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  1. the past two years they have started at 174, are we going to start at 149 this year?
  2. i think he has just as good of a chance as anybody to do it. he is just as funky as Ness, and is also a returning AA. I mean how many people thought he would upset st john. either way it should be an exciting match and an exciting dual overall. 125 gpher va garret.. should be at least a major 4-0 133 dardanes vs grey??? possiblity for bonus here 4-4 141 dardanes vs arujua? if nicky gets on top he has the ability to put a lot of points on the boar 4-7 149 gopher vs vilalongo? 7-7 157 cant predict this one lets just say ness by dec 7-10 165 wazniak vs palacio 10-10 174 storley vs cornell 10-14 184 pfar vs dean 13-14 197 schiller vs bennet 13-17 285 16-17 minnesota looks to be an exciting dual on paper, bonus points will be crucial
  3. I HATE THIS TOPIC MORE THAN ANYTHING. FREESTYLE IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOUR AVERAGE SPORTS FAN TO UNDERSTAND! Realize the mere concept of every sport you have an offense and defense. Folkstyle has that with two wrestlers fighting for a takedown then one wrestler scores. then they are on top and bottom fighting for a pin, or battling too escape. In freestyle you have two wrestlers fighting for a takedown i think. For people who complain about 3-2 matches in folk... I have seen way more matches in freestyle end in 1-1, or go to a terrible ball grab. But back to my point in freestyle if someone scores a takedown, the top wrestler just tries to roll around the mat for 15 seconds to try and expose the other wrestlers back, not work for a pin. The bottom wrestler gets rewarded for laying flat on his stomach and stalling. If anything the US should switch to the metric system, but the rest of the world should abolish freestyle. Imagine trying to promote dake vs taylor, their finals match was great because of their mat game and their ability to scramble and create exciting moments in matches. how bad was dake howe when they stood on their feet for 16 minutes just smashing there heads against each other. I hate this topic more than anything and if you think freestyle is better folkstyle you need a SERIOUS smack on the head.
  4. I think its very possible for him to be a bad person. Too often do people get painted as "hes such a good kid, just a bad action." There are plenty of people in this world who are bad people but have a good skill.
  5. Tshirts reminds me more of dustin.... could win 4, but his style makes it very easy for him to lose a match
  6. Same! I am hoping my friend can scoop his company's box at MSG for the event, I will be nagging him immediately after these NCAA's are over.
  7. conaway vs tomasselo jdj vs guilibon stieber vs beitz all swing matches
  8. i still think PSU can win come march. 125 133 149 184 285 can all find their way onto the podium.. then you have 197 and 174 who are top 4 if not higher as much as i love the gophers they will come up short like they always do... last year was there year but the the dardanes didnt come to battle.. OSU... still early but everyone thought hunter would at least be in the finals now its a question if he can finish top 6, he could have a finish like maple did last year and just grabbing the 8 spot. who is more likely to AA.. tomessalo or conway, I take conway at this point. then theres iowa 125 133 165 174 197 285 look like they can AA then theres missouri who seems to be the most solid team in the country at this point. 125 141 149 197 could all be in the finals. and who knows if edinboro can get another 1 or two guys on the poidum to add to 133 141 149. and what about oSu.. 165 puts up a lot of bonus 285 149... and whose to say 57 and 125 cant find their way to an 8 spot or higher and im sure i forgot a lot, i just have a some down time at work right now For the first time in years this is the most wide open team race without a clear favorite.
  9. I know we just finished up our first tournament of the year on the high school level yesterday. Sometimes its just not worth it to wrestle so many matches this early in the season.
  10. duttons been gone for two years now
  11. I understand the move, and yes another poster mentioned Hofstra is trying to have a big wrestling event that weekend, so I understand why it is moved there.
  12. im assuming corey rasheed is redshirting?
  13. logan is a 5th year sr he graduated high school in 2010
  14. this event seems to get better and better each year, idk which match im most excited for
  15. alright one of my wishes got granted http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2014/October/01/James-Green-and-Ian-Miller-to-meet-at-157-pounds-at-NWCA-All-Star-Classic
  16. kindig vs villalonga would be great at 149 157 green vs miller....miller has to be at the event
  17. i think koo can do very well at the 157 spot, he had a great rs year won a few open tourneys
  18. leen vs burroughs was one of the most exciting matches i have ever seen moore vs lang, noone expected that and its impossible to find on the internet, that and gillespie vs churella, pretty boring for the first 7 minutes but the overtime gillespie was avoiding a takedown the whole ot then somehow manages to counter and score
  19. i thought he committed to Maryland...would have liked to see him at clarion or bloomsburg, where he could focus on wrestling and not face any distraction at a big university such as College Park. WIsh Louie the best of luck it was fun seeing you wrestle for the bellmore-merrick school district
  20. side note i think its pretty cool that him and gian villante (from a few town over) are still training together, weidman won the state title at 189, and gian won the title at 285
  21. is there any word on the UFC from brining Kris Cyborg onto the roster, she may be a little past her prime, but she absolutely demolished Gina Carano (when she was ranked unanimous number one), it would be a great matchup
  22. cornell 125 garret at worst hes top 3 133 grey...AA this weight cleared out big time at worst R12 141 can cisneros make the weight? does dake/realbuto/koll get the spot 149 villaglonga... hope he can put it together for his final season looked like he had the ability to win it this past year, but f** d up in the first round and caught a red hot grajales in the r12 157 realbuto... hope he can come back from his knee injury and be full stength if so AA 165 Palacio... low AA, can surprise people and win it all 174 pickett, but i wouldnt mind seeing owen scott here 184 dean, finished 3rd this past season i think he is a preseason number 1 197 bennet, has the ability to make his way onto the podium 285 6 AA 8 if they have the best tournament ever heavy will be weak as it tends to be for the big red i heard realbuto and palacio may be bumping up, hope that is not the case
  23. minnesota: 125 brancale/thorn: ncaa qualifiers at worst 1-2, at best 7/8 133: dardanes: the weight cut may be a huge issue, but i have faith in him being an AA for a third time 141: dardanes: no higher than 4 149: 157: Ness.. his year too shine, hell take his bumps mid season as he normally but hell come thru when it matters 165: 174:storely is the preseason number 1 184 pfarr mid AA 197: schiller top 4 heavey: always seem to do well low AA
  24. if dake didnt win last year, taylor doesnt have a prayer #hatersgonnahate.... and dake rightfully deserved college athlete of the year, winston deserves it
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