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  1. You do realize there is more than just men's freestyle right? Women's 55 and 62 are also going tomorrow.
  2. His brothers wrestled for Cornell but Colin is at UNI and started his college career at Brown.
  3. I believe it is Bryan Hazard and Shawn Kenney on the UWW feed that Flo is using. At least that's what it sounded like when they signed off.
  4. Great day 1 - three in the finals in a dominant fashion and one in the repechage. 4/4 advance to day 2. Hard to ask for more.
  5. So did Zare not bring an extra singlet? Looks like his right shoulder has two straps tied together.
  6. There are two feeds on Flo - the Flozone just has the guys in Austin. Mat B has the global announcers and the arena noise. Honestly given only one mat going in the semis there really isn't any point in watching Flozone.
  7. Flo has mat replays available. So you have to scan through but you can watch the completed matches.
  8. Yes ;-) Had the tech but decided to stick him.
  9. All official brackets and entries are here: https://arena.uww.org/weight-category/75227b89-21c1-11ec-803a-06b1e9be04dc
  10. Flo just posted betting lines for men's freestyle. An interesting read. Very much "unofficial" but worthy of discussion. Based on those odds, the likelihood from most likely to least to win gold we have: KD JB JC DT TG KS YD JG DF NG Check out the full article here. It also includes lines for other competitors, the field, and few side bets. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7160793-the-official-2021-world-championship-betting-odds
  11. Perhaps- it depends which version of Tevanyan shows up- the one who won the Euro Olympic qualifier final 9-0 over Aliyev or the one who went 0-1 without scoring a point in Tokyo (albeit against Rashidov).
  12. According to Spartan Combat, Hemida has the slot for Egypt.
  13. Valdes has an amazing resume but I can’t unsee that match vs. Kazakhstan in Tokyo where he was up 9-0 and lost 21-11. Dude was gassed beyond recognition and was just getting rag dolled at the end.
  14. UWW schedule: https://uww.org/event/world-championships-55?tab=schedule Flo schedule (times in EDT plus wrestlers competing each day): https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6884696-2021-senior-world-championships/schedule
  15. This team is amazing. By my calculations, together they have 35 previous senior-level world/olympic appearances. And in those 35 appearances they brought home 30 medals. That means 86% of the time they medaled. That is not just good, it is astounding. As they say in investing, past performance is no guarantee of future success but I feel very, very good about the US chances in Oslo.
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