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  1. It is curious who showed up and who didn't. You cannot say the Russians did not take it seriously if their biggest star Sadulaev made the trip. I think he is confident against Snyder and does not care who he is up against. I think Sidakov, unless there is a health issue, is a bit different. I think he and his coaches saw a potential matchup with Dake as dangerous and as a no win situation and chose to be elsewhere. No reason to take the chance.
  2. I think both Dake and Taylor have had tremendous international careers. Dake has three world titles and an Olympic Bronze medal. Taylor has a world title and world silver, and an Olympic Gold medal. And they both did it despite having a major domestic roadblock ahead of them in JB. I think 74kg is deeper than 86kg, which right now is a two man show. But a win against Yardanzi is still a major accomplishment. Winning a WT is always hard. Guys will pull out all the stops, have scouted each other to death and there are plenty of talented competitors out there who can have their day.
  3. Credit to Taylor for putting it on the line again.
  4. Salkazanov has had some pretty good results. He beat Chazimo at the 2021 European Championship. Even with the tops guys missing at 74kg you are going to face some real competition from guys that are desperate to win. Nothing is a given. Good for Dake.
  5. Some weights are stacked and others are weak. Not sure why 3 out of the 4 top guys did not show up at 74kg. Olympic year or not it's the World Championships. But that was their choice.
  6. Why? His opponent wasn't attacking. If he was just going to hand fight down eight, fine. If an opponent is giving you an easy win, take it.
  7. I thought Dake was composed. The other guy was being physical and and it got a little testy, but that was about it. He got up 8 and then just played it safe. His opponent was complaining more than Dake was.
  8. Careful not to cut yourself carrying around that rusty axe you are grinding.
  9. I'm very happy Dake came back to medal. That was a very good performance against Chazimo. That's the type of match where Dake is at his best, not going for bombs which will not work against elite opponents. I think Dake may have been the victim of a very unlucky draw. The guy he lost to is strong and an excellent counter wrestler who scored his points countering Dake's overaggression. But he was beatable if Dake wrestled defensively as opposed to going for body locks and throws at the edge. Maybe he was sucked out and lost in positions he would normally win, but he should have been avoiding those positions from the onset. I just wonder what would have happened if the bracket had been different and he met him in the semis with a better appreciation of what he could do and a better game plan, but that's the challenge of the Olympics. Anyway he is an Olympic medalist and the WC is a few months away.
  10. Who knows? A lot can happen between the trials and finally getting on the mat at the Olympics. There was a red flag early on when a few people on here noticed that he looked physically smaller than they had seen him previously. Then the second match was a train wreck. It happens.
  11. That's mostly how I see it. Not sure he overlooked the guy but his style of power moves and throws can easily backfire, especially if he was sucked out. You cannot give a up a 4 point move in the Olympics. And he does not have a style where he can wear a guy down like Taylor and just keep hitting offense. Once he was in the 4 point hole it was going to be very tough, and he flailed. It reminds me of the match he lost at 79kg a few years back where he gave up points early and did not seem to have an offense. His style requires that he controls the flow of the match, and once its lost he struggles. Hopefully he can medal. Obviously the guy he lost to is very good.
  12. In an interview Kyle Dake talked about the weigh-in. What he said was that when the Spartan team arrived they did an initial weigh-in at 6:45 and that every single one of them weighed in slightly over as planned and did a final weight cut on the arena floor before making weight around 7:30. He also said it was cold in the arena and hard to get a sweat going, and that the final cut took longer than usual because of this. Anyway it seems relevant in explaining why Cox showed up slightly over. It appears to be the standard practice to show up slightly over and then to do a final cut right before weigh-ins start.
  13. I want to give him the benefit and I certainly wanted him to wrestle Snyder for the Olympic spot. I thought Cox would win. But if what we heard is correct we are talking about a completely unexcused violation of a basic eligibility requirement, that every competitor make weight by a specified time. Cox did not. I do not see any mechanism to simply ignore the fact that he did not make weight on time through no fault but his own. All I can say is that if the rule book actually includes some catchall authority to modify qualification rules and procedures in the interests of justice or in the best interests of the Olympic team, etc., that at least would be something, but I am not sure I would rule in favor of Cox in any event. Again, the guy, a very experienced athlete, inexplicably blew the weigh-in at the Olympic trials. Nor do I think the miscommunication story, which I do not view as credible, is a legitimate excuse. But we will see.
  14. Trying to compare apples with oranges. The law of agency is very specific about what could constitute apparent authority. It cannot be shown here. Not even close. And even it could be shown, it is highly doubtful that any arbitrator would find reliance on anything he allegedly told Cox reasonable. Cox is a very experienced wrestler, has weighed in a 1000 times, knew the rules or was supposed to, should have least have known there was conflicting info, and should have checked, which he had numerous chances to do but did not bother. And in your analogy btw the police officer may have acted reasonably in assuming that the woman had authority to authorize a search if she held herself out as the owner, even if the search would likely be found improper and no evidence from it allowed. But for Cox to have a chance what mattered was not what Jackson claimed to have authority to do, but what his actual authority and duties were. If this is Cox's best argument, good luck to him.
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