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  1. lurshy92

    Will Kerry McCoy ever be on the hot seat?

    Would be the perfect scenario for a guy like taylor or burroughs to start their coaching career… good school, good athletic programs.... surrounded by good wrestling areas
  2. lurshy92

    Seth Gross: Out for the Season

    who is the second?
  3. lurshy92

    The match that made them a 3x Champ

    NaTo losing to Iowa 3x in the semis
  4. lurshy92

    How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?

    Cael being the name he is plus PA is the key to the success. Currently only Dake, Burroughs, or Taylor, being placed at the right school will be able to overtake Cael and PSU. think Snyder has a much more left in his tank before he enters the coaching relm. Put any one of those guys at Okie St or Iowa when Smith/Brands want to hang it up in the near future, those schools will be able to battle....Illinois also
  5. lurshy92

    Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee

    is it the same knee that has caused him to have season ending injuries?
  6. lurshy92

    Sam Stoll- gunshot wound to the knee

    they say no good things happen after 2 am... dont play with guns after 4 am....
  7. lurshy92

    How Can ASU Compete?

    why are athletic scholarships an issue for ASU.... you dont have to be a rocket science to get in... you would think they can get most of their recruits in on academic scholarships
  8. lurshy92

    Long island wrestling ncaa's

    multitude of factors.... most of LI tend to stay on the east coast, the growing popularity of LAX in the region, the list goes on
  9. lurshy92

    SDSU Head Coach

    I wouldnt say hasnt had much success. DIdnt in 2017 he have a few all americans?
  10. lurshy92

    If Yanni moves up to 149

    He has the frame to move up, plus with arujua coming into the lineup it makes he most sense for the team.
  11. lurshy92

    Dake/Taylor commentating

    Stop complaining. These are two of the biggest names in the sport... you want them to be part of the broadcast....
  12. lurshy92

    Who is moving weights?

    Yianni is moving up and arujua is coming in at 141. Yianni is really short i dont think we see him going bigger than 149. Is it possible that Micah comes down? Okie st: pic and brock both move up right?
  13. lurshy92

    Okie State

    Do they not have anyone in the semifinals?
  14. lurshy92

    How many did your team Qualify?

    In regards to Buffalo AND Hofstra, coaching changes are much needed. both have the ability to recruit great talent due to their location and rescources, but need the big name coachs to get it done.... nickerson, hahn, any penn st asst...
  15. lurshy92

    ODU vs. Ohio...???

    hope he is doing well! thankful for the medical professionals that saved his lfie