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  1. I think Burroughs v. Dake will be a toss-up like their US Open match. Chamizo was obviously a high quality opponent. Two time world champ, 2019 runner up, has a win against Burroughs, has wrestled Sidakov tough. Who ever makes it from the US will have a shot at 74kg.
  2. Nice match. Dake took the lead for good with 1:45 left. Dake wins a lot of matches like this, by 1 or 2 points. That's not easy against Chamizo given his offense.
  3. Everything depends on the weigh-in rules. To me the biggest change for Snyder has been the change in when they weigh in. He went from an engine who wore out his opponents with strength and endless energy to someone much more mortal. When Cox made 86 for Rio he was huge for the weight. Not sure if he can make it now or if the benefits would outweigh the cost.
  4. Dake is now a two time World Champion. Anything can happen in a tournament like this, but he got it done. It's in the books.
  5. Well Cox is a World Champion, so he is obviously very good. But with the weigh in rules at the time and the natural size disparity Cox had about 20 pounds on Dake at match time and still barely got through. As to now at a hypothetical catch weight, who knows and who cares because it will not happen.
  6. Congratulations to Kyle Dake. Ringer was on a big tear and Dake shut him down.
  7. Well except Dake outwrestled him, had two pushouts to one and "lost" because the ref kept putting him on the shot clock while allowing JB to have his hand in Dake's face all match. When the competitors are close the subjectivity of freestyle rules will dictate the result. And I'm not the only one who thinks that. Just look at the comments on the YT video. JB was treated favorably. And people trying to pretend the old challenge tournament format was fair are delusional. Look I give JB all the credit in the world, but the system was a cheat. That's why they changed it. As to the current controversy, what's is so bad about letting an injured wrestler recover from injury? It will be decided on the mat.
  8. Did take JB to OT in the second match in 2013 and beat Tsargush but not really arguing 2013. But from 2015 on it was very close. Reality was that in 2017 Dake got a raw deal imho. They hit him for passivity if he even thought of stepping back against JB, like they had an implant in his head reading his thoughts.
  9. I honestly do not see the issue with Dake wrestling a tune up. The whole idea is to have out best lineup and it is not like Ringer can't wrestle a tuneup if he chooses. I'm sorry but unless someone has evidence that Dake faked his injury all the carping is just silly. Dake had to wrestle the same day challenge tournament just to face JB three times and the situation was so skewed he decided to try for 186 where whe was outweighed by 20 pounds with the day before weigh in. In comparison Ringer has to deal with the "injustice" of having to wrestle a defending WC coming coming off injury who might actually be 100% for their match.
  10. I think the format of the WTT was very unfair. Not only did it impose a physical disadvantage on the challenger, but also created an atmosphere where the incumbent was going to get all the 50/50 and even 40-60 calls, which is what happened. Despite the final outcome it was thisclose in 2015 and 2017. Also I thought Dake outwrestled JB at the US Open, but JB got the calls. Anyway, just hope Dake is not injured again and we get the match with Ringer.
  11. Regarding weight classes, people seem to be forgeting that up until the 1996 Olympics there were 10 freestyle Olympic weights. Then it went to 8 (2000), to 7 (2004 and 2008), then to six (2012 and 2016). Six weight classes is a travesty. There is a 26 pound difference for example between 74kg and 86kg. That is a ton of talent being excluded. Gadzhi is just as accomplished as Sidakov. If we are talking Olympic fixes add the additional weight classes and don't bury the event on the second to last day of the Olympics.
  12. Didn't see much difference in the quality level among the weights.
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