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  1. dustin schlatter did this in his senior season it was just so he can get an at large bid to the tournament
  2. corey janzten took a year off between his soph and jr year at harvard....still graduating with a degree from harvard.... who gives a s**t, find something more important in the world argue about like abortion (jokes)
  3. thorn has been wrestling great right now i think hes finishing ahead of graff and possibly ramos
  4. Cornell. yes they have always been contenders, but i dont think anyone had them in their top 5 to start the season (kinda switched places illinois) 125 Hes been wrestling best of the 3 all season long if he keeps it up I think he wins 133 grey has put together a real nice season for a freshmen but i think hell have to wait until next year to become an AA 141 hoepfully nevinger can do what he always does and sneak his way onto the podium (i dont see highger than a 7th place finish) 149 chris v ends up as an AA can fall anywhere 1-8 157 realbuto may be able to sneak onto the podium 157 has 4 top dogs and then its wide open 165 similar to 157 174 no placement 184 AA 197 WIDE OPEN and jace bennet has shown he can hang around with the best of them
  5. Nick is great kid, and comes from a strong family. Getting pulled out of redshirt did not sit well with him his freshmen year, then he left American and cody did as well. Nick put the worst beating on me of my life, i was the cover of newsday getting pinned in a double bar. Combination of the college life, and cornell studies took a toll on him, hes getting an ivy league degree and that is the most important thing to vougar. Training at NCC in high school vougar always placed a strong emphasis on education being the most important thing to him. Vito on the other hand is the real deal and vougar used to say that back in the day "Vito will be better than nicky." Seeing Vito wrestle is scary as he is only a freshmen... future 141 pounder for cornell
  6. Dierenger bumps up to 165...allows koo to break in at 157
  7. with a possibility of 9 aa they have the ability to challange penn st for the title
  8. Ness Vs Taylor Ness vs Dake probably would be the wildest match out
  9. These kids should know better and their parents should have taught them at a very early age... if you want to throw slurs around, direct 'em towards against Christians and conservatives. That way, nothing will be said about it... AMEN
  10. 1. Wheeler is an ignorant fool, all NCAA athletes no that they represent the university and you just can not say things like that. 2. I am a 21 year straight college student. pro gay rights, whatever makes people happy let them be, if there not harming individuals all the power to them. I feel/hope than in a few more years this is a non issue and professional sports will be able to handle this no problem BUT i feel like openly gay wrestlers/MMA athletes can not be accepted just because of the nature of the sport. Personally i have never met a gay fighter or wrestler, but maybe if anyone else has they can have different opinion on the matter.
  11. He would have to default in the semis realistically for him to get a seed to face Port because Stieber would be a 2 or a 3 seed at ncaa's. Port should be #1 if he runs the table as he would be an undefeated returning runner-up at the current weight. Where as Retherford is an undefeated(currently) true frosh and Stieber is a 2x champ but at the weight class below and he has already taken a loss to Retherford. we thought the same thing two years ago about amugestecki was a guarantee to get the one seed because he was undefeated and ncaa runner up, but ruth ended up the one seed based on his strength of schedule, the same can happen to retherford if he wins the BIG finals, however i dont see him winning and logan coming out pedal to the metal
  12. Injury has nothing to do with AA gas tank. its been the same 4 years and will not change. Its a no brainer you put beitz in as the starter. beitz has wins over paddock took dardanes to OT, AA would have got pinned by both just like how he lost to grajales. Who cares if hes more talanted and has the potential to put up points, if he get make it past the 1st round of a tourney its all for nothing.
  13. fleeing was one hundred percent the correct call against beitz, and i wish we saw that call more often. in the 157 match there should not have been flee call. the PSU coaches were asking for it, but there was no fleeing in Ness case. he was just rubber legging his leg out to avoid the takedown, and he continued the action, similar to how guilbon was in the 1st period against thorn just rubber legging to avoid the takedown.
  14. everyone of jordan leens matches i ever watched were extremely action packed, burroughs as well. the leen vs burroughs at the las vegas was probably one of the best matches i have ever seen. leen also had a great match that year with jp o connor in the eiwa finals.
  15. i will be betting my house on dardanes
  16. You all are so wrong, trust me I am in college have friends in Penn st in some of the wildest frats in the country. Its partying that has gotten the best of Andrew. they go through the same workouts as everyone else on the team, but they additional keg stands afterwards.
  17. the reason altons gas tank has gotten worse over the past 3 years is the parties have got better... seriously its not sickness at or the flu its the damage of alcohol. We know they have a history of partying, and I have friends in multiple frats (one of the wildest greek lifes in college), who have said the altons are know strangers to the scene
  18. amujestecki was a returning finalist but seeded behind ed ruth when ruth one his first title
  19. No this typical ness hell be fine come postseason. His brother was the same way his jr year when he jumped to 133. Where is chris dardanes? Impressive win by michigan glad to see dutton finally in the lineup all healthy. He was r12 as a freshmen, can easily put together an all american run.
  20. With so much issues with wrestling in the Olympics why doesnt Wreslting switch to the winter, it is in an indoor event that does not have anything to do with the outside. the coverage it would receive would be ten times greater than it gets during the winter.
  21. when is the last time john smith lost 3 regular season dual meets
  22. i would add jaime franco of hofstra to the list... 2x qualifier at 133 who barely cut any weight now down to a better weight for him and he cant even crack the top 20 ranking, hopefully he can turn it on at ncaas
  23. if they were smart, they would make all of these videos immediately available to the public now, and not way this two day bull****. its the right thing to do, if a restaurant screws up they give you free drinks etc.
  24. if steiber lost the number than so should ruth, but steinhaus also lost and he probably would have been the number 1, so as of now i give the ranking sheptock just like how dardanes got it
  25. its the same situation as steiber, being a new yorker i love rooting for cornell, but i would put my money on ruth in the next match without a doubt. ruth went out there not wrestling hard and it came to bite him in the butt this time.
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