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  1. dylan palacio (same high school as jon masa) contemplated soccer in college. his dad is a great soccer player, and his brother plays professionally
  2. burrough poeta leen gillespie... all their matches always electrifying. leen vs burroughs at the vegas in 08 one of the best matches ive ever seen
  3. lurshy92

    Rob Koll

    bc who wants to start college right, who wants to graduate at the age of 22 when they can graduate at the age of 24 like most other competitors around the country... didnt grajales start college at the age of 21?
  4. dake lost to donnie vinson (who he trained with his whole life they are great friends) and kevin levalley in the eiwa finals his soph season, two others his freshmen season.... he also lost to ian paddock in the state finals his jr year.... sophmore he beat paul ligouri and sr year he beat mike nevinger in the state finals
  5. i think mega and retherford will both be redshirting, dk when were going to get the official word
  6. Rasheed is going to penn st, i hear louie is being RECRUITED hard by clarion, and i feel that is the perfect envt for him small school can focus on schoolwork and wrestling, no distractions
  7. no but i would figure out a way to readjust their scholarships... I am not familiar with what they received in but if it is anywhere near a full scholarship, they need to be readjusted immediately
  8. what was dake doing all year, not maturing? not training? not trying to be a world champion? dake is better, i dont see him taking all ten if they wrestled ten times but he would take the majority
  9. i think nico and retherford should both use the redshirts they have... especially with the steiber and delgado being srs next season
  10. jeremy spates is pretty young as well and he just got hired
  11. has it ever been publicly stated what was wrong with stieber during the PSU dual, under the weather? or under estimated retherford?
  12. Aslo in the NY metropolitan area, we have MSG airing TONS of matches during HS season along with all the end of season tournaments live
  13. ik perry didnt dominate or pin as much as steiber or taylor, and has one loss to howe early season, but his strength of field, blows 141 and 65 out of the water, did anyone really see him beating howe in the conference or ncaa finals?
  14. I don't see Olympic champ in freestyle, but he Definately has the potential to make noise in freestyle, Greco he may have a solid career internationally....he could be the style that gives a rebirth to US Greco
  15. I agree with MSU, perrys style would pose a challange for ruth. I still think ruth comes out on top, but there would be a lot of flurries and ruth could have difficult time getting out from under
  16. I think koo will be at 157 he had a phenomenal redshirt season
  17. yea the 149 qr bracket of villalonga sakguchi kindig sueflohn is super difficult
  18. Max soria from buffalo a two time qualifier already, just couldnt put it together.
  19. i think dutton upsets carter... dutton is wrestling really well right now, gave dardanes and retherford all they can handle at big tens, and i didnt see carter wrestle at acc, but there is no way he can be close to 100 percent dutton is really tough on top and and on his feet... heard it hear first
  20. villaglona sakaguchi kindig suefolon is a hell of a qr bracket
  21. 133 the loser of beckman mango and will most likely have to get past thorn to aa (assuming thorn loses in the qrs to colon) 141 is very similar as to loser of henderson vaith will meet either retherford or dardanes in the r12, assuming seeds hold and nevinger can very easily in the wrestlback group as well brackets are wild much more entertaining than basketball
  22. i dont see him being a 4 timer champ, but definately a multiple time aa... i still think the deciding factor is what weight he ends up in the okie state room... with koo really coming along 2014 koo 157 dierneger 165 (this weight is up for the taking next year) 2015 koo 157 diernger 165 marsteller 174 if he can get big enough then maybe in 2016 he comes down to 165 at the same time i can very well being similar to marshall peppleman as a huge bust
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