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  1. wet_ball

    157lbs Finals will be wrestled at 1130 am EST

    Which is very obviously the 3rd round of championship action.
  2. wet_ball

    157lbs Finals will be wrestled at 1130 am EST

    He's very obviously talking about Kemerer vs. Nolf.
  3. wet_ball

    74kg discussion

    With JB losing, does Dake drop back down next year to challenge since JB won't be waiting in the finals?
  4. wet_ball

    Tomasello - 4 timer?

    Tomasello is too strong for Mega, but if Gilman gets the 4 seed at NCAAs I really like his chances against Tomasello. I think Gilman has a tougher time with the unconventional style of Mega, but gets by Tomasello.
  5. wet_ball

    Miller/Realbuto fiasco

    The asterisk part was a troll job. The post is serious though. How do you think a Ness/Martinez rematch would have played out?
  6. wet_ball

    Miller/Realbuto fiasco

    In light of Flo's Top 5 Controversies of 2015, I have to hear what others think. Yes, Miller absolutely won that match and I will probably forever have a hard time rooting for Realbuto because of it (no fault of his own, I'm just bitter for the point I'm about to bring up). The aftermath that I couldn't seem to find a topic on was that one of my all-time favorites, Dylan Ness, was injured in his match against Realbuto. Had the correct call been made, Ness wrestles Miller in the semi's. I like to think Ness would have won that match and been in the finals against the undefeated Martinez. That's the match that should have happened and it begs the question, would Isaiah Martinez have won that match? I, biasedly, like Ness in the rematch. I believe there needs to be an asterisk next to Martinez's championship.