the couch.
  9. Red95

    Bracket Link

    The above brackets are the old ones with Murphy from Michigan at 157. The updated brackets with redrawn 157 are here: http://i.turner.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/external/gametool/brackets/wrestling_d1_2017.pdf
  10. Red95

    Potential Seeds 157

    Not sure but my guess is most of the guys would be happy with anything other than 4,5, or 8!
  11. Red95

    Frosh Team of the Year--Pre NCAA Tourney--D1

    Pretty sure he was a 2015 high school grad. Maybe you're thinking of his older brother who also went to Princeton?
  12. Yup. Every year. Especially when he was going for #4 and it was inconceivable that he would beat Taylor until he did 3x. I think some people are still convinced that Taylor would/should beat him.
  13. Red95

    Gabe Dean's "BIG" Disadvantage

    Plus Cornell only wrestles five Ivy Leagues schools each season and most of their wrestlers will have 30+ matches. Since Jan 1 their non-conf duals have included Missouri, Lehigh, and Ohio State. Any issues are certainly not related to lack of competition.
  14. Red95

    National Duals

    Not the format anymore - it is more like bowl games with similar level teams paired, one dual only. http://www.nwcaonline.com/news-events/events/event-2/#second-event-extra-tab Scroll down to the bottom for format description.