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  1. 34 minutes ago, LJB said:

    to be fair, some of those 7th graders are the same age as some of those 9th graders... its embarrassing to me how many freshmen wrestlers drive to practice...


    1 hour ago, JasonBryant said:

    I'm indifferent, but since I grew up with the construct that high school sports were for kids in grades 9-12. The Minnesota/New York concept of 7th graders wrestling varsity is foreign to me. I guess in its most basic level, it's a high school state tournament. Why are we having a battle over what's generally a middle school weight? Playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion. 

    Few points two the above;

    How old were Mark Hall and Logan Steiber when they graduated high school?

    Dake won his freshmen NCAA title when he was still 18, which is the age of most students in NY when they graduate, so don't bring into the discussion about what ages/ grade levels kids are supposed to compete varsity level (I turned 18 in April of my SR yr of HS). If anything its more impressive when underclassmen in NY win compared to other states, let alone if they are in middle school or not.

    In addition, NY middle school sport competition is GARBAGE compared to other states. Having the 99 pound weight class allows the more advanced kids to be surrounded by varsity athletes, learning and getting better.


  2. 2 hours ago, pamela said:

    Great piece, thanks for sharing! I’m kind of taken aback by how fearless Mama Nickal is for her son going MMA - she has a lot of confidence in him (and medical science)!

    Also I wonder what made Seabass choose to go to Northwestern over Rutgers. The article made it sound like RU was a very good fit for someone like him.

    was thinking the same thing... hes obviously a smart kid getting into NW is no easy task lol

  3. 2010 vs 2019 

    125: McD vs Lee... Lee more technical 

    133: Ness vs. Suriano.. Ness

    141: Dake vs Yianni… Yianni

    149: Metcalf vs. Ashualt.. Metcalf

    157: O'Conner vs Nolf… Nolf

    165: Howe vs. Lewis... lewis

    174: Borschel vs. Valencia... Valencia

    184: Askren (Max) vs. Foster... Askren

    197: Varner vs Nickel... Nickel

    285: Zabriske vs. Casser.. Casser


  4. the funny thing with nato was he just couldn't get past Iowa on Friday night.

    Sophomore year when Nico won... he had one minor slip up to gilman… still think he was the best wrestler that year

    junior year when clark won... he had one minor slip up to clark… still think he was the best wrestler that year

    sr year when spencer won... he had a torn acl.


  5. Just now, lu_alum said:

    Does Hofstra realize that you don't get a earlier draft position to select a coach by intentionally tanking performance in prior seasons? 

    Maybe all those Jets fans in the area have influenced the mindset of the athletic department in Hempstead NY?

    I was referring to knick fans and all those summers of getting free agents...

  6. Cael being the name he is plus PA is the key to the success.

    Currently only Dake, Burroughs, or Taylor, being placed at the right school will be able to overtake Cael and PSU. think Snyder has a much more left in his tank before he enters the coaching relm.

    Put any one of those guys at Okie St or Iowa when Smith/Brands want to hang it up in the near future, those schools will be able to battle....Illinois also

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