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  1. He has the frame to move up, plus with arujua coming into the lineup it makes he most sense for the team.
  2. Stop complaining. These are two of the biggest names in the sport... you want them to be part of the broadcast....
  3. Yianni is moving up and arujua is coming in at 141. Yianni is really short i dont think we see him going bigger than 149. Is it possible that Micah comes down? Okie st: pic and brock both move up right?
  4. Do they not have anyone in the semifinals?
  5. In regards to Buffalo AND Hofstra, coaching changes are much needed. both have the ability to recruit great talent due to their location and rescources, but need the big name coachs to get it done.... nickerson, hahn, any penn st asst...
  6. hope he is doing well! thankful for the medical professionals that saved his lfie
  7. I do not know his personal situation at all, but I think its more than just wrestling for Rasheed. Were talking about a Business Degree from Penn State. The number of doors that can provide this young man for future is unlimited.
  8. Cornell Bing Buffalo Columbia Are all schools I would prefer to go to over hofstra, they are all better academically and two ivy leagues that are the same price as hofstra. Dennis is a great guy, but Hofstra needs a big name coach that can help make the program relevant again... Damian Hahn, Troy Nickerson, Casey Cunningham, Jake Varner, DT, Dake, Burroughs... Would be GREAT opportunities to see some of these guys begin their coaching career.
  9. Service was fine... Flo keep at it... people expect instant results and it to be perfect immediately. My one inquiry is about about searching videos... maybe it is cause i am using my ipad the majority of time, but i find it difficult to search for videos every since the platform changes a few weeks ago.. I would expect to be able to go to videos and just be able to search austin desantos matches. Please advise Thank you
  10. Maybe Kyle gets the HC job at U of M... it is very attractable destination to go especially for east coast talent
  11. can definately see yianni (or vito) beating heil during the season... similarly to how stieber beat russel at vegas his freshmen year, not saying either of them will win the whole thing, but definately can see them with high intensity upsetting the heil during the season
  12. with both yianni and vitos intensity i think they could can come in and shock heil for a loss, similar to steiber beating russell in season
  13. How old were grajales, hall, and stieber, when they all started their "freshmen season".... Dake was 18
  14. Yea but trump is making those coal towns great again... so i think we will be seeing more kids going there
  15. granted he may not have the champisonships (just yet), but he reminds me so much of jaggers... counted out during the regular season, but putting it all together when it counts.... him vs dicamillo should be exciting.
  16. I wrestled at Bellmore Kennedy class of 2010... mepham kennedy and calhoun are still producing great wrestlers, but i would consider all three program in the second tier of nassau county wrestling... programs like Long Beach Wantagh Farmingdale Massapequa ( and several others) are really the top tier of nassau county wrestling
  17. on paper clark has an extremely tough road... first round former AA then possibly 2x aa earl hall then micic
  18. when do brackets get announced? this week or next?
  19. is there a chance it ever comes back to MSG, it was PHENOMONAL! but was it too expensive?
  20. serious question... The Scott's graduated high school in 2010 in NY... How do they still have eligibility left?
  21. Its not just vaccines, its anyone who is as godly as he is scares the SH*T out of me. Sorry Flyover states, but religion is scary and has no place in today's world when it comes to dealing with important scientific issues. This is my biggest beef with the republican party.They are so conservative and preach the consitution, but the first amendment freedom of religion, when all those nutjobs are screaming to be anti abortion, they are imposing their religous beliefs on others.
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