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  1. I am ready to retract my statement, based on his agents communication. It is starting that JROB did inform his higher ups and did not try to sweep it under the rub himself.The only thing that is still up in the air is WHEN did JROB inform his higher ups. I hope it wasnt after the source already went to the authorities
  2. As someone who spent my summers at 28 day intensive and love the gopher program. As someone who has great familiarity with the drug and its effects. Realize Xanax is the gateway to the heroin epidemic in this country. It is VERY important to note, this happens at every university in the country, but the fact it was a University Team and the head coach handled it extremely poorly in house. Just like Paterno, and more recently Briles at Baylor they are the leaders of the program this falls on their shoulders JROB HAS TO GO. Not only did he not go proper authorities, but he didnt even go campus authorities (even though most of the time they don’t do squat) No if ands or buts I am sorry he HAS to go. My favorite sports personality is Colin Cowherd and he just said this in his May 26th Podcast and has said it in his past. "I dont get scared if my car breaks down in NYC, LA, Boston, I get nervous when my car breaks down in the middle of a dirt road in a Fly over state." Realize where all these cover ups take place. Happy Valley, Waco Texas (Briles), Jamies Winston in Tallahasse Florida. When you're in "God and Guns" area of the country is where these issues typical take place. Willie Saylor even stated he had no idea that this was an issue in Society. LIKE WHAT? Im dumb founded at this. How could J try to handle this situation in house, after seeing paterno getting dismantled did he think he would be invincible?
  3. he should play a big role in Tshirt generating the offense he needs to get back to top 3 level
  4. As SICK as this is, i can easily see this happenning in the Gun Loving US of A.
  5. how many years of eligibility does Brock have left? i remember during the season people saying he would only have 3 left? if stieber had 4 years of eligibility why cant he? or a medical redshirt?
  6. Take your avergae sports fan, have him watch freestyle vs folkstyle.... folkstyle is much easier to understand. the idea is offense vs defense (top/bottom)
  7. point being... i dont understnad how freestlye back exposure establishes who is a better wrestler... the same can be said for folkstyle back exposure, but at least folkstyle is pinning combinations
  8. its freestyle that needs to change to be more like folkstyle.... i count say this enough its freestyle that does not make sense to the average fan. I am happy metcalf lost, but your telling me molinaro is the better wrestler, metclaf slipped and fell and his back was exposed. Thatst two points for molinaro? or JB leglacing howe? how does leg lacing/rolling around established someone is a better wrestler?
  9. A name... Burroughs, dake, Taylor, the combo of the perry brothers... If any of these guys came in there they could make it a success
  10. wonder if rasheed will make a move. Obviously 165 is a struggle and Mark Hall is also coming in. Does he go 184? does he transfer to get individual success? or Does he stay receive a great education and claim some more team titles?
  11. Smith granting his release is huge IF...he only gave Koo two options
  12. i think this year and last year there have been more upsets than in prior years...i wonder if any of this is done purposely to make for more exciting matchups...
  13. lurshy92


    is rider not the best team of the tournament? or at least the most out of nowhere?
  14. Hudson Station on 35th and 9th... great food great envt, and youll avoid waits and crowds that youll find on 7th ave
  15. i just think its weird garret and beckman are meeting first round right after garret crushed him in the eiwa finals... if the unseeded guys are randomly drawn, just throw him somewhere else
  16. can you post a link to brackets
  17. How is bo Managing being a father an elite wrestler, and a college student. lol I can barely make it through tax season. And i mean this is in the most sincere way possible how can he manage to support a family while being a college student? I struggle living on my own in Manhattan.
  18. similar to papadatos at hofstra i think stutzman is in over his head at buffalo. Buffalo has the ability to get tremendous recruits being a SUNY. Plus the SUNY system is pouring all of its athletic money into buffalo to make it the premiere athletic university of NY
  19. dont be so sure realbuto wins all of those matches against palacio. There sr year of high school palacio dropped from 160 to 152 and beat realbuto in the eastern state finals
  20. Said this last year... dusitn's career 1,3,7, DNP I would not be surprised if we see the same thing from tshirt 1,3,TBD, TBD
  21. Thats not what im saying. My point being when you look at andrew alton's college career, what exactly is he bringing to the table? Losing in the AA round as a freshmen, not amounting to anything else, significantly underperforming, and making questionable decisions on and off the mat throughout the rest of his college career. Maybe it was hard to interpret what i meant, but I could better understand the move IF he was bringing that degree and that skill to the F&M room, but he is not. When was the last time we saw Alton wrestle? Against grajales in 2014? sloppy match on both ends, but what is he going to help the wrestlers with cement mixers, and burning your gas tank in the 1st minute?
  22. Its a very odd move by the F&M coaching staff. What concerns me about Alton is what he bring to the table and helping F&M. He ihas very generous degree from penn st, its not like hes bringing a sports psychology from an ivy league school and teaching the wrestlers mental techniques. He lost in the AA round as a freshmen, but since then he has shown to make very poor decisions on and off the mat with a questionable work ethic. this would be concern me as a parent and a student at F & M.
  23. 133: Garret Title threat... do not think he finishes lower than top 4, but I honestly think hes the best of the field and is my favorite to win it 157: Palacio should AA, but he should have last year also 165: think Picket can get on the podium wide open 165 weight class 174: should be interesting to see realbuto adopts to the weight, but i think he can easily be number 1 at the end of the season 184 champ 3 legit title threats with a few more hopeful AA's.... very similar to their team in 2012 when they had 3 champs
  24. Apparently Palacio is wrestling 157 this year. how does everyone think hell fall into the weight class.
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