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  1. Gabe Dean did an interview with RIchard a few months ago on his podcast - worth a listen (and free). https://www.thedeanslisttalkshow.com/podcast/episode/31653f2f/the-richard-perry-interview-overcoming-traumatic-brain-injury
  2. Mack Lewnes (class of 2011) has to at least be in the conversation for 165/174. Career record of 150-12, 4x EIWA champ, 3x AA (4/DNP/2/4). Soph and Jr years entered the NCAAs as an undefeated #1 seed. Was looking like he might get it done sr. year and then ran into a Penn State freshman named Ed Ruth who turned out to be pretty good. The fluky 0-2 his sophomore year is probably the biggest blemish. He also seemed to have some trouble with some of the longer/taller wrestlers at 174. But amazingly talented and I believe he is still the career wins leader at Cornell. http://www.wrestlingstats.com/cornell/view_wrestlers.php?wrestler=98 And there have only been 12 4x champs in 115 year history of the EIWA. In the last 20 years it has been all Cornell. Mack is the only one of these who didn't also get an NCAA title. Travis Lee, Cornell 125, 133 Mack Lewnes, Cornell 165, 174 Cam Simaz, Cornell 197 Nahshon Garrett, Cornell 125, 133 Gabe Dean, Cornell 184
  3. That seems to be the best course of action. Would be great to see as fans (and maybe NBC will still broadcast - there is a brutal shortage of sports content these days) but it is a hell of a lot more important for the athletes than it is for the fans.
  4. Who the hell knows when anything will happen now but the OTT was supposed to be before the last chance qualifier. And the rules clearly state that whoever wins the OTT for a weight that isn't qualified yet will be our rep for the last chance. So for 65kg, win the OTT then advance to the finals of the last chance. Essentially anyone who wants to be our 65kg rep in Tokyo has to win out just to get into the Olympics.
  5. Video here: Decent take down but didn't have the lace set before he started turning.
  6. I think whoever wins OTT goes.
  7. Well I guess you're good since everyone is getting a refund... And how about those seeds? Oof. Hard to argue with them but another reminder of how tough this tournament is.
  8. At this point I'm a lot more concerned about any weight having a championship this year.
  9. Yup - and if it goes forward it could be a very quiet football stadium.
  10. 8/10 qualifying would not have been my bet at the beginning of the season. And I thought 6/7 were likely heading into the weekend and some people thought I was being overly optimistic but here we are!
  11. You can see some video clips on Cornell's Instagram. Wasn't the greatest competition so it's hard to tell. He wasn't happy with the first couple of matches where he was shaking off some rust - but the final was "blink and you missed it.' https://www.instagram.com/bigredwrestling/
  12. Wednesday https://www.ncaa.com/championships/wrestling/d1/road-to-the-championships Selection Show | Wednesday, March 11, 2020 The 2020 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship bracket will be announced Wednesday, March 11, time and network are to be announced. Not sure when they will put up location given it is tomorrow but my guess is you'll see details here: https://twitter.com/ncaawrestling
  13. The Pan Am Games happens every four years in the year before the Olympics and like the Olympics includes multiple sports. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_American_Games United World Wrestling has regional championships every year. Ours is call the Pan American Championships - and it is completely separate from the Pan Am Games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_American_Wrestling_Championships For Olympic qualifying, a country can qualify a spot via the 2019 world championships, the 2020 regional qualifier, or the global last chance qualifier. After the 2019 worlds, only countries that haven't qualified a spot can participate in the subsequent qualifiers. Next week is the Pan Am Olympic Games Qualifier - again, only open to countries that have not yet qualified the weight. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/pan-american-og-qualifier So think about Pan Am as a regional term just like Europe or Asia. It is used for multiple events.
  14. Your recurring PSA... this is the annual Pan Am Championships, open to all countries in the americas. Next week is the specific Pan Am Olympic Qualifier which is only for countries / weights that have not yet qualified for the Olympics. So far.. Cruz 57 Bronze Graff 61 Gold Yianni 65 Gold
  15. Womack and Loew may have a shot - relatively few of the AQ earners for their conferences failed to qualify via their conference tournaments at 174 (4) and 184 (3). There are 4 at large slots at 174 and 5 at 184. 174: Brandon Womack, Cornell (Michael O’Malley, Drexel); Mason Eaglin, Duke (Cody Hughes, Virginia Tech); Jacob Oliver, Edinboro (Jared Siegrist, Lock Haven); Hayden Hastings, Wyoming (Joseph Smith, Oklahoma State) 184: Trevor Allard, Bloomsburg (Antonio Agee, Old Dominion); Owen Webster, Minnesota (Max Lyon, Purdue); Colt Doyle, Oregon State (Josh Loomer, CSU Bakersfield) https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/2020/03/06/who-earned-automatic-bids-for-their-conference-but-needs-an-at-large/ https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-02-27/ncaa-reveals-qualifier-allocations-2020-ncaa-di-wrestling
  16. 2 champs, 1 2nd, 2 3rds, 15th, 2 6ths, 1 7th. I would have to say that exceeds expectations going into this weekend. 6 automatic qualifiers based on placement: LaJoie, Tucker, Baughman, Richard, Darmsdadt, Furman. Two more on the bubble - Loew in 5th (4 qualifiers) and Bama (DNP but solid credentials). Santoro and Dawkins out. EIWA 2nd place. Pretty darn good for a year with some studs out of the lineup.
  17. Furman punches his ticket with a dominant top performance - something like 4:43 of riding time. And Cornell finishes in 2nd, well behind Lehigh but also well ahead of Princeton who finishes in 5th behind Army and Navy.
  18. So headed into the final session we have five qualified for NCAAs, one more still alive to qualify, and one on the bubble for at large. So a min of 5 and max of 7. Interestingly while the ORS would have changed the point total, having them on the roster would have only resulted in one more likely qualifier (Dean at 184). We have some work to do at the middle weights 157-174. It will be interesting to see who steps up next year.
  19. Furman gets it done vs. Doyle. One more and he’s headed to the dance.
  20. Loew getting blown out vs. Army. He has not looked good the last few matches - very little energy - wondering if something is bothering him.
  21. Santoro falls to Army by major. Dawkins gets a clutch 3rd period takedown to end his career with a win and take 7th. No NCAAs for him but he should be proud of a solid career.
  22. Baughman wins on a last-second SV takedown and finally punches his ticket to NCAAs in his senior year!
  23. LaJoie falls to American and will wrestle for 5th.
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